A Taste of Dawn by Aubrey Ross
Club Carousel, Book 4
Changeling Press
Paranormal/Vampires/Action and Adventure
ISBN: (10): 1-59596-618-8 (13): 978-1-59596-618-6
Reviewed by Jo



Mercedes San Carlos is barely living the way she is being held. In desperation, she sends out her mind to find anyone that will accept her and save her sanity.  Many years later, Mercedes’ circumstances have changed for the better but she still visits the mind that gave her shelter for so long. 

Eric King writes music for the group Pyrite but lately his muse has been missing.  He decides to take some time for himself to see if he can jumpstart his muse.  His first night alone, Eric finds a message from an unknown person with a song.  Eric and Mercedes meet under uneasy terms, however the uneasiness becomes a fire very quickly.  This night is just the beginning of exotic and suspenseful situations that will change them forever… if they have the strength to follow through.

A Taste of Dawn relates the story of Mercedes and Eric’s first awareness of each other, followed much later by them meeting in person for the first time.   Mercedes has suffered because of her parentage from a very young age and even through it is much different now, she still has to be extremely careful about who she sees.  Eric has lived his life for music and now that his muse has gone into hiding, he is searching for something to get it going again.  Eric and Mercedes have gone through many trying times before they meet.  Afterward, they discover that what they believed their lives would entail does not come close to approaching the adventures to come. 

A Taste of Dawn started out as a vampire story and by the end was so much more.  While I loved seeing Eric and Mercedes discover what they meant to each other, I find myself hoping that the next book in this series comes out quickly so I can see what happens next with them and the others.  Sci Fi and Suspense lovers will want to read A Taste of Dawn and the Club Carousel series as much as vampire lovers. 


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