Dream Lord by Skylar Sinclair
The Tome of Unnatural Desires Book 1
Mardi Gras Publishing
ISBN: 1-934329-42-8
Reviewed by Klarissa



Lana Thomas happened upon an old junk shop where she found a book.  It intrigued her enough to purchase it without ever opening the cover.  But Lana had no idea just what the book held and what possible desires lay inside. 

Inside the tome, a sexually dominant dream lord resides.  With one look upon Lana he decides that she will be his next plaything for his dark and depraved games.

Dream Lord is a wickedly erotic tale.  Skylar Sinclair definitely knows how to write dark and evil heroes, but even they need a happy ever after also.  Although a short story, Dream Lord will hold you in its thrall!  I loved the characters, the quick setup and the twist in the end!


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