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Falling by M.L. Rhodes
Amber Quill Press
GLBT Contemporary Paranormal (M/M)
ISBN: 978-1-59279-656-4
Reviewed by Sabella



Alec Anderson is cop with a problem.  He has several murders to solve that seem unrelated with no leads to follow.  Now the brass has decided to saddle him with an English cop from an “exchange” program.  How is Alec supposed to do his job if he has to baby-sit a cop from England?

Christian Wetherly is a mage and the Director of the Bureau of Dark Magic Affairs in England.  He’s been looking for Rogan, a rogue mage.  He thinks he has found tracks of him in the US because of a string of unsolved murders that look like his work.  Christian needs to investigate, to be sure, as he needs to stop Rogan from accomplishing his goals.  His best option to get information is to pretend to be an ordinary cop.

Alec and Christian team up to solve the murders, but Christian can’t let Alec figure out that he is a mage.  This is rather difficult as Alec is a witness to things that can’t be explained.  Christian suspects that Alec might be mage and has no idea of it.  Alec and Christian are also fighting the attraction they feel for one another.  Alec fights the pull between them because he lost his lover 18 months ago and he’s not ready to move on.  Christian fights the attraction because he is afraid to admit to his family and friends that he is gay.  How are they going to manage to work together when they are so busy hiding things from each other?

Falling is a book that shows how the ordinary world can hide unexpected things.  M.L. Rhodes builds a wholly believable world where all the things we imagine as magic exist alongside the ordinary world.  You fall in love with Alec and Christian from the very start.  The sexual tension between the two men is so high that when they finally get together it will set you on fire.  This book was impossible to put down once I began reading, so Falling has just been added to my keeper shelf and I will be looking for other books by M. L. Rhodes.  I definitely recommend this book for m/m romance fans.


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