Bayou Magick by Alicia Sparks
New Concepts Publishing
Reviewed by Rosemary



Justin Thibodeaux eased the tiny boat forward to the turn in the bayou.  He had followed his grandmotherís journals to the letter and every instinct he had told him he was on the right track; the gold had to be out there.  He was Cajun and proud, but everything inside him screamed out that somewhere along the line somebody had gotten something wrong.  Creole blood flowed through his veins and it is a fact he longs to prove.  Heritage is important, and Justinís heritage has long been a subject of debate, something he wished to end.  If the legends were true, nestled in a mason jar, buried with the gold, was the paper that would prove his heritage and secure his deed to the land.   Without the connection to the land, he could never give a woman the kind of promise she seemed to need.  Jean-Marie, the only woman he has ever wanted left him ten years ago.

Jean-Marie had to go somewhere safe, far enough away from mob boss, Gino Hernandez, where he could never find her; she had enough information to put him away for a long time.  She could go back to Louisiana; her home and true love, Justin, no one would ever think to look for her there.  Less than twenty-four hours after her arrival in New Orleans, Jean-Marie sees two of Ginoís goons.  Crouching down in the cemetery, she calls to the spirits to guide her to safety. 

Bayou Magick intrigued me from the first page to the last.  I was immediately transported to the familiar sites of New Orleans.  Alicia Sparks enchanted me with the secrets of the swamps.  Jean-Marie tried to hide her heritage of not only being Creole, but also of being a voodoo priestess, but fate would no longer allow her denial.  The answers Justin sought opened his future with the knowledge of his heritage.  I enjoyed the surprises as they unfolded to reveal the secrets held by the swamp.  Bayou Magick was great; I look forward to seeing more from Alicia Sparks 


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