Charade by Sabrina Luna
Aphrodite’s Apples
Erotic BDSM
Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Dixie is the protégé of Mitchell Wilcox.  Having come to an understanding months before, Dixie’s days are spent indulging in Mitchell’s desires as well her fantasies with submissive play.  While the contract Dixie has with Mitchell is only for a year and a day, Dixie is beginning to hope that it will last longer.  Mitchell’s desires become hers and she wants nothing more than to please him.  No matter the request. 

Mitchell Wilcox finds himself wanting to make his relationship with Dixie permanent, but before he can commit, he has to know if he is what she wants.  Giving her the chance to explore her fantasies as well as submit on command, Mitchell almost fears it is too late.  That is, until he can shelve his dominance to find out who and what exactly Dixie wants.

The plot and premise of Charade is an excellent one.  While I thought the story intriguing, it pushed every button I had concerning monogamy.  While I enjoyed what I read, I found myself not liking Mitchell at all.  In fact, for a dominant, I found him unemotional at times.  That is, until his inner desires for Dixie’s fantasies came to light and his commands to her were explained.  Mitchell wanted Dixie to be sure that she wanted him for the long haul.  I just didn’t agree with his methods. 

Charade will push your buttons completely.  However, being a fan of the BDSM genre, I thought it well written and the ending magnificent. 


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