Donít Look Back by Joanne Rock
Harlequin Blaze # 305
Sensual Contemporary Romance
ISBN 978-0-373-79309-9
Reviewed by Nannette



When Sean Beringer was a police officer, he arrested Donata Casale for aiding a mobster.  Donata was working undercover and had decided to turn her lover/mobster in already.  Now, Donata is a detective in the NYPD and Sean is a private investigator.  Sean wants Donata to back off of a case heís investigating but Donata has no intention of doing so.  Both Donata and Sean have a personal interest in the adult film making case that has underage girls being exploited.  Both Seanís sister and Donata herself are personally involved.

The attraction they had for each other is too much to ignore now, but they need to stop the criminal before Donata loses more than just her career.  

Donít Look Back is a sexy and romantic crime drama.  Donata is both feminine and tough and Seanís good looks and take-charge attitude are very sexy.  Donít Look Back is a story with strong emotions and an intriguing mystery.


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