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Animal Attraction by Paige Tyler

Bounty on the Rebel’s Heart (Incognito Series, book 3) by Karen Wiesner

Dead Drop (Incognito Series, book 4) by by Karen Wiesner

Dressing the Empress (Torrid Twisted Tales) by Ann Cory

First Night: Four Fairy Tales Retold by Caroline Aubrey

I'm All E.A.R.S. and E.A.R.S. Joanna’s Challenge (Torrid Teasers, Volume 14) by Anna Fallon

In the Arms of the Enemy by Mary Eason

Joust in Time by Debbie Fritter

Love’s Wicked Jewel by Nora LeDuc

No Ordinary Love (Incognito Series, Book 1) by Karen Wiesner

One Italian Summer by Janet Mills

Renegade Rose (Incognito Series, book 6) by Karen Wiesner

Retaking America (ShadowsForge, Book 3) by Jena Galifany

The Beginning (The First Time: Humecupeds) by Lina Dillard

The Devil’s Gate by Vickie Britton

The Long Way Home (ShadowsForge, Book 4) by Jena' Galifany

The Senator’s Daughter by Debbie Wallace

The Wrong Man by Bonnie Clarke

Three Hearts by Sue Perkins

Three Times a Hero (Shadow’s Forge, Book 1) by Jena Galifany

Trials on Tour (ShadowsForge, Book 2) by Jena Galifany

Tiron (Runners Moon, Book 2) by Linda Mooney

Under The Spell (Incognito Series, book 5) by Karen Wiesner

Until Death Do Us Part (Incognito Series, Book 2) by Karen Wiesner

A Slave’s Way Out by C. A. Salo

Adamare (Calthraca Series, Book 2) by Camryn Cutler

Backstage Pass by Leah Collins

Beloved Deceiver by Margaret Blake

Falling For You (One Hot Summer, Book 3) by Eve Ashbury

Heart Of The Storm by Jennifer McKenzie

Incubus Nights by Michelle Marquis

Jebaral by Linda Mooney

Loki Unbound by Gin Glynn

Simolif (Runners Moon, Book 3) by Linda Mooney

Sweet Revenge (Bachelor for Sale) by Peggy Hunter

Sweet Summer Rain (Cajun Erotica, Book 1) by Cheri Valmont

The Android’s Kiss by Michelle Marquis

The Hungry Planet by Michelle Marquis

The Mead Steed by Rusty Wicks

The Joining (The Peacekeepers Journals, Book 1) by C.J. England

The Pumpkin House by Pepper Espinoza

The Tiger (Calthraca series, Book 1) by Camryn Cutler

The Witch Stone by Brenda Williamson

The Wrong Mr. Wright by Peggy Hunter

This Just In (Internet Bonds, Book 6) by Christy Poff

Torrid Teasers, Volume 21 (Her Alien Lover by Michelle Marquis & Sex Machine by Cheri Valmont)

When Lightning Strikes by Cheri Valmont



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