Cards Never Lie by Heather Hiestand
Cerridwen Press
ISBN 9781419908125
Reviewed by Amelia



Melanie Vanderpool wants to change her lifestyle from conservative to wild. To that end, she visits a Tarot card reader to see whatís in store. The reader pulls the Devil card, and Melanieís not too sure how she feels about that.

Melanie works in product development at Professional Massage. After her reading, her boss informs her that business isnít good, and that if she doesnít come up with some new ideas, sheís out of a job.

Melanie and co-worker Tommy Joe Harriman fly to Las Vegas to attend a conference that might give her some ideas. It just so happens there is an adult industry convention taking place in the same hotel.

Rob Black is the CEO for LeatherWorks, a sex toy company.  The business is owned by his grandfather, who is known as the Whipmaster, and who even posed for the marketing of one of the companyís most popular items. Rob sees Melanie at the convention and is interested, but things donít seem to fall into place at first. Until they both get back to Seattle.

There, corporate intrigue pushes the two together. Melanie is not sure Rob is the devil from her Tarot reading, but she does know that heís gorgeous, and that sheís definitely interested.

Cards Never Lie is an interesting story. I enjoyed Ms. Hiestandís sense of humor, which had Melanie facing several problems, including being mistaken for a porn star. Parts of the story were very intriguing in that respect. Having said that however, I thought the plot was a little busy, with so many different characters flying around that it had me confused at times. There were also several point of view changes that threw me for a loop.

What saves this story, though, is the strength of Melanie and Rob. Both are very take charge characters that donít allow themselves to be taken advantage of. I loved the fact that Melanie didnít back down from a villain, but instead stood her ground. I also loved the fact that Rob stood up for her, and listened to what she had to say. These two characters work well together, and gave the story the backbone it needed to keep me interested.


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