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A Dance of Shadows by Edda Hawkins

A Delicious Taboo by Jennifer Cole

A Delicious Taboo Plus Two by Jennifer Cole

A Fostered Love by Cameron Dane

A Gift Worth Sharing (Sequel to A Master’s Love) by Marty Rayne

A Guardian’s Desire by Mya

A Heart Aflame (Maewyn’s Prophecy 3) by Emily Veinglory

A Heart in Shadows (Maewyn’s Prophecy, 4) by Emily Veinglory

A Master’s Love by Marty Rayne

A Pirates Primer by Jill Knowles

A Policy of Lies by Astrid Amara

A Red-Tainted Silence by Carolyn Gray

A Sinful Tiger By Brenda Williamson

A Spring Tradition (Obedience Training Series, Book 2) by Mya

A Sure - Fire Cure by Kate Steele

A Walk After Dark by Kirra Pierce

A Walk in the Woods by Kirra Pierce

Accidentally Were? By Anne Douglas

Across the Stars by India Masters

After Dark by L. M. Prieto

After Midnight (Sequel to After Dark) by L.M. Prieto

Agatha Blaine: Undercover Passion by Lucinda Thorne

All Boxed Up by Anne Douglas

All Hunters' Eve by Kit Tunstall

Altered Heart by Kate Steele

Amor en Retrogrado by A.M. Riley

Amethyst Eyes (The Pentagram Stones, Book 1) by Melinda Barron

A-Muse-Ing by Willa Okati

An Angel’s Blade by Mary Winter

An Unnatural Worth by Mya

Ancient Ties by Jane Leopold Quinn

Angel Heart (Sequel to Snow Angel) by Sharon Maria Bidwell

Any Ordinary Day by Laura Bacchi

Argus: In Dreams by Tina Bendoni

Arresting Abby by Cheryl Dragon

Aquatic Alliance by Mary Winter

Back for More by Cheryl Dragon

Back to Texas by Siena Black

Backtrack (The Huntsmen, Prequel to Book 2) by Amber Green

Bad Brad by Cheryl Dragon

Bad to the Bone by Vivi Anna

Bareback (The Huntsmen, Book 2) by Amber Green

Beauty and the Beasts by Ave Rose Johnson

Bedding the Beast by Doreen DeSalvo

Beg (Alpha, Book 4) by Treva Harte

Believe It or Not (Brotherhood, Book 12) by Willa Okati

Best Made Plans by Nia K. Foxx

Bitter Love (Blood Lines, Book 5) by Mechele Armstrong

Bitter Wine (The Ta’e’sha Caesurae, Book 3) by Theolyn Boese

Black Leather Rose by Jules Jones

Blame it on the Moon by Shara Lanel

Blessed Be by Renae Johnson

Blindfold Me by Tuesday Morrigan

Blood in the Water by Eric Del Carlo

Blue Fire by Z. A. Maxfield

Body and Soul by Liz Andrews & Lena Matthews 

Body Parts by Adrianna Dane

Bold Bride by Melany Logen

Bonded Hearts (Dragon Riders, Book 1) by Marty Rayne

Border Roads by Sarah Black

Bound by Deception by Ava March

Bound to Him (Bound by Deception, book 2) by Ava March

Brianna’s Magic by Delia Carnell

Broken Pentacle by Eden Rivers

By The Blue Moon (Blue Moon Magic, Book 1) by Debi Wilder

Candy Man (Man Candy, Interlude) by Amanda Young

Captured by Barbara Hancock

Carry On by Treva Harte

Castoffs by Angela Fiddler

Cat’s Eyes (Department 57) by Lynne Connolly

Chains of Love (Blue Ruin series, Book 3) by Katrina Strauss

Chemistry of Evil (Department 57) by Lynne Connolly

ChildsPrey 3: Under a Silver Moon by Barbara Sheridan and Anne Cain

Christmas Noir (Rated X-mas) by Barbara Karmazin

Cinnamon Toast and Sex (Slow Fires Sequel) by Sarah Black

City of Lights by Keira Andrews

Clean Cure by Desiree Erotique

Close Enough to Human by Brenna Lyons

Close to Me (Blue Ruin, Book 2)  by Katrina Strauss

Coda (Master of the Lines, Book 5) by Angela Fiddler

Colorado Gold by Sarah Black

Consort by Nica Berry

Cosmic by Sharon Maria Bidwell

Cougar’s Captive by Vonna Harper

Crimson Shackles (The Ta’e’sha Caesurae, Book 2) by Theolyn Boese

Crossing Borders by Z.A. Maxfield

Crystal Captive (Department 57) by Lynne Connolly

Cultivating Love by Addison Albright

Cupid Shoots, She Scores by Cynnara Tregarth

Currents (Blood Lines Prequel) by Mechele Armstrong

Dangerous Ground by Josh Lanyon

Dark Elves IV: Dissent (Dark Elves, Book 4) by Jet Mykles

Dark Heart by Thom Lane

Darling Brat by Kate Steele

Daughters of Terra (The Ta'e'sha Chronicles, Book 1) by Theolyn Boese

Daybreak (Sequel to Eight Nights) by Keira Andrews

Demon Moon by Cameron Dane

Demon’s Captive by Stephanie Snow

Derrick (Circe’s Recruits, Book 3) by Marie Harte

Desert Surrender by Melinda Barron

Destination Ecstasy by Tina Bendoni

Destined for Two (Entwined Fates, Book 3) by Trista Ann Michaels

Discovery (Dark Elves, Book 5) by Jet Mykles

Dolphin Dreams by Jules Jones

Dom/sub by B.D. Dark & Roxy Harte

Dominion by Michael Barnette

Don’t Look Back by Josh Lanyon

Drawn Together by Z. A. Maxfield

Dreaming of Dragons (Here be Dragons Sequel) by T.A. Chase

Dreaming of You by Ethan Day

Drew and Vince (Jock Dorm Series, Book 2) by Bobby Michaels

Edward Unconditionally (Common Powers, Book 3) by Lynn Lorenz

Eight Arms to Hold You (The Collector 4) by Ally Blue

Eight Nights (Festival of Lights Fling) by Keira Andrews

Enough To Let You Go by Willa Okati

Entwined Fates: Captive (Entwined Fates Series) by Trista Ann Michaels

Eternal Obsession (Eternal Book 2) by Ann Lory

Eve’s Spawn by Tuesday Morrigan

Every Road Leads Back to You by Kori Roberts

Eye Candy by Amanda Young

Eye of the Beholder by DJ Manly

Eyes Like A Wolf by Evangeline Anderson

Faith (Heaven Sent Series, Book 4) by Jet Mykles

Faith and Fidelity by Tere Michaels

Fallen Angels by Marty Rayne

Falling: An Erotic Love Story by Cameron Dane

Falling for You (Trueblood, Book 2) by Barbara Elsborg

Fangs by Barbara Karmazin, Suz deMello, and Eve Vaughn

Fantasy’s Fear by Vonna Harper

Fantasy Knights by Marilyn Lee

Fantasy Knights 2: Endless Love by Marilyn Lee

Feisty Little Firecracker (Heaven Sent) by Jet Mykles

Fiendish Pleasures By Jill Knowles

Finding Home by Cameron Dane

Finding Jen by Eileen Ann Brennan

Fireworks (The Assignment Series, Sparklers) by Evangeline Anderson

Flame of the Alpha by Lacey Savage

Flirting With Danger by Samara King

For Better, For Worse (Husbands and Wives) by Michelle Cary

For the Love of the Corps (Veterans) by Bobby Michaels

Forever Today by Willa Okati

Forgive & Forget by A. Steele  

Fox and Dragon by Jet Mykles

Frozen in Time by Koko Brown

Galen’s Pet by Vonna Harper

Gamer Love by Melissa Lopez

Garnet Strength (The Pentagram Stones, Book 2) by Melinda Barron

Gaven by J.C. Owens

Genesis (Heaven Sent, Book 5) by Jet Mykles

Georgina’s Dragon by Willa Okati

Ghost of a Chance by T.A. Chase

Ghosts of Alcatraz by Carol Lynne

Giving & Taking (Pawprints, Book 3) by Anne Cain

Giving Up the Ghost (Laying a Ghost, 2) by Jane Davitt and Alexa Snow

Going Up, Going Down by Celia Kyle and Renae Johnson

Golden Eyes by Maya Banks   

Graceful Mischief (Graceful) by Melinda Barron 

Graceful Submission by Melinda Barron

GWM Wanted (Husbands and Wives, Book 2) by Amanda Young

Hale (Circe’s Recruits, Book 4) by Marie Harte

Happily Never After by Amelia Elias

Heal (Alpha series, Book 5) by Treva Harte

Hell Cop by Astrid Amara, Nicole Kimberling, Ginn Hale

Hell Cop 2 (Sequel to Hell Cop) by Astrid Amara, Nicole Kimberling & Ginn Hale

Hell (Heaven Sent Series, Book 3) by Jet Mykles

Helpmeet by Willa Okati

Here Comes the Sun (Eclipse of the Heart, Book 2) by Emily Veinglory

He’s So Shy by Lena Matthews

Holed Up by Hank Edwards

Home for the Holidays by Laura Baumbach

Home (Alpha Series, Book 3) by Treva Harte

Home to Stay by Jane Leopold Quinn

Hot Visions by Leigh Wyndfield

Hunger (Chicken Ranch, Book 1) by Amanda Young

Hungry Pleasures (Werewulf Journals, Book 3) by Camille Anthony

Hunted Down (Alpha Series, Halloween Treat) by Treva Harte

Hunting Chase (Werewulf Journals, Book 5) by Camille Anthony

Hunting Hawk by Jade James

I Shagged the Sheriff by Nancy Lindquist

Icon by Louisa Trent

In Service by Mima

In the Cards (The Essence of Life) by Liz Andrews

Incubus Call (The Brotherhood, Book 13) by Willa Okati

Inking Aaron by Cheryl Dragon

Intimate Traitors by Astrid Amara

Into The Lair By Caitlyn Willows

Into The Night (Into The Heart, Book 2) By Caitlyn Willows

Islet Abandoned by Louisa Trent

It Takes a Hero by Lynn Lorenz

Jackson's Pride (In the Company of Men, Book 2) by Lynn Lorenz

Jazzy Little Christmas by Nica Berry

Jinger with a ‘J’ by L.T. Rashard

Joey to the World by Flesa Black

Kidnapped by Jade James

Kiss of the Werewolf (Tao of Love series, Book 2) by Sedonia Guillone   

Kitten’s Reward (Rites of Spring) by Isabella Snow

Knowing Caleb (Hawkins Ranch, Book 4) by Cameron Dane

Kyriakis Curse (Kyriakis Series, book 1) by Eve Vaughn

Lawless by Flesa Black

Law’s Deliverance by Melany Logen

Leashed 2: More than a Bargain by Jet Mykles

Leave Me Breathless by Trista Ann Michaels

Lights Out! (The Huntsmen, Book 1) by Amber Green

Lila's Capture by Jade James

Liquid Assets by Layne Blacque

Liquid Crystal (Department 57) by Lynne Connolly

Lonely Hearts by Adrianna Dane

Looking for Some Touch by K. Z. Snow

Lord and Master by Jules Jones

Lost Star (Interstellar Service & Discipline; Victorious Star Prequel) by Morgan Hawke 

Love Cure (The Collector Series, Book 6) by Kai Andersen

Love on the Run by Kori Roberts

Lovers, Dreamers, and Me by Willa Okati

Making Out (McCabes Series 2) by Anne Douglas

Manacled in Monaco by Jianne Carlo

Marine Love: Weekend Leave by Bobby Michaels

Marlene’s Man by Beth Williamson

Masquerade by Flesa Black

Memories Erased by M.E. Reid

Mercenary (Entwined Fates, Book 2) by Trista Ann Michaels

Mirror, Mirror by Marie Harte

Missing Linc by Kori Roberts

Motorcycle Heat by Adele Dubois

My Father’s Lover by DJ Manly

Mrs. Robin's Sons by Kori Roberts

Naked Richmond (I Heart That City) by Ally Blue

Nash (The Bodyguard, Book 2) by Michelle Hasker

Nature’s Pentacle by Eden Rivers   

Never in a Blue Moon (Blue Moon Magic, Book 3) by Shari Dare

Never Never Land by Treva Harte

Nick of Time by Scott & Scott

Nikolai’s Wolf (True Mates, Book 3) by Zena Wynn

Night Moves by Barbara Karmazin

Night’s Journey (Blood Lines, Book 4) by Mechele Armstrong

Ninja by Racy Li

No One Else on Earth by Jeanne Barrack

Nothing Like Experience (The Brotherhood series, Book 11) by Willa Okati

Nothing to Lose (Veterans) by Mechele Armstrong

Obedience Training by Mya

On a Wing and a Wishbone by Sienna Black

On His Knees by Beth Williamson

Once Upon a Liam (Brotherhood Interlude) by Willa Okati

One for the Team by Jet Mykles

One Hot Summer by Alicia Sparks

Orange Moon by Anne Cain & Barbara Sheridan

Over the Wall by Theolyn Boese

Panty Express (Werewulf Journals, Book 4.5) by Camille Anthony

Par 3: Husbands and Wives (and lovers) by Anne Douglas

Parallel Process by Anne Cain & Barbara Sheridan

Partners in Crime by Josh Lanyon & Sarah Black

Pawprints by Anne Cain

Pawprints by Anne Cain

Payment Due by D.J. Manly   

Physical Therapy (St. Nacho’s, Book 2) by Z.A. Maxfield

Picture Perfect by Evangeline Anderson

Position: Vacant by Anne Douglas

Prelude (Blood Claim, Book 2) by Selena Illyria

Pretty Red Ribbon by Jet Mykles

Prodigals (Master of the Lines, Book 4) by Angela Fiddler

Project MANagement by Kirra Pierce   

Psyche by Aislinn Kerry   

Pulling Strings (Buildup 2)  by Jules Jones

Pyromancer by Amanda Young    

Queen of Carnage by Michael Barnette   

Rampant by Eric Del Carlo

Reaper's Reward by Marie Harte

Reckless Behavior (Reckless Seduction, book 2) by Amanda Young

Reckless Seduction by Amanda Young

Red Skirt, Cool Fountain by Anne Douglas

Red Heart Bowl by Bobby Michaels

Redesigning Adele by Talya Bosco

Rediscovery (Strength In Numbers: Sparklers) by Rachel Bo

Reluctant Hearts (Dragon Riders, Book 2) by Marty Rayne

Remember Me (Entwined Fates, Book 2) by Trista Ann Michaels

ReneCade by Cameron Dane

Risen from Ash (Veterans Series) by Rachel Bo

Roane (Circe’s Recruits, Book 1) by Marie Harte

Rock Hard by Bonnie Dee

Rock Paper Scissors by Bobby Michaels

Roommates by Helen Gabriel

Rush in the Dark (Common Powers, book 2) by Lynn Lorentz

Rushing Towards Perfection by Mya

Samurai Captive by Barbara Sheridan

Sated Pleasures (Werewulf Journals, Book 4) by Camille Anthony

Saturnalia, Lord of Misrule (Festival of Lights) by Marie Harte  

Satyr’s Myst by Marie Harte

Savage Scavenge by Mary Janice Davidson

Second Nature (Pawprints, Book 2) by Anne Cain

Secret Moon (ChildsPrey, Book 4) by Anne Cain and Barbara Sheridan

Secrets and Lies by Amanda Young

Secrets Revealed (The Eldritch Legacy, Book 1) by Katrina Strauss

Scent of Desire by Kassie Burns

Scratching Post by Terri Pray

Second Time Around by Bobby Michaels

Seeking Something Wicked (Utopia X series, book 2) by K.Z. Snow

Self Preservation by Ethan Day

Service Call by Cheryl Dragon

Sexy Secret Santa by Liz Andrews

Sexy Spring Surprise (Heaven Sent Series, Book 2.5) by Jet Mykles

Sex Stings by Louisa Trent

Shadow Dancer by Stephanie Burke

Shadow Hunt by L. M. Prieto & Jayson Taylor

Shards of the Mind (The Ta'e'sha Chronicles, Book 2) by Theolyn Boese

She Knows His Secret (Superhero Paranormal) by Racy Li  

She-Roe by Dakota Cassidy   

Shifting Sands (Sands of Time, Book 2) by Lacey Savage

Silent Partner (I Heart That City) by Treva Harte

Silly Fears by Bridget Midway

Sinner’s Delight (Bounty Hunters Inc.: Book 1) by Melissa Schroeder

Slave Boy by Evangeline Anderson

Slow Fires by Sarah Black

Sly Spectral Trick (Heaven Sent Series, Book 4.5) by Jet Mykles

Snow Angel by Sharon Maria Bidwell

Soaked by Lena Matthews 

Some Kind of Stranger (Blue Ruin, Book 1) by Katrina Strauss

Some Rough Edge Smoothin’ by Louisa Trent

Something More by Amanda Young

Sophie’s Secret by Michelle Cary

Sorin (The Bodyguard, Book 3) by Michelle Hasker

Sorority Girl Pledge Time by Cheryl Dragon

Soul Bonds by Lynn Lorenz’s

Space Man by Sharon Maria Bidwell

Spirited by Sheri Gilmore, Cynnara Tregarth, and Jeigh Lynn

St. Nacho’s by Z.A. Maxfield

Stay (Alpha Book 2) by Treva Harte

Steel Sleet by Eric Del Carlo

Stolen Moments by Nica Berry

Stone’s Prisoner by Jade James

Strange Sabbats by Eden Rivers

Sugar and Spice (The Essence of Life, Book 1) by Liz Andrews

Sugar Mama by Tuesday Morrigan

Surrender Love by Kayelle Allen

Sursein Judgment by Jet Mykles

Survival by D.J. Manly

Sweet Awakening (Tygers, Book 4) by Melinda Barron

Sweet Redemption (Tygers, Book 5 )by Melinda Barron

Sweet Vibrations by Melinda Barron

Tales of the Magician 2: The Lost One by  Melinda Barron

Taking Work Home (Lord and Master, Book 2) by Jules Jones

Tea for Three by Anne Douglas

Tech Support by Jet Mykles

Temptations Inc. by Willa Okati

Tempting Reynaldo by Essence

Thaw in Winter by Kate Steele

The Average Girl’s Guide to Getting Laid by Annie Dean

The Biggest Kahuna by Ciar Cullen

The Blacker the Berry by Lena Matthews

The Bodyguard by Michelle Hasker

The Buccaneer by Nia K. Foxx

The Captive One (Tales of the Magician 1) by Melinda Barron

The Combat (Guardians Realm, Book 1) by Crystal Kauffman

The Comet Cometh (The Swithin Chronicles, Book 3) by Sharon Maria Bidwell

The Comet’s Tail (The Swithin Chronicles, Book 2) by Sharon Maria Bidwell

The Completeness of Celia Flynn by Sedonia Guillone

The Consolation Prize by Barbara Elsborg

The Dare by Marilyn Lee

The Dark Horse by Josh Lanyon

The Dead Speak (Canterville Series, Book 1) by Marie A. Roy

The Devil You Know by Angela Fiddler

The Devil's Plaything by Eve Vaughn

The Elegant Corpse by A.M. Riley

The Flavor of Summer by Lyra Marlowe

The Ghost Wore Yellow Socks by Josh Lanyon

The Janitor by Jan Irving

The Last Bite by Evangeline Anderson

The Lincoln County Wars by Sarah Black

The Lion’s Share (Leashed, Book 3) by Jet Mykles

The Lost Temple of  Karttikeya (Collector Series, Book 9) by Laura Baumbach

The Lost Temple of Karttikeya (The Collector, Book 9) by Laura Baumbach

The Lovers (Settler’s Mine, Book 2) by Mechele Armstrong

The Men on Mars by Shara Lanel

The Mercenary's Tale (In the Company of Men, Book 1) by Lynn Lorenz

The Messenger by Adrianna Dane

The Nameless God by Emily Veinglory

The Preacher's Daughters: Wild Chaote by Sheri Gilmore

The Pro by D. J. Manly

The Promise: Stream of Time by Lyn Cash

The Revival (Sequel to Eye of the Beholder) by D.J. Manly

The Rivals (Settler’s Mine, Book 1) by Mechele Armstrong

The Satisfaction of Celia Flynn by Sedonia Guillone

The Second Kiss by Kit Tunstall

The Sheeman by Red Garnier

The Sixth Cursed Halloween (Series: Six Curses) by Mechele Armstrong

The Soul Collector by India Masters

The Sweet Flag by Jeanne Barrack

The Sweetest Taboo by Liz Andrews and Lena Matthews

The Switch (Rites of Spring Interlude) by Evangeline Anderson

The Ultimate Kink by Cameron Dane

The Veteran by Bobby Michaels

The Warrior’s Gift by Bonnie Dee

The White Knight by Josh Lanyon

The Wild, Wild Anybody’s Guess: Aloha (The Wild, Wild, Book 2) by Jayha Leigh

The Wild, Wild Mess: Atlanta (The Wild, Wild series, Book 1) by Jayha Leigh

The Wolf (Settler’s Mine book 4) by Mechele Armstrong

The Woman (Settler's Mine, Book 3) by Mechele Armstrong

The Zone: Hot Zone by Barbara Karmazin

Their One and Only by Trista Ann Michaels

Thirteen Silver Moons by Lyra Marlowe   

Three's Not a Crowd (Thief of Hearts) by Doreen DeSalvo

Through the Fire (Veterans) by Liz Andrews

Tied and True by Marie Harte

Till We Meet Again by Rachel Carrington

To the Highest Bidder by Kate Steele

To the Victor Goes the Spoils by Nia K. Foxx

Tomcat Jones by Willa Okati

Tongue Tied (The Wicca Man Series, Book 1) by Emily Veinglory

Topaz Delirium (Department 57) by Lynne Connolly

Touch Me, Please Me by Sapphire Blue

Tough Love by Helen Gabriel

Trapped (Blood Claim, Book 1) by Selena Illyria

Treating Ty (Follow Up to The Veteran) by Bobby Michaels

True Mates by Zena Wynn

Try a Little Tenderness by Roslyn Hardy Holcomb

Tunnel of Love (The Brotherhood, Book 9) by Willa Okati

Twice Blessed (Rated X-mas) by Rachel Bo

Two for the Money by Leigh Wyndfield

Uly's Comet (The Swithin Chronicles, Book 1) by Sharon Maria Bidwell   

Undead in the City by Hera St. Aubyn

Undeniable Magnetism by Bonnie Dee

Under Control (Diablo Blanco Club) by Qwillia Rain

Under Her Skin by Mary Winter

Undercover Submission (Graceful, Book 2) by Melinda Barron

Unfamiliar Territory (Wolf-Bound, Book 2) by Rachel Bo

Venom’s Bond by Nica Berry

Voices Carry (Federation CTD) by Melissa Schroeder

Villain by Red Garnier

Virgin by Jessica Freely

Voodoo by Angela Knight

Wake Me Up by Caitlyn Willows

Waking the Dead (Laying a Ghost, Book 3) by Jane Davitt and Alexa Snow

Watching You by Sheri Livingston

Weekend Games by Cara Carnes 

What to Buy for the Vamp Who Has Everything by A.M. Riley

When Irish Eyes Are Smiling by Christy Lockhart

Whose Afterlife is This, Anyway? by Elisa Adams

Wicked Intentions by Tuesday Morrigan

Widows Weeds (The Perfect Score Series, Book 2) by Beth Williamson

Wild Frontier by Sienna Black

Wild Hunt by Willa Okati

Willa’s Wish (Holiday Kisses) by Marie Harte 

Winter Song (Childsprey series) by Barbara Sheridan and Anne Cain

Wish Upon A Prince (The Lust Bastion, Book 2) by Michele Bardsley

Witch Vamp Were? by Anne Douglas

Wounded Hearts by Liz Andrews

You, Me and Dupree by Jade James

Yule (The Feast of Odin) (Festival of Lights) by Jules Jones and Lindsey Mullen

Zack & Ace (Circe’s Recruits, Book 2) by Marie Harte

Zombie Jack by Samantha Winston



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