Beyond the Night

Beyond the Night by Rayne Forrest
Fantasy Romance
ISBN: 1-60186-098-6
Reviewed by Tera



Rachel knows of Carrick, the reclusive man who lives on the mountain for which the community of Lime Kiln Mountain is named. Hell, everyone knows about him and is curious about him. After a chance meeting on the road after she hits a dog and Carrick stops to help her, life as she knows it begins to change. But Carrick has a secret. A big one.

Carrick knows that the woman he is supposed to be with is near. He can sense her each time he is in Lime Kiln Mountain. But he doesn’t expect that he’ll meet up with her on the road past his house. Knowing that she is to be his, he offers to help her with the dog she hit, knowing it is an excuse to force her come to his home. Can he make her feel the same? And will she understand when he finally shares his secret with her?

Beyond the Night was a good book. The characters were well drawn, though some of Carrick’s speaking lines seemed a little unnatural. It was easy to get past that and become involved in the story, though. It wasn’t as suspenseful as I would have liked to see with it, it but it was still a good read.


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