Midnight Showcase


A Faery Gathering by Ellen Margret

Alien Seduction by Mae Powers, Jenna Leigh, and Megan Hussey

Coleís Awakening (Shifter Series, Book 5) by Jaden Sinclair

Dark Edges (Spellfire Shadows) by Mae Powers

Seth by Jaden Sinclair

Spellfire Commemorative Digest Readerís Choice (Erotic-ahh Digest Vol 06-24) by Leigh Ellwood, Mae Powers, Leanne Strange, Jewel Adams, and Bridghid Parkinson

Spellfire - Harvest of Heroes by Bridghid Parkingson, Jewel Adams, Karen Rose, Jane Carver, CD Reese and HH Self

Spellfire: Moonlust and Magick by Jane Carver and Elizabeth Eden   

Spellfire Moons 2 by Jewel Adams, Bridghid Parkinson, Megan Hussey, and Olivia Lorenz   

Spells of Seduction by Sapphire Blue

The Princess and the Marquess by Aliyah Burke

Trail of Feathers by Olivia Lorenz

Vamptations by Leanne Strange, Ravyn Reccio, Emery LaRue, Skylar Sinclair, Michael Barnette, and Megan Hussey

Yaoime by Olivia Lorenz, May Powers & J.J. Massa



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