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Afternoon Delight (Lust Bites) by Desiree Holt

All Play and No Work (Cattle Valley, Book 1) by Carol Lynne

Bad Boy Cowboy (Cattle Valley Series, book 7) by Carol Lynne

Beyond Meddling by Barbara Huffert

Blue Dragon Challenge by Aurora Rose Lynn

Bound Brits by Portia Da Costa, Sierra Cartwright, Lisabet Sarai, Barbara Huffert, Dakota Rebel, and Cassidy Ryan

Breaking the Rules (Wives-R-Us) by Summer Jordan

Broken Pottery (Campus Cravings, Book 6) by Carol Lynne

Cattle Valley Mistletoe (Cattle Valley Series, Book 2) by Carol Lynne

Coach (Campus Cravings, Book 1) by Carol Lynne

Confessions of a Nympho (Lust Bites) by Ashley Ladd

Conjuring Cal by Buffi BeCraft-Woodall

Creation’s Control (Creation’s series, Book 2) by Marie Harte

Dark Awakening (The Watchers, Book 1) by Charlotte Featherstone

Duet in Blood (My Vampire and I series, Book 3) by J.P. Bowie

Dreamcatcher by Bobbie Russell

Fabulous Brits by Carol Lynne, Sedonia Guillone, Willa Okati, J.P. Bowie, Jane Davitt, Jade Buchanan

Faithful Beginnings (The Debtor’s Daughters) by Lacy Thorn

Fantasies Unleashed (Lust Bites) by Skylar Sinclair

Fate's Song by Jessica Jarman

Forbidden Freshman (Campus Cravings, Book 5) by Carol Lynne

Garron's Gift by Carol Lynne

Ghost of a Chance by Jude Mason

Having It All (Unexpected Love, Book 3) by Jenna Byrnes

Heart and Soul by Ashley Ladd

Heart of the Bear (Guardian Investigations Series, Book 1) by Cindy Spencer Pape

Her Handyman by Jennah Sharpe

Hershie's Kiss (Campus Cravings, Book 10) by Carol Lynne

Illusions by Elisa Adams

In Bear’s Bed (Campus Cravings, Book 7) by Carol Lynne

Incognito by Lisbet Sarai

It's Been Awhile by Lexie Davis

Joey's First Time by Carol Lynne

Karaoke at the Tumbleweed by Carol Lynne

Legend by Carol Lynne, Brynn Paulson, Bronwyn Green and Lacey Thorn

Let Me Entertain You (Wives R Us, Book 1) by Summer Jordan

Liquid Heat by Ashley Ladd 

Lust Detector (Lust Bites) by Ann Cory

Men of Phuket: Tongue Thai'd by Sedonia Guillone

Men of Tokyo: Sudden Bliss (White Tiger, Book 1) by Sedonia Guillone

Men of Tokyo: Sudden Surrender (White Tiger, Book 2) by Sedonia Guillone

Misery Loves Company (Lust Bites) by Ellen Ashe

My Vampire & I by J.P. Bowie

My Vampire Lover by J.P. Bowie

Naughty Boys by Ashley Ladd

New World by C.S. Chatterly

Object of Desire by Portia Da Costa

Office Advances (Campus Cravings, Book 8) by Carol Lynne

Off Season by Carol Lynne

On Bliss by KS Augustin

Once Upon a Starry Knight (Coming for Christmas) by Bobbie Russell

Out of the Shadow (Cattle Valley Series, book 6) by Carol Lynne

Personal Trainers by J.P. Bowie

Physical Therapy (Cattle Valley Series, Book 5) by Carol Lynne

Pomegranate by Vic Winter

Prince of Love (The Royal Chronicles, Book 3) by Donna Grant

Prince of Passion (The Royal Chronicles, Book 4) by Donna Grant

Rain Fell Down by Lexie Davis

Ranger’s Woman by Samantha Winston

Rawley’s Redemption (Good-time Boys, Book 3) by Carol Lynne

Red Stone of Passion by Tuesday Morrigan

Redemption: Incubus (Redemption, Book 2) by Brynn Paulin

Ride ‘Em Cowboy by J.P.Bowie

Rough Ride (Cattle Valley series, Book 4) by Carol Lynne

Sacking The Quarterback (Campus Cravings, Book 3) by Carol Lynne

Second Time Around by Jenna Byrnes

Sexier Side of the Hill by Victoria Blisse

Sexual Spark by Skylar Sinclair

Shipwrecked by Ashley Ladd

Shotgun Bride (Riding Shotgun, Book 1) by Aurora Rose Lynn

Side-Lined (Campus Cravings, Book 2) by Carol Lynne

Sin (Horsemen of Apocalypse Island) by Layne Blacque and Taige Crenshaw

Sink or Swim by Alexis Fleming

Solstice Seduction (Celtic Fire, Book 1) by Bronwyn Green

Sonny’s Salvation (Good-time Boys, Book 1) by Carol Lynne

Stacked by Nicola Harris

Submissive Dreams by Ashley Ladd

Summer Bliss (Heatwave) by JP Bowie

Sweet Medicine by Barbara Sheridan

Sweet Topping (Cattle Valley Series, Book 3) by Carol Lynne

Taking Control by Jenna Byrnes

Tattoos by Rob Knight, Sean Michael & Willa Okati

Tempting Tamera (Circle of Three Series) by Brynn Paulin

Tempting the Law (Uniform Behaviour) by C.S. Chatterly

The Devil Made Me Do It by Alysha Ellis

The Goddess Within (The Goddess Grind, Book 1) by Amarinda Jones

The Perfect Gift by Ashley Ladd

The Set Up by J.P. Bowie

The Stripper's Story, A Valentine's Day Tale by Vic Winter

Through the Fire by Aliyah Burke

To Catch A Casanova by Erika Scott

Twelfth of Never (Halloween Heart-throbs) by Bobbie Russell

Twin Temptations (Good-time Boys, Book 4) by Carol Lynne

Undeniable by Lexie Davis

Vampire’s Captive by Aurora Rose Lynn

Vows of a Vampire by Ann Cory

Whipped (Sensual Mastery Series, Book 1) by Layne Blacque

Who’s Your Daddy by Summer Devon, Alexis Fleming & Lyn Cash

Wish You Were Here by Kate Vassar



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