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A Prince for Sophie (Magic and Love, Book 3) by Morgan Ashbury

Arabian Pearl (Brothers of the Absinthe Club 1) by Emma Wildes

Beau and the Lady Beast by Morgan Ashbury

Burning Love (Flights of Fancy, Book 1) by Melodee Aaron

Devilís Pact by Samantha Cruise

For the Love of Payne (An Ike Payne Adventure, 1) by Melodee Aaron

In a Reckless Moment (Brothers of the Absinthe Club: Book 3) by Emma Wildes

Ingenueís Choice (Zara's Bois, Book 2) by Gracie McKeever

Lily in Bloom by Morgan Ashbury

Josieís Heartbreaker (Rodeo Cowboy Series 3) by Sage Burnett

Kinsey and the Exotic Dancing Princess by Tonya Ramagos

Little Red Rides the Wolf by Lara Santiago

Made For Each Other by Morgan Ashbury

Nine Inches of Snow and the Ebony Princess by Gracie C. McKeever

Portrait of Desire (La Belle Epoque Book 1) by Kate September

Predatorís Salvation (Sisters of Emsharra Book 2) by Gracie C. McKeever

Rearing Heat by Skyler Sinclair

Savage Shores (The Improper Ladies, Book 1) by Emma Wildes

Terms of Surrender (The Matchmaker, 2) by Gracie C. McKeever

The Blonde Bomb Tech by Lara Santiago

The Bloodstone Affair (Brothers of the Absinthe Club Book 2) by Emma Wildes

The Mighty Flynn by Sierra Dafoe

The Princess and the Bodyguard (Magic and Love 2) by Morgan Asbury

The Soft Edge of Midnight (The Keepers of Twilight) by Stella and Audra Price

The Wolf in the Mansion by Gracie C. McKeever

Twin Games (The Heroes of Silver Springs  Book 2) by Tonya Ramagos

Under Tannerís Thumb by Sage Burnett

Watcher (Sexual Studies 1) by Kate Watterson

Zack and the Dark Shaft (Zara's Bois, Book 1) by Gracie McKeever



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