Details of the Hunt by Laura Baumbach
ManLoveRomance Press
M/M Time Travel/Science Fiction
ISBN-10: 0979311020
ISBN-13: 978-0979311024
Reviewed by Shannon



In 1769, Aidan Maymon is the captain of the Jamaican Maid. The son of an Arawak Indian mother and an absent Spanish father, he has a reputation for sacrificing parts of his plunder to the Cemi gods of the sea, much to the disgust of his crew.  After a particularly violent mutiny, he finds himself tied to an empty wine barrel and thrown into shark-infested waters off the Isle of Tortuga.  Just as he takes his last breath, from the depths of the ocean comes a figure that bears a striking resemblance to his Cemi god.  Relaxing, knowing that the god has come to take him to the afterlife, Maymon succumbs to the blackness and passes out.

In 2587, Talos of Menalon is an Oracan bounty hunter who has just been asked by the council to take on a new job.  It seems that a pirate map has been found, detailing the location of the last buried treasure on Earth.  The map is encrypted and the only person who knows how to read the map is the map-maker, Aidan Maymon.  Talos must find the map-maker and deliver him to the buyer. Talos’ new bounty is an unscrupulous pirate, rumored to be a traitor and murderer. Talos is convinced that this Maymon deserves whatever is in store for him and he is determined to do his job and bring the bounty back.  But, when he travels back in time and first lays eyes on the enchanting man, he doesn’t expect the pirate to draw him the way he does.

After rescuing Maymon, Talos returns to the future, only to be attacked by mercenaries.  Taking shelter on a space station, while he waits for his ship to be repaired, he is plagued by his increasing feelings for his pirate.  For Maymon, seeing this god come to life, and learning of his fate in the future, he is increasingly aware of his need for the captivating alien. Between fighting off assassins, fighting in bar brawls, fighting their feelings, and then fighting to stay together, nothing is easy for Talos and Maymon.  As they begin to fall in love, they face a completely new set of problems, one they will face together.

Details of the Hunt is simply breathtaking.  The characters are fascinating, and the story itself is very unique.  Laura Baumbach has created a world full of indescribable people with incredible traits.  Between the descriptions of the pirates on Earth, to the Oracan culture, Details of the Hunt has an abundance of atmosphere.  I found myself breathless during the sex scenes.  Talos has some very beguiling physical characteristics, and the first time the two men have sex, I was enthralled reading about how everything fit together.  I loved Details of the Hunt.  Laura Baumbach is a remarkable author, and this is one book that will be going on my keeper shelf for me to take out and reread repeatedly!


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