An Agreement Among Gentlemen by Chris Owen
Torquere Press
Erotic Gay Historical
ISBN: 1933389958, 978-1933389950
Reviewed by Cassie



Edward “Ned” Munrow is content with his life of no responsibility and all pleasure until his friend unexpectedly gives him an estate and a great deal of money.  He’s not particularly pleased with the development, especially when a Duke blackmails him into a marriage he definitely doesn’t want.  The Duke sends his heir, Henri, Viscount Langton, to spend the summer with Munrow, so they can pretend he’s seeing if the young man will make a suitable heir.  To his surprise, Munrow discovers that he actually likes Langton.  Things get even more confusing (and exciting) when an old lover enters the picture.

Don’t let the Victorian setting fool you, An Agreement Among Gentleman is an incredibly hot book!  Munrow is an unashamedly sensual character and I enjoyed watching him slowly become motivated by more than just temporary pleasure.  The supporting characters in An Agreement Among Gentleman added a great deal to the story.  They provided comic relief and much more.  The relationship between Munrow and his valet was especially amusing.  As for the love interests, Langton was sweet, passionate, and eager, and Munrow’s old lover Truitt was absolutely delicious!  The attraction among these three gentlemen just about burned up my laptop.  Chris Owen has written a wonderfully sexy historical which will have a permanent spot on my reread shelf.


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