Bonds of Darkness by Joyce Ellen Armond
Liquid Silver Books
ISBN 1-59578-298-2
Reviewed by Amelia



Kate Scott is a victimís advocate.  She does this job because her parents always taught her that a life of service is the only way to live.  Things arenít going too well in her job, but the one thing she has to look forward to everyday is her morning ritual with Breakfast Paul.  For a year now, Kate and Paul have met at the coffee shop and started the day together.  Kate would like more, but instead she pours herself into her job.

Paul Tristel is really Paul Dumond.  One hundred years ago, Paul was cursed by a powerful man named Sander Wald, for his attraction to Waldís wife.  Now, Paul shares his body with a demon.  Paul has control during the day, and the demon at night.  Every year, Sander must perform a ritual that binds Paul, Wald and the demon together in an immortal life where Sander has ultimate control.

When Kate finds out the truth, she sets up to break the curse.  Paul, however, has plans of his own.  He doesnít want the woman heís grown to love to come to any harm.  But Kate is a strong willed woman who wonít be swayed from her path.

A complex tale of love, hate, and demons, both physical and those we put on ourselves, Bonds of Darkness is a fascinating story.  I loved the way Ms. Armond wove the pieces together, tying Kateís life into Paulís in more ways than one, and showing how people can put themselves into virtual prisons.

Kate and Paulís love for each other is very strong, and watching it grow made my heart beat faster. Bonds of Darkness is a different sort of paranormal with a very inventive plot that is told with great skill. Readers will enjoy this tale of light and dark, and its resulting conclusion.


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