Carinian’s Seeker by T.J. Michaels
The Vampire Council of Ethics, Book 1
Samhain Publishing
Paranormal Romance
ISBN: 1-59998-328-1
Reviewed by Indy



Beauty, brains and spunk are only a few of the traits that pass down through the genetics of Dr. Derrickson’s family.  What Carinian’s family doesn’t pass along is the chance to live a long life.  Having most of her family die at young ages from one ailment or another has turned Carinian’s sole focus in life to the research of gene therapy and the chance to combat what she knows to be an early demise in her future.  Using the fables of vampire myths as her guide, Carinian attempts to create the equivalent of vampirism to save herself.  In comes Jon Bixler, a Seeker for the Vampire Council of Ethics, whose mission is to find a rogue vampire by using Carinian any way he sees fit.  Bix’s uncontrollable emotions where she’s concerned soon leads to another discovery; that the mouthy doctor is more than just a ways to a means, she’s also his fated mate.

Talk about your untypical vampire story.  Using a little urban flair, with an off brand sense of humor, T.J. Michaels creates a captivating story that had me laughing all the way through.  In Carinian’s Seeker, Carin, a feisty female doctor that has more brains than brawn, but enough heart to make up for her lack of physical power.  I almost spit out my milk when, in the heat of a battle, she said how she wasn’t a “punk b*tch”.  The last thing I expected, but just the right attitude for a woman whose vampire lover is pure alpha and all male.  Bix, her vampire assassin, was just the right blend of controlling yet loving hero.  Vulnerable when it comes to his woman, but still invincible in the heat of battle.

I found Carinian’s Seeker to be a light read with arousing sensuality and plenty of action.  I’m really looking forward to a follow-up story featuring Bix’s best friend and a few of the other Seekers who I’m sure will be just as exciting to read about.


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