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7% And Rising By Kim Knox   

10 Days in Paradise by Dawn Halliday

A Beautiful Surrender by Brenda Williamson

A Bend In Time by Michelle Miles

A Break in Time (A Ransom and Fortune Adventure, Book 2) by Michelle Miles

A Desperate Longing by Brenda Williamson

A Fairy Special Gift By Gia Dawn   

A Question of Trust by Jess Dee

A Hidden Beauty by Jamie Craig   

A Little Harmless Sex by Melissa Schroeder

A Legal Affair (Jamesville, Book 5) by N. J. Walters

A Man for Marley by Arianna Hart

A Night to Remember by Eve Vaughn

A Perfect Match by Shelley Bradley

A Scorching Seduction by Marie Harte

A Taste of Honey by Lynette Rees

A View to A Kill (King of Prey Series, Book 2) by Mandy M. Roth

Abhainnís Kiss by Carolan Ivey

Adder by Ally Blue

Adrienne by D. Renee Bagby

Alainaís Promise by Meg Allison

All That Glitters by Aislinn Kerry   

Almost a Family by Donna Alward

Alone in Forrester Rock by Amy Mistretta   

Always by Lauren Dane

Always Yours by Shiloh Walker

Amber Eyes by Maya Banks 

An Inner Darkness by Ally Blue

Annabelle's Courtship by Lucy Monroe

Another Manís Wife by Denyse Bridger

Anticipation by Patrice Michelle

Anybody but Justin by Shelli Stevens 

Anything But Mine (Hearts of the South, Book 4) by Linda Winfree

Ask Adam by Jess Dee

Asmodeus (Fallen Angels ) by Dawn McClure

Auroraís Triangle by Titania Ladley

Azazel (Fallen Angel) by Dawn McClure

Bad Moon Rising (Midsummer Nightís Steam) by Leeanne Kenedy

Beautiful Girl by Shiloh Walker

Bed of Lies by Pam Champagne

Between a Ridge and a Hard Place by Annmarie McKenna

Beyond the Tears (Midsummer Nightís Steam) by Michelle Cary

Biting Nixie by Mary Hughes

Black Aura by Jaycee Clark

Black Widow by Mackenzie McKade

Blackberry Pie (A Midsummer Nightís Steam story) by Bonnie Dee

Bloodhunter by Vonna Harper   

Blood Moon (Moon series, Book 2) by Rose Marie Wolf

Blood Pool by B. Ella Donna

Blood Ties by Cathryn Fox

Boomerang Love (Thorn Brothers, Book 1) by Melissa Lopez

Born Again Virgin by Sami Lee

Bound by the Past (Ties That Bind, Book 2) by Mackenzie McKade

Bound by Love by T.A. Chase

Bound for the Holidays by Mackenzie McKade

Branded by Beth Williamson

Branded as Trouble (Rough Riders, Book 6) by Lorelei James 

Brazen by Maya Banks

Breaking All the Rules by Monica Robinson   

Bridging The Gap by Annmarie McKenna

Byte Marks by Mardi Ballou   

Burning Reflections by Rachel Carrington

Butterfly Tattoo by Deidre Knight

By A Silken Thread by MK Mancos

Cadeís Challenge by Becky Barker

Cafť Noctem by Willa Okati

Caged Desire (Talons Series) by Sydney Somers

California Cowboy by Maggie Casper

Callyeís Justice (Gateway Guardians, Book 1) by Donica Covey   

Call Me Cupid by Sydney Somers

Carinianís Seeker (The Vampire Council of Ethics, Book 1) by T.J. Michaels

Carnal Deceptions by Scottie Barrett

Cat of a Different Color (Halle Pumas, Book 3) by Dana Marie Bell

Catching a Buzz by Ally Blue

Challenging Carter by Kate Davies

Chased (Chase Brothers series, Book 3) by Lauren Dane

Chasing Smoke by K. A. Mitchell

Checkmate by Annmarie McKenna

Christmas Showdown by Jennette Kenny

Chosen (The Guardiansí League, Book Three) by Amelia Elias

Claiming Their Mate by Paige McKellan   

Close Quarters (Hot Zone, Book 4) by Denise A. Agnew

Closer (Bay City Paranormal Investigation, Book 4) by Ally Blue   

Collision Course by K. A. Mitchell

Color My Heart by Red Garnier   

Combat by K.S. Augustin   

Court Appointed (Serving Love) by Annmarie McKenna   

Cowgirl Up and Ride (A Rough Rider Book) by Lorelei James   

Crazy for Kate by Kelly McDonough   

Custom Ride (Midsummer Nightís Steam: Temperatureís Rising Story) by K. A. Mitchell

Damage Control by Elisa Adams

Dangerous by Monica Burns

Dangerous Grounds (The Seattle Steam Series) by Shelli Stevens   

Danteís Inferno by Evie Byrne

Dare to Love by Jaci Burton

Dark Chance (Netherworld, Book 2) by Melissa Lopez

Dark Prince of Anfall (Princes of Anfal, Book 2) by Ciar Cullen

Dark Sentinel (Netherworld) by Melissa Lopez   

Davinís Quest (Resonance Mates, Book 2) by Bianca DíArc

Deception by Sharon Cullen

Desert Heat by Leigh Wyndfield

Devilís Kiss by Brenda Williamson

Devils on Horseback - Jake (Devils on Horseback, Book 2) by Beth Williamson   

Devils on Horseback: Nate (Devils on Horseback series, Book 1) by Beth Williamson

Devilís Playground by Arianna Hart

Devil Take Me by Anna J. Evans

Dirty Deeds by Lorelei James

Diving in Deep by KA Mitchell   

Donít Let Go (Spellbound Series, Book 2) by Sydney Somers

Dragon Tamer (I Dream Of Dragons, Book 2) By Kathleen Scott   

Dreams For Stones by Ann Warner    

Driven to Distraction by Ashleigh Raine

Edenís Pass by Kimberly Nee

Empath by Bonnie Dee

Enjoying the Show by Marie Harte   

ePistols at Dawn by Z.A. Maxfield

Eros Rising by Ally Blue

Erotic Research by Mari Carr

Every Beat of her Heart by Maggie Casper

Eyes of Fire (The Mylari Chronicles, Book 1) by CJ England

Faery Queen (Realm Immortal Series, Book 2) by Michelle M. Pillow

Fall Into Me (Hearts of the South, Book 7) by Linda Winfree

Falling in Controlled Circumstances by Pepper Espinoza

Fallon’s Revenge by Mackenzie McKade

Fantasmagorical (A Midsummerís Night Steam) by Annmarie McKenna

Fated (Cascadia Wolves, Book 5) by Lauren Dane

Felicity Stripped Bare by Vanessa Jaye

Feral by Joely Skye

FireDrake (Dragon Knights, Book 5) by Bianca D'Arc

Fijian Fling (Midsummer Nightís Steam) by Sami Lee   

Fireflies by Ally Blue

Fireworks by Loribelle Hunt

Forget About Tomorrow (A Part of Tomorrow Book 1) by Liz Kreger

For the Love of Callie by Maggie Casper

For Love and Country by Mary Winter   

For the Love of Jazz by Shiloh Walker

Full Disclosure (A Midsummerís Night Steam) by Mary Wine

Glutton for Pleasure by Alisha Rae

Go Between (The Curtain Torn Series, Book 1) By Dayna Hart   

Go Fetch! (Magnus Pack Series, Book 2) by Shelly Laurenston

Goddess of the Grove (Sacred Places, Book 2) by Mandy Roth   

Going For It by Elle Kennedy

Going the Distance (Paranormal Death Match, Book 1) by Mandy M. Roth

Gothic Dragon by Marie Treanor

Gypsy Heart by Sasha White

Haleyís Cabin by Anne Rainey

Handyman by Claire Thompson

Haraís Legacy (Resonance Mates, Book 1) by Bianca DíArc

Hard to Guard (I Dream of Dragons II) by Nina Mamone   

Head over Heels (A Cinderella Story) by Lena Matthews 

Heart of a Lion by Kira Stone

Heart of The Sea By Sela Carsen   

Hearts Eternal (Cursed Hearts, Book 1) by Rebecca Goings

Hearts Unbound (Cursed Hearts series, book 2) by Rebecca Goings

Heat of the Moment (Red Hot Summer) by Elle Kennedy

Hell for Leather by Beth Williamson

Hemovore by Jordan Castillo Price

Her Majesty, My Love by Sharon Long

High Line (Love of Sports, Book 2) by T.A. Chase

High Noon by Rebecca Goings

His Convenient Affair by Tricia Jones   

His Ordinary Life by Linda Winfree

Holding Her Own by Marie-Nicole Ryan

Hold On to Me (Hearts of the South, Book 3) by Linda Winfree

Home for Christmas by Kate Davies   

Honeymoon Castaways (Midsummerís Night Steam: Sins of Summer) by Dawn Halliday

Hot Shot by M. J. Fredrick

Hot Ticket (Serving Love) by KA Mitchell

Hot Weather by Matthew Haldeman-Time

How to Conjure a Man by Nancy Lindquist

Hunterís Edge by Shiloh Walker

Hunting the Huntress by Ember Case   

If All The Sand Were Pearl (A Calling of Souls Story) by Pepper Espinoza

If Wishes Were Horses by Sarah Leslie

Immortal Illusions (The Eternity Covenant Book 2) by Ursula Bauer

Immortal Protector by Ursula Bauer

In The Shadow Of The Selkie By M.A. duBarry   

In the Spirit by Shannon Stacey

In the Spirit by Shannon Stacey - 2nd review

Interstitial by Ann Somerville   

Into the Lair (Falcon Mercenary Group, Book 2) by Maya Banks

Into the Mist (Falcon Mercenary Group, Book 1) by Maya Banks   

Itís Raining Men by Crystal Jordan

Jaciís Experiment (Resonance Mates, Book 3) by Bianca DíArc

Jealous Lover by Brandi Michaels

Jesse's Challenge (Corralled, Book 3) by Nicole Austin

Kabana Heat by Titania Ladley

Key West Magic by Ciar Cullen   

King of Dragons, King of Men by Emily Veinglory

Kiss and Kin (Shifting Dreams) by Kinsey Holley

Kiss and Tell ( Bloodmates, Book 1) by Sandy Lynn

Knotty Girl by Maggie Casper

La Mirage by Jennifer Colgan

Ladies! Meet Red Hot Alaskan Men by Nancy Lindquist

Lady Lillianís Guide to Amazing Sex by Nancy Lindquist

Lady Sings the Blues by Mallery Malone

Lady Strumpet (Demons of Dunmore series, Book 2) by Gia Dawn 

Lawless by Emma Wildes

Leap of Faith by Arianna Hart   

Lessons in Desire (Cambridge Fellows Mysteries, Book 2) by Charlie Cochrane

Lessons in Discovery (Cambridge Fellows Mysteries, Book 3) by Charlie Cochrane

Lessons in Love by Kate Davies   

Letís Dish by Catherine Wade

Liaisons in Jubilee (Midsummer Nightís Steam) by Jamie Craig

Lights, CameraÖMonsters (Monsters in Hollywood, Book 1) by Lila Dubois

Like a Thief in the Night (Strangers in the Night Story) by Bettie Sharpe

Lisaís Gift by Mackenzie McKade

Lessons in Seduction (Accidental, Book 2) by Melissa Schroeder

Let Me Love You by Mary Wine

Long Road Home by Sharon Long

Look What Santa Brought (The Perfect Gift Anthology) by Annmarie McKenna

Long Hard Ride by Lorelei James

Lord Demonís Delight (Demons of Dunmore series, Book 1) by Gia Dawn

Lost Angel by Louisa Trent   

Lost But Not Forgotten by Mackenzie McKade

Love Me Still (The Perfect Gift Anthology) by Maya Banks

Love's Evolution by Ally Blue

Lux in Shadow (Children of the Goddess, Book 2) by R.G. Alexander

Magic and the Pagan by Mychael Black and Shayne Carmichael

Magic in the Blood by Silvia Violet

Magnetic Attraction (Droid Wars, Book 2) by Mandy M. Roth   

Making Chase (Chase Brothers series, Book 4) by Lauren Dane

Male Call by Denise A. Agnew

Marielle's Marshall by Beth Williamson

Margarita Day by Nicole Austin and T.K. Winters

Marked by Joely Skye   

Mayan Secrets by Ciar Cullen   

Melting Iron by Ann Cory

Memories of Us (Hearts of the South, Book 5) by Linda Winfree

Met by Chance (The Triple Countess Series) by Lynne Connolly

Mexican Heat (Crimes & Cocktails, Book 1) by Laura Baumbach and Josh Lanyon

Midnight Encounters by Elle Kennedy

Midnight Reborn (The Watchers, Book 1) by D. McEntire

Midnight Rose (The Watchers, Book 2) by D. McEntire

Midnight Temptation (The Remingtons, Book Two) by Dee Tenorio

Minder (Minder Series, Book 3) by Joely Skye

Mine Over Matter (Mind Games, Book 1) by Kai Andersen

Miracle at Midnight by Stacia Wolf

Mirage by Monica Burns

Miss Firecracker (Wild West Boys, Book 2) by Lorelei James

Miss Fix It by L.C. Monroe and Nicolette Derens   

Miss Independent by Elisa Adams

Miss Lonely Hearts by Charlene Teglia   

Missing in Action (MIA series, book 1) by Amanda Young

Mistress Christmas (Wild West Boys) by Lorelei James

Mistress to the Beast by Eve Vaughn

Model Behavior by Janie Mason

Mortified Matchmaker by Alexis Fleming

My Fair Captain by J.L. Langley

My Fair Monster (Monsters in Hollywood, Book 2) by Lila Dubois

Nice and Naughty by Jayne Rylon

Night Rhythm (a free companion to Night Music) by Charlene Teglia

Night Rythym (The Sirens) by Charlene Teglia   

Night Song By Sharon Cullen   

Nimueís Price By Kim Knox   

No Fear in Love by Jamie Craig

Nothing Personal by Jaci Burton

Nothing Stays in Vegas by Moira McTark   

Not in Kansas by R.G. Alexander

Nut Cream by Jade Buchanan

Object of His Desire by Ava March

Of the Moon (Draconian Legends, Book 1) by Viva Anna

Oleander House by Ally Blue

On the Edge (Devlin Group, Book 2) by Shannon Stacey   

On Wings of Blue by Anne Cain   

One and Only (Brotherhood of Blood, Book 1) by Bianca DíArc

One Angelís Wish by Kira Stone   

One Bashful Lady by Brenda Williamson

One Night on a Balcony by Samantha Lucas

One on One by Cathryn Fox

One Too Many by Marie-Nicole Ryan

Only Tyler (Circle of Friends, Book 1) by Jess Dee

On Wings Rising (Encounters, Book 1) by Ann Somerville

Operation Sheba by Misty Evans

Opposites Attract (Mystical Signs Series, Aquarius) by Bonnie Dee

Our Man Friday by Claire Thompson

Out for Christmas by Amelia Elias

Out of Bounds (Love of Sports, Book 1) by T.A. Chase   

Out of the Dark by JoAnn Smith Ainsworth    

Outcast (Guardiansí League, Book 2) by Amelia Elias

Overheard (Caught by Cupid anthology) by Maya Banks

Parallel Fire by Deidre Knight

Par For The Course by Jenna Bayley-Burke

Past Lies by Kim Rees

Perfecting Amanda by Bonnie Dee   

Photo Opportunity by Jess Dee

Playing for Keeps by Shiloh Walker

Playing With Matches (Fangly, My Dear Book 3) by Mardi Ballou

Poison by Joely Skye

Polar Reaction by Claire Thompson

Poseidon VII (PIACT Undercover Agent, Book 2) by S.J. Willing

Possession by Mardi Ballou

Pretend You Love Me by Stacia Wolf

Private Maneuvers (Hot Zone, Book 3) by Denise A. Agnew

Prophesied & Immersed (Interplanetary League books 1, 2) by Liz Craven

Puma by Jorrie Spencer

Querida by Jamie Craig

Rachelís Totem (Feral Attraction) by Marie Harte   

Rayne of Love by Pepper Espinoza

Reaction Time by Alannah Lynne

Realms of Fantasy by Mychael Black and Shayne Carmichael   

Reckless by Maya Banks

Regina in the Sun (Children of the Goddess, Book 1) by R.G. Alexander

Regularly Scheduled Life by KA Mitchell

Revealing Skills by Summer Devon

Reluctant Muse by Ann Vremont

Revenant by Olivia Lorenz

Riding West by Emma Wildes   

Riptide Love (The Thorns, Book 2) by Melissa Lopez

Rode Hard, Put Up Wet by Lorelei James

Rough, Raw and Ready (Rough Riders Series 5) by Lorelei James

Running into Trouble (The Amorous Adventures of Sarah: Book 1) by Emy Naso   

Running Scared by Caitlyn Nicholas

Running with the Devil by Lorelei James

Saddled by Delilah Devlin

Satin Lies by Tricia Jones   

Savage Retribution by Lexxie Couper    

Second Chance Christmas (The Perfect Gift Anthology) by Mackenzie McKade

Second Wind by Dee S. Knight

Seductive Secrets: The Secrets Trilogy, Book 1 by Lynne Connolly

Seduction 101 by Moira Reid   

Seratiís Flame (Vampire Council of Ethics, Book 2) by T.J. Michaels

Serengeti Heat (Shifting Dreams) by Vivi Andrews

Serenity (Gezane Universe) by D. Renee Bagby   

Setheus (The Seraphim, Book 1) by Rene Lyons

Servicing Rafferty by Janie Mason

Sex and Sexuality by Willa Okati

Shadowed Knight by Jan Alyce Avery

Shameful (Missing in Action, Book 2) by Amanda Young

Shifting Passions by Xakara   

Ship of Dreams by Reilly Ryan

Show Me by Jaci Burton

Sins of the Past by Amanda Young

Sleight of Hand by Katrina Strauss

Snowbound by Larissa Ione   

Solarion Heat by Kathleen Scott

Somebody Killed His Editor (Holmes & Moriarity, Book 1) by Josh Lanyon

Some Kind of Hero by Michelle Cary

Soul Stealer by Kimberley Troutte

Spitfire by Arianna Hart

Skin to Skin by Dionne Galace

Spontaneous (Hot Summer Nights) by Karen Erickson

Standoff (Cascadia Wolves, Book 4) by Lauren Dane

Starbound by Kassie Burns

Starkissed by Lanette Curington

Stay with Me by Maya Banks

Steel Beauty (Halle Pumas, Book 4) by Dana Marie Bell 

Steveís Story (Circle of Friends, Book 2) by Jess Dee

Still Mine by Mary Wine   

Stone Queen (Realm Immortal, Book 3) by Michelle M. Pillow

Storm Warning (Shadow Destroyers, Book 3) by Sydney Somers

Str8te Boys by Evangeline Anderson

Stranded by Eve Vaughn

Stripped Away (Shadow Destroyers, Book 2) by Sydney Somers    

Stripped Bare (Jokers Wild series, book 3) by Lena Matthews

Strong, Silent Type (A Wild Ride story) by Lorelei James

Sudden Fall (Yadderwal Balance, Book 1) by Kally Jo Surbeck

Susannaís Seduction by Patrice Michelle

Sweet Charity by Lauren Dane

Sweet Dreams (Halle Pumas, Book 2) by Dana Marie Bell

Sweet Moon Dreams (Moon Series, Book 1) by Rose Marie Wolf

Sweeter Than Wine by Bianca DíArc

Taboo by Jordanna Kay

Taboo Desires (A Midsummer Nightís Steam Story: Temperatureís Rising) by Amanda Young

Take a Stranger No More (The Adventures of the St. Claire Servants, Book 1) by Beth Kery

Take Me by Mackenzie McKade   

Take Me Again (Wild Oats, Book 2) by Mackenzie McKade

Take Your Medicine by Arianna Hart

Taken by Anya Bast

Taken by Tarot by Eliza Gayle

Taking Chase (Chase Brothers series, Book 2) by Lauren Dane

Talking with the Dead by Shiloh Walker

Tamaraís Spirit (Corralled series, Book 2) by Nicole Austin

Tamed by Lynne Maris

Tea for Two by Shelley Munro

Temptation City by Lyric James

Temptation Unleashed by Kari Thomas   

Tempting Adam (Seattle Steam, Book 2) by Shelli Stevens   

Tempting Darkness (A Templar Vampire series, Book 3) by Rene Lyons

Tequila Truth by Mari Carr

The Accidental Countess by Melissa Schroeder

The Ballad of Jimothy Redwing by Maia Strong

The Boys Back Home by Sierra Dafoe

The Boy Next Door by Jessica Jarman

The Chance Of A Lifetime by Maggie Casper

The Countess Lends a Hand by Bonnie Dee

The Countess Takes a Lover by Bonnie Dee

The Daystar (The Templar Vampire Series, Book 2) by Rene Lyons

The Devil and Via by Marie Treanor

The Dragon of Ankoll Keep by K.S. Augustin

The Duke (Gypsy Legacy, Book 2) by Denise Patrick

The Dragonsí Demon (I Dream of Dragons I) by Marie Harte   

The Enchanted Inn by Pam Champagne   

The Englor Affair by JL Langley

The Fallen (Serendipity Falls) by Gwen Hayes

The Ghost Shrink, the Accidental Gigolo & the Poltergeist Accountant by Vivi Andrews

The Gift (The Malloy Family Series Book 5) by Beth Williamson

The Happy Onion by Ally Blue

The Heronís Call by Isabo Kelly   

The Howl and the Pussycat by Ann Cory

The Importance of Almackís by Denise Patrick

The Knightís Challenge (I Dream of Dragons, Book 1) By Summer Devon   

The Lady and the Dragon by Shelley Bradley

The Last Thing I Wanted by Heather Rae Scott

The Legacy (Malloy Family, Book 7) by Beth Williamson

The Letter by Willa Okati

The Life and Loves of April Johnson by Eve Vaughn

The Lure of Passion by Eryn Blackwell

The Oceanís Shadow by Jennah Sharpe

The Passion-Minded Professor by Natasha Moore

The Princes of Anfall by Ciar Cullen

The Prometheus Promise by Toni L. Meilleur   

The Rebound Guy by Jennifer Colgan

The Redeeming by Shiloh Walker

The Reinvention of Chastity by Eve Vaughn

The Return of Patrick OíRourke (Jamesville Series, Book 3) by N.J. Walters

The Role Of A Lifetime by Jennifer Shirk   

The Seduction of Shamus OíRourke (Jamesville, Book 4) by N. J. Walters

The Strength of the Pack (Strength Series, Book 1) by Jorrie Spencer

The Strength of the Wolf (Strength Series, Book 2) by Jorrie Spencer

The Strength of Three by Annmarie McKenna

The Tribute (Malloy Family series, Book 6) by Beth Williamson

The Twelve Lies of Christmas by Kate Johnson

The Viscountís Addiction by Scottie Barnett

The Wallflower (Hunting Love, Halle Puma, Book 1) by Dana Marie Bell

The Whole Shebang by Elisa Adams

The Wolfís Heart by Jenna Leigh

The Wolverine And The Flame by Rebecca Goings   

Thief of Hearts (The Gloaming) by J.C. Wilder

Theirs to Capture by Shelli Stevens

Thirty Lessons by Mary Eason

Thoroughly Tempted by Lyric James

Tied Up, Tied Down (Rough Riders 4) by Lorelei James

Tiger by the Tail by Kaye Chambers   

To Catch a Wolf by Colette Denee   

To Do List by Lauren Dane

To Summon a Demon by Kim Knox   

Too Good to be True by Marie-Nicole Ryan

Tooth and Claw by Annmarie McKenna

Touch Me by Beverly Rae

Touching Lace (Vaughn Series, Book 1) by Anne Rainey   

Tournament of Fire by Toni Meilleur

Treasure Hunting by J. B. McDonald   

Treasured by Crystal Jordan   

Trinity Broken by Jamie Craig   

Trophy Girl by Melani Blazer

True Blue Love (The Thorns, Book 3) by Melissa Lopez

Trust the Night by Sara Saint John   

Truth and Consequences by Linda Winfree   

Twice the Night by Dawn Halliday

Twilight (Bay City Paranormal Investigation Series, Book 3) by Ally Blue   

Two Sighted by Annmarie McKenna

Tyger, Tyger Burning Bryght (The Orion) by Cathryn Cade

Unbreakable (Shadow Destroyers, Book 1) by Sydney Somers

Uncovering Egypt by Ann Cory

Unraveled by Jaci Burton

Unconditional Surrender by Denise A. Agnew   

Undenied by Maya Banks

Under Fire by Beth Cornelison

Understood by Maya Banks

Unholy Vows by Ciar Cullen

Unmask Me by Kat Bishop    

Unspoken by Willa Okati

Unspoken by Willa Okati   

Untamed Heart by Ally Blue

Unwrapped by Jaci Burton

Utter Cupidity by Toni L. Meilleur

Very Much Alive (True Destiny series, book 1) by Dana Marie Bell

Vicious Vixen by Shiloh Walker

Wailing for the Love Beverly Rae 

Waitin' on a Hero by Sydney Somers   

Walk Among Us (A Calling of Souls story) by Vivien Dean

Warrior Woman by Lyn Mangold

Watch Me by Shelley Bradley

What Hides Inside (Bay City Paranormal Investigation Series, Book 2) by Ally Blue

What Mattered Most by Linda Winfree

What's a Ghoul to Do? by Mardi Ballou

Where One Road Leads by Ceri Hebert   

Where Thereís a Will by Katriena Knights

Whispered Promise (Yadderwal Balance, Book 2) by Kally Jo Surbeck

Wicked Garden by Lorelei James

Wildish Things by Carolan Ivey 

Wings of Change (I Dream of Dragons) by Bianca DíArc

Winterís Daughter (The Coven, Book 1) by J. C. Wilder

Wishful Thinking (The Swann Sisters Chronicles, Book 1) by Evangeline Anderson

Witches Anonymous by Misty Evans

With Caution by J.L. Langley   

Wolf Rain by Flesa Black

Wolf Signs (Granite Lake Wolves, Book 1) by Vivian Arend

Wolf Unbound (Cascadia Wolves, Book 3) by Lauren Dane

Wolfkin by Emily Veinglory

You Can Leave Your Hat On by Lena Matthews

Zandia by Tilly Greene

Zeke (Devils on Horseback, Book 3) by Beth Williamson

Zombie (Minder Series, Book 2) by Joely Skye




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