Christmas for Eve by Michele Bardsley
Vampire Kisses
Changeling Press
Paranormal, Hot Flashes, BDSM
ISBN: (10): 1-59596-559-9 ISBN (13): 978-1-59596-559-2
Reviewed by Jo



Eve Moore is determined not to let anything dim her first Christmas with the new man in her life, especially not snarky friends.  Steven Jones is everything Eve has ever wanted, sexy, rich and he treats her like a well-loved woman.  And to top it off, he is her favorite erotica writer.  Steven has a couple of things he needs to tell Eve before he can give her the gift that he wants to for Christmas.  He uses an unusual way to give her insight to a part of himself he has kept hidden using the characters of Eveís favorite of his novels.  Eyes wide open now, Eve has to decide if she can accept everything Steven is and still give him her heart for Christmas.

Christmas for Eve has something for everyone; a great couple, wonderful and adventurous sex and just enough darkness to be interesting.  Eve and Steven came together because of Eveís love of Stevenís novels.  Eve discovers that sometimes real life is stranger than fiction, but even that canít overcome true love.  I was entranced with Eve and Steven and the hints of darkness were enough to make me not put down my reader until I was done.  Christmas for Eve is a sexy undercover vampire story until the end and it left me wanting much more.  I will be watching Ms. Bardsleyís new books hoping for another glimpse into this coupleís story.  All lovers of vampires and BDSM will want to have this in their library.


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