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A Blessing In Disguise by Shareen Vedam

A Christmas Stalking by Donna Dalton

A Cinderella Christmas (Noelle, Alberta – Book 6) by Stacy Dawn

A Cowboy's Dream by Anna Kathryn Lanier - Yellow Rose

A Diamond At Midnight by Anne Rainey

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Your Wedding by Cindy K. Green

A Hero for Jessica by Pamela S. Thibodeaux - White Rose

A Sigh of Love by Bess McBride

A Taste of Revenge by Karen Erickson

A Temporary Arrangement by Tricia Jones

Bachelor Bid by Stephanie-Anne Street

Baron of Dragon’s Reach by Shereen R. Vedam

Beltaine Bargain by Cindy Spencer Pape

Beauty And The Geek by Roni Adams

Bedside Manner by Sophia Rae

Bewitched By Fate by Lee Morrison

Blood Ritual by L. Rosario

Burn Baby Burn by Lynne Logan

Captive Hearts by Teresa J. Reasor

Cheatin’ Hearts by Stacy Dawn

Christmas Mischief by Christine Columbus

Christmas on Parole by Stacy Dawn

Coiled Revenge by Sara Thacker

Considering Lily (An Orchard Hill Romance, Book 3) by Kara Lynn Russell

Courting Trouble by Renee Knowles

Cowboy by Delilah Devlin

Cowboy’s Wish by J.T. Schultz

Crazy for the Cowboy (Love at the Crazy H, Book 1) by Cindy Spencer Pape

Crazy for the Cowboy (Love at the Crazy H) by Cindy Spencer Pape 

Crème Brûlée Upset by Laurel Bradley

Delicious Darkness by KyAnn Waters

Discovering Jenna by Kim Watters

Dragon Healer by Rachel Reeves

Dragon’s Mate by Beth Caudill

Enchanted Reunion by Susan Lyons

Entertaining Angel (An Orchard Hill Romance, Book 2) by Kara Lynn Russell

Fairytale Bride by Michelle Chambers

Fearless Heart by Johanna Riley

Feliz Nueva York by Helen Pilz

Forgotten Alliance by Margo Hoornstra

Freedom's Touch (The Legacy of the Brooch Book 2) by Sarita Leone

From Latte to Love by Amber Polo

Give it to Me by Desiree Holt

Guarding Madison by Tabitha Gibson

Halloween Angel by Tricia Ann Woods

Heart’s Desire by Leanne Karella

Her Knight of Seduction by Phyllis Campbell

Her Reluctant Rancher by Anne Marie Novark

Hidden Prospects by Sarita Leone

Highland Moonlight by Teresa J. Reasor

His Christmas Bride by Emily Becher

His Secret Desire by Tracey Devlyn

House of Lies by Margaret Toussaint

How About Tomorrow? by Jenna Bayley-Burke

In Silhouette by Jenna Bayley-Burke

Informally Yours by Beth Caudill

Jake’s Return by Liana Laverentz

Jason Taylor Kissed Me by Rebecca Ruger

Keeping Faith by (An Orchard Hill Romance, Book 4) Kara Lynn Russell

Kiss of the Wolf by Robyn Wren

Knight Turns to Day by Susan St. Clair

Less than Perfect Family by Betty Hanawa

Limited Light by Carla Williard  

Logan’s Redemption by Cara Marsi

Love C.A.R.L.O.S. by Kelsey George

Love in Bloom by Jules Bennett

Love in Shadow by Sonja Foust

Love is a Many Splendored Thing by Nancy Fraser

Love With A Welcome Stranger by Lynnette Baughman

Love With The Proper Rancher by Judith C. Rochelle

Luck be a Cowboy (The Legacy of the Celtic Brooch) by Stacy Dawn

Magic by Marianne Arkins

Masked Encounter by Samantha Gentry

Midsummer Magic (Sisters of the Heart, Book 1) by Molly Stark

Mischief In The Dark by Liza Sames

Murder and the Media Specialist by Brandy Jordan

Nothing to Fear by Alicia Dean

One Knight to Cherish by Catherine Kean

Patience by C.H. Admirand

Perfect by Jennifer Leeland

Preacher Man by Laurie Larsen - White Rose

Pregnancy Plan by Tina Gayle

Ready to Reel by Lainey Bancroft

Recipe for Love by Kara Lynn Russell

Reindeer Games by Stacy Dawn

Romancing the Geek by Terry Odell

Rose Petals Volume 1 by Donna Collins, Stacy Dawn, Carol Ann Erhardt, Tabitha Gibson,
Tanner Holmes, Evelyn Lucas, Dana Mentink, and Rebecca Ruger

Rose Petals Volume 2 by Jo Barrett, Beth Caudill, Christine Columbus, Peggi Lowe,
Deb Tompkins, and Deborah Vlahakes

Saving Grace by Patrice Moore

Saving Gracie (An Orchard Hill Romance) by Kara Lynn Russell

Secret Surrender by Lisa Dawn MacDonald

Seduced in Seoul (Destination Pleasure) by Helen Hardt 

Sex, Lies and DVDs by Lynne Logan

Shotgun Bride (The Quinter Brides, Book 1) by Lauri Robinson

Sidelined by Love by Ana Aragón

Small Town Christmas by Nicole McCaffrey

Sonora by Elaine Bonner

Ten Things I’d Do For a Cowboy by Donna Michaels

The American Heiress (Lords Of Scandal Book 2) by Diana Bold

The Broken Path by Cami Checketts

The Calvary Wife by Donna Dalton

The Lady’s Bargain, by Leslie Dicken

That Montana Summer by Sloan Seymour

The Man I Love by Vivienne Lorret

The Model Man by Nicole McCaffrey - The Last Rose of Summer

The Pickle My Little Friend by Evan Trevane & Shawn M. Casey

The Power of Love by Sharon Cullen

The Priceless Gift by Anna Kathryn Lanier

The Rancher’s Rose by Wilma Fasano

The Siblings (Valentine’s Day Do-Over) by Donna Michaels

The Wager (Lords of Scandal Book 1) by Diana Bold

Through a Glass Darkly by Anna Taylor

To Love Again by Anne Whitfield

Un-A-Were of You by J.T. Schultz

Unchartered Waters by Kimberlee R. Mendoza

Uncle Mike’s Love by Christine Columbus

Unexpected Encounter by Samantha Gentry

Unique Transformation by Karla Dawson

Valentine’s Day Do-Over by Donna Michaels

Wanted: Boyfriend for Christmas by Kimberlee R. Mendoza

When Johnny Comes Home by Kim Watters

When The Light Was Still New by Elrena Evans

When the World Is Right by Margo Hoornstra

Where There's Smoke by M. J. Fredrick

Yesterday’s Desire by Darah Lace




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