Christmas Showdown by Jennette Kenny
Samhain Publishing
Western / Romance
ISBN: 1-59998-375-3
Reviewed by Klarissa



With the townsfolk gone before the big snow storm hit, Daniel Creed canít believe he let Katherine Rose a.k.a. Mary Kaye Dowd leave before he arrested her.  Actually, he didnít have any intent on arresting her.  It probably had to do with his ever increasing emotions for her, but Daniel can never act on his feelings.

When checking the town one last time, Daniel is shocked to discover the object of his desire is still in town.  As he checks out her establishment, the heat between Katherine and Daniel flare to life bringing about their mutual feelings.   A bounty hunter comes to town intent on capturing her, but will Daniel and Katherine manage to elude him?

Christmas Showdown is a good western story set in 1885.  The setting and the characters jump off the pages in this quick read.  Daniel and Katherine canít deny what they feel and they go with it bringing much life and passion between these pages. 


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