Elven Encounter by Willa Okati
Elven Series, Book 2
Changeling Press
GLBT Contemporary Paranormal (M/M/F)
ISBN: 978-1-59596-685-8
Reviewed by Sabella



Rick did Sarah the biggest favor of her life when he stood her up at their wedding.  Now Sarah is going to celebrate her lucky escape.

Gent and Niall are elves that have been roaming the country on their motorcycles looking for the woman of their dreams.  The question is - can they find her and convince her to go with them?

Elven Encounter is a wonderful story.  Gent and Niall are fantasy men come to life and you will love reading about them.  The erotic scenes will melt your monitor and leave you feeling hot.  As usual Ms. Okati built a situation that sucks you in and leaves you wanting more.  You canít go wrong with a book written by Ms. Okati.  Elven Encounter is the second book in the series Elven, however it is also a stand-alone book.


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