A Bit of Rough by Laura Baumbach
ManLoveRomance Press
Erotic Gay Contemporary
ISBN-10: 0979311012
ISBN-13: 978-0979311017
Reviewed by Annmarie



James Justin doesn't normally cruise biker bars. His Friday nights are normally spent at home, alone. Wanting to do something exciting after being passed over for a project, the rising architect finds himself in a rowdy dive surrounded by leather wearing, tattooed, bikers. Soon his attention is drawn to a group playing pool. Especially attractive is the brawny cowboy with the sexy laugh.

Bram Lord spots James staring at him and likes what he sees. Inviting James outside, Bram maneuvers him into the alley behind the bar and into an intense sexual encounter. Bram is stronger, bigger and more forceful than James. Everything James finds exciting in a man.

Bram, having enjoyed the one night stand, asks to see James again. A long-term relationship looks promising for James and Bram who share intense passion and common interests. But can James overcome his secret insecurity and vulnerability to find love with the open and confident Bram?

A Bit of Rough is sexy, exciting and tender. Yes, I said tender. The love story between the shy, but charming, James and the rugged, caring Bram is tender and romantic. I especially enjoyed the loving manner in which Bram protected James. I'm jealous of James. Bram is simply yummy. Good looking, strong, bold, secure, and down and dirty in the bedroom. A delicious combination, not that James doesn't have a lot to offer. He does. He's kind-hearted, charming, smart, and the perfect sexual match for Bram.

Great character development, a solid plot and scrumptiously erotic sex make for a well-written book. I enjoyed A Bit of Rough so much, I've read it twice and look forward to reading it again. For fans of gay erotica, Laura Baumbach's A Bit of Rough is a must-read.


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