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Caught Off Base by J.M. Snyder

Dark Forest Nights by Morgan Sierra

Deirdreís Tale by Jennifer Campbell

Enslaving Sylvia by Cherry Lee

Handle with Care by Mallory Path

Heidi and the Kaiser by Selena Kitt

Imprinted by Darcy Sweet

Like Magnets We Attract by Shea Meier, Addison Albright, Rob Rosen, A. Steele, William Holden, Cassidy Ryan & Tyler McKenzie, Taylor Lochland, David Wesley, Heidi Champa, and V. Greene

Living Dolls by Marshall Ian Key

Mastering Stefan by J.M. Snyder

One Isnít Enough by Vicki Paradise

The Real Mother Goose by Selena Kitt

Sangria and Seraphim (Star Crossed, Book 2 Ĺ) by Jaye Valentine and Reno MacLeod

Skaterboy by J.M. Snyder

Tempestuous Relations by Amanda Young

Yes No Maybe by Emma Hillman



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