Fantasy Knights by Marilyn Lee
Liquid Silver Books
ISBN: 1-59578-313-X
Reviewed by Sharon



After a disastrous date, Devoni “Voni” Mitchell wished on a falling star to find a man who would love and accept her just the way she was.  While dreaming that night, Voni meets an Adonis-like hunk who does just that and the sex she shares with her fantasy lover, Flame, is mind-boggling.  When Voni finally wakes up, she believes the sex must have truly boggled her mind because she’s feeling the effects of some serious loving on her body and thoughts of Flame consume her.  But Flame is real and has waited over a millennium, searching for his sheenea, his soul mate, and now he has found her.  Not even Voni’s doubts will stop him from claiming her.

Fantasy Knights explores what happens when a woman meets the man who fulfills her fantasies but doesn’t understand what he sees in her or why he would want to be with her.  Flame, a straight-up alpha devoted to Voni, is desperate to have her in his life.  I was little confused by the characters at times. Voni vacillated between thinking of Flame as just a dream and a real, albeit, “sometimes” vampire.  With Flame, Ms. Lee gave just a brief glimpse on his background that teased more than appeased.  Tyler and Trina (Voni’s cousin) from Trina’s Afternoon Delight make an appearance in this story as do characters from other stories by Ms. Lee, but it is not necessary to have read any of them to understand this story.  It appears that Voni’s other cousins will have their own stories in the future, as well.  Although not one of my favorites from Ms. Lee, Fantasy Knights is still an enjoyable quick read.


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