Decking the Hollisters by Anna J. Evans
Ellora’s Cave
ISBN: 1-4199-0875-8
Reviewed by Klarissa



Beyond angry, Darby sets out to make her ex-husband’s family pay for the pain they caused her.  As she and her sister plan the demise of the Hollister family, Darby can’t wait to get her child back.  The child Gretchen, her ex-husband’s mother and leader of their clan, stole from her before the child was ever born.

As things begin to happen Darby comes face to face with her ex-husband, Gareth, and suddenly things are not what they appear. 

Decking the Hollisters is a quick adventure you’re sure to love.  You get lots of excitement packed in so few pages.  Ms. Evans has created memorable characters and a world you want to explore more of.  Darby and Gareth work together to bring down his family and I couldn’t help hoping they would save the baby.  You’ll definitely get caught up in this action!


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