Christmas Fire by Julia Talbot
Torquere Press
GLBT Contemporary (M/M)
Reviewed by Sabella



Cowboy Buddy James isnít happy.  Even though he has a job doing what he loves, heís in a small town where being gay is as commonplace as a three-dollar bill.  Buddy wants to meet someone to spend time with, not another stranger that he wonít remember come morning.

Toby Lawrence, novice Smokejumper, just did the stupidest thing heís ever done, he hit on his boss Eli.  He just didnít know that Eli was taken.  Toby will find out that this embarrassing mistake might be the best thing thatís happened to him in a long time, because Eli knows just what to do to make Toby forget his embarrassment.

When Toby and Buddy meet through Eliís matchmaking efforts sparks fly.  They completely forget to be self-conscious of the set-up and go on to get to know each other.  The problem is that they both have jobs that are demanding.  Plus, Toby is skittish about letting their attraction run away with them.  But Buddy is patient and willing to let Toby set the pace.

Christmas Fire is a story about the charm of finding new love in an unexpected way.  I spent the entire story knowing that Buddy and Toby belonged together.  The sensuality that Julia Talbot always brings into the love scenes was felt though out the story.  Ms. Talbot is on my must buy list and reading this book confirms my opinion that you canít go wrong buying one of her books.  If you have read Jumping into Things or Landing with Both Feet, you definitely want to pick up this book.  Even if you havenít, you should get Christmas Fire, because you will love this book on its own.  I highly recommend this book as a must read for m/m romance fans.


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