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Atlantic Bridge Books


A Bitter Pill by Kelly Wallace   

A Greek Affair by Flesa Black

A Much Younger Man by Veronica Wilde

A Passion Draconic by Elisabeth Drake

A Reckless Affair by Blaise Kilgallen

A Song of the Sidhe by Jeanne Barrack

A Witch in Time by Robin Danner, Darragha Foster, Xandra Gregory

A Wolf’s Eyes by Emma Sinclair

Aidan and Ethan (Seeking Redemption, book 1) by Cameron Dane

Alliances (The Dragon's Disciple, Book 3) by Barbara Sheridan and Anne Cain

Alpha Within (A Bonded Fantasy, Book 3) by Mima   

Amusing Amanda (Amusing Amanda series, Book 1) by D.J. Manly

Amusing Amanda (The Agency, Book 1) by D.J. Manly

An Unspoken Betrayal (Book Two of the Devane Files) by Denyse Bridger

And the Two Shall Become One by Mychael Black and Shayne Carmichael

Angels And Deceivers by Philippa Grey-Gerou

Angel’s Evolution by T.A. Chase

Anything After Sunday by Samantha Lucas

Asher and the Threesome by Zoe Nichols

Battered Not Broken by Celia Kyle

Beast Within (Bonded Series - Book 1) by Mima

Beowulf and Roxie by Marisa Chenery

Best Laid Plans by Cat Kane

Betrayed by Eileen Ann Brennan

Better Not Cry by H.A. Fowler

Bonds of Darkness by Joyce Ellen Armond

Bound (Zinahs, Book 3) by Lila Dubois

Boundless by Annie Dean, Bonnie Dee & Dionne Galace

Boys Next Door by Dakota Flint, Zoe Nichols and Cassidy Ryan

Braving The Storm by Kelly Wallace

Breaking Becky by Layne Blacque

Brindisi Bedfellows by Jamie Craig

Carrie’s Answer by Violet Summers

Cleopatra’s Dagger by MacKenzie Reed and Rae Monet

Complications by Kis Lee

Conquering Jazz by McKenna Jeffries

Daniel’s Surrender (The Worthington Group, Book 3) by Violet Summers

Dead Again by Lisa Andel

Deadly Inheritance by Jayelle Drewry

Death and the Demon by Hortense Powdermaker

Death or Life by T.A. Chase

Deck the Djinn by Cynnara Tregarth

Demon Hunting (Orion Authority, Book 2) by Lisa Andel   

Demon Inn by Davida McLea

Devil’s Food Kate (Teaching Old Gods New Tricks, Book 3) by Darragha Foster

Devil's Food Kate (Teaching Old Gods New Tricks, Book 3) by Darragha Foster

Dinah’s Christmas Desire by Mechele Armstrong

Echo of Distant Thunder (Arcana Ancien, Book 1) by Philippa Grey-Gerou and Emery Sanborne

Edge of Night by Rae Morgan, Emma Sinclair, Sherrill Quinn

Escapade by Melissa Jackson

Eurofling by Erin Katz

Fantasy Knights by Marilyn Lee

Fearless by Sarah Black 

Fighting Fate (Fate, Book 3) by Emma Sinclair

Finding Chloe (Leah Ryan Series, Book 2) by Tracy Sharp

Finding Mr. Right is Murder by Shara Lanel

Fire (The Zodiac Series) by Rebecca Williams, Susie Charles, Rae Monet, Jodi Lynn Copeland, Leigh Wyndfield and Blaise Kilgallen

Forever by Shayla Kersten   

Forsaken by Danielle Devon

Fortune's Return by Jamie Craig

Fruits of Betrayal (Terran Realm) by Bonnie Dee

Furry, Fluffy and Wild by Celia Kyle, Nina Pierce, Tina Holland

Glamour Puss by Rose Middleton

Good Intentions by Rebecca Williams

Grey’s Awakening (Cabin Fever Series, Book 2) by Cameron Dane

Half Were House by Mima, Celia Kyle and Darragha Foster

Halloween Treats Anthology by Veronica Wilde, AJ Hampton and Tiffany Aaron

Hearts Afire: January (Hearts Afire) by Bonnie Dee and T.A. Chase

Hearts Afire - April by Emery Sanborne, Jamie Craig

Help! I’m Falling for the Vampire Next Door by Celine Chatillon

Her Favorite Vice by Jan Darby

Hollywood Ghosts by Veronica Wilde

Home Bound by Bonnie Dee

Home of His Own and Where His Home Lies (Home, Books 2 and 3) by T.A. Chase    

Hostile Takeover by Kate Willoughby

Hot Summer Nights by Bonnie Dee, Jayelle Drewry, Rusty Wicks

Hunger Moon Rising by Evangeline Anderson

Home of His Own and Where His Home Lies (Home, Books 2 and 3) by T.A. Chase    

I Take Thee by Red Garnier   

I’ll Be Hot For Christmas by Evangeline Anderson

Impassioned Sea by Skylar Sinclair

In His Protective Custody by Brenda Williamson

In Search of Flesh by Jennifer Cloud

Into the Flame by Jade Morrison

InDescent by K.Z. Snow

Intimate Strangers by Gem Sivad

Invasion Earth by Loribelle Hunt

Jawk  (Tales of the Chosen, Book 5) by Kayelle Allen   

Lady in White by A.J. Matthews

Lawless by Sarah Black

Leaving Earth (The Delroi Connection, Book 2) by Loribelle Hunt

Lost Gods by Kim Knox

Love Immortal by Kelly Wallace

Love Most Inconvenient by D.J. Manly

Love’s DoMINion by Leigh Ellwood

Loving Fate (Fate, Book 2) by Emma Sinclair

Jumping The Fence by Stephanie Vaughan

Marnie's Secret by Eileen Ann Brennan

McIntyre and Coventry (Special Investigations, Book 1) by Lisa Andel

Measure of a Man by Bonnie Dee   

Mercy of These Bones by Vivien Dean

Meredith’s Awakening (The Worthington Group, Book 2) by Violet Summers

Metamorphosis (Amusing Amanda Series, Book 5) by D.J. Manly

Miami Steam by Chantal Verlaine

Moon Over Bourbon Street by Bonnie Dee

Night of the Blood Moon by Lily Ashford

Onyx Moon Rising by Taige Crenshaw

Out of Hell (Book One of the Devane Files) by Denyse Bridger

Paul’s Dream by Rowan McBride

Plain Jane by Paige Burns and Tiffany Aaron

Plain Jane by Tiffany Aaron

Price of a Tattooed Soul by Vivien Dean

Redemption (Terran Realm) by Keira Ramsay   

Red Lioness Tamed (Adventures of the Red Lioness, Book 1) by Savanna Kougar   

Repo Chick Blues (Leah Ryan Series, Book 1) by Tracy Sharp

Ride by Cameron Dane

Sacred Revelations by Roxy Harte

Saucy Minx by Ann Cory

Savage (Zinahs: Book Two) by Lila Dubois

Saving Jenna by Violet Summers

Seasons Of Love by Bonnie Dee

Secrets in the Annex by Ann Cory

Seducing the Hermit by Suz deMello

Seduction of the Fae by Raquel Taylor

Sheriff In Her Stocking by Cher Gorman

Shocking Summer (Hot Studs in Construction Series,  2) by Blaise Kilgallen

Silk and Poison (The Dragon’s Disciples Trilogy, Book One) by Barbara Sheridan and Anne Cain

Sinful Touch by Tierney Linn

Sinful Treats (Scenes from Velvet Ice, Book 1) by Violet Summers

Stealing Life by T.A. Chase

Stolen Earth (Delroi Connection, Book 3) by Loribelle Hunt

Suffering Jordon (Amusing Amanda Series 3) by DJ Manly

Summersong by Rusty Wicks

Surrender by Alvania Scarborough

Taking Command by Jennifer Leeland

Taming Tess by Roxi Romano

Taryn’s Wolf (Beowulf and Roxie, Book 2) by Marisa Chenery

Tastes of Pleasure by Shara Lanel   

The Best Revenge by Amber Scott

The Bite Before Christmas
by Laura Baumbach, Sedonia Guillone and Kit Tunstall

The Captive One (Tales of the Magician, Book One) by Melinda Barron

The Coven (My Immortal, Book 1) by Ava McKnight

The Domino Effect by Denyse Bridger

The Dragon’s Disciple (The Dragon’s Disciple, Book 2) by Barbara Sheridan and Anne Cain

The Game of Desire by Robin Danner

The Salt of the… Earth? (The Brotherhood, Book 10) By Willa Okati

The Sanctity of Marriage by Philippa Grey-Gerou

The Shimmering Flame (The Terran Realm) by Jeanne Barrack   

The Sweetest Tattoo by Cameron Dane

The Team (Orion Authority, Book 1) by Lisa Andel

The Trouble with Allie by Lisa Andel

The Virtuous Vampire (A Gooden and Knight Mystery: Case File #1) by Monette Michaels

The Wilder Brother by Suz deMello

The Winner's Circle by Rae Monet

The Zebra Wore Red Stockings by Pepper Espinoza

Three by Lisa Andel, TA Chase, and Bonnie Dee

To Touch the Stars by Sienna Black

Topping Tora by Laura Bacchi

Troubled Waters Terran Realm series) by Tiffany Aaron

Unclose Me by Jamie Craig

Unity by Kim Knox

Waiting for the Big One (LA Love Lessons Series Book 1) by P.G. Forte

Wanted by Amber Scott

Wicked Shift (Jaguar Pride, Book 1) by Celia Kyle

Wild Within (A Bonded Fantasy, Book 2) by Mima

Within His Sight by Denise A. Agnew

Within Reach (A Bonded Fantasy, Book 4) by Mima

Wulf by (Tales of the Chosen, Book 1) Kayelle Allen

Your Alibi by Annie Dean




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