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Beauty and the Beast (The Ladies of Legend) by Janet Eaves

Bewitching Purpose (Blending Bloodlines, Book 2) by Destiny Blaine

Binding Gillian by Melinda Barron

Bound by Tinsel (A Red Garters, Snow and Mistletoe Tale) by Melinda Barron

Checkmate by Kris Norris

Come As You Are (Ghost Seekers, Book 3) by Melinda Barron

Compromising Liaisons by Melinda Barron

Cuff Me Lacy (Handcuff and Lace Series) by Demi Alex

Dragonís Blood (Cruentus Dragons, Book 1) by Brynn Paulin

Eight Erotic Nights (A Red Garters, Snow and Mistletoe Tale) by Catrina Calloway

Extinction (Refuge Shifters, Book 1) by Carol Lynne

Faery Surprising (Faerily Imperfect Series, Book 2) by Mia Watts

Fiery Ember by Celia Kyle

Heart of a Warlock (Celtic Series, Book 3) by Lyn Armstrong

In for a Penny by Carol Lynne

IOU (A Carnal Reunions Tale) by Paris Brandon

Kentucky Cowboy (Bluegrass Reunion Series) by Jan Scarbrough

Kentucky Woman (Bluegrass Reunion Series, Book 2) by Jan Scarbrough

Lady of the Mountain (Celtic Series, Book 4) by Lyn Armstrong

Mind F*cked (Faerily Imperfect Series, Book 1) by Mia Watts

Nice and Naughty (Red Garters, Snow and Mistletoe) by Mia Jae

Oriana And The Three WereBears by Tia Fanning

Saving Noah by Carol Lynne and Cash Cole

Search Me Baby One More Time by Melinda Barron

Sense and Sensuality (A Hot for Teacher Tale) by Cara Hart

Sexy Lexy by Aurora Rose Lynn

Sinful Temptations By Cassidy McKay

Taking The Fall by Amarinda Jones

The Resurrection of Josephine (Ghost Seekers, Book 2) by Melinda Barron

Transparent Illusions (Fingertip Fantasies, Book 1) by Melinda Barron

Trouble with the Law by Tatiana March

Two Plus One (Hot for Teacher, Book 1) by Brynn Paulin



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