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A Bit of Rough by Laura Baumbach

Angels of the Deep by Kirby Crow

Blood Claim (Blood Vampires, Book 2) by Laura Baumbach, Angela Fiddler and Jet Mykles

Blood Desires by Laura Baumbach

Bravo! Brava! by Jet Mykles, Kimberly Gardner, J.P. Bowie

Cheating Chance (Print) by James Buchanan

Details of the Hunt by Laura Baumbach

Death Trick (Donald Strachey Mysteries) by Richard Stevenson

Death Vows (Donald Strachey Mysteries) by Richard Stevenson

Easy by Ally Blue

Footsteps in the Dark (Partners in Crime, Book 3) by Josh Lanyon and Sarah Black

Freeman by Claire London

Hard Fall by James Buchanan

Hard Working Men by Victor J. Banis, J.P. Bowie, Jardonn Smith, William Maltese

Ice Blues (Donald Strachey Mysteries) by Richard Stevenson

Kingsley and I by Gary Martine

L.A. Heat by P.A. Brown

Lola Dances by Victor J. Banis

Notturno by Z.A. Maxfield

On the Other Hand, Death (Donald Stratchey Mystery Series) by Richard Stevenson

Out There In The Night by Laura Baumbach

Phoenix Rising by Kimberly Gardner

Pulse by Angela Fiddler

Studs and Spurs by J.L Langley, Dakota Flint, Kiernan Kelly, Angela Fiddler

Switch by Claire Thompson

The Art of Dying by Josh Lanyon and Jordan Castillo Price

The Geography of Murder by P.A. Brown

The Lost Temple of Karttikeya by Laura Baumbach

The Ties That Bind by Jet Mykles, Laura Baumbach, Kimberly Gardner, J.L Langley and Dick D.

Turner and Turner: One Good Turn by Amber Green



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