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9 ½ Years (Oh Yum!) by Cheryl Dragon

A Centaur (Planetary Passion) for Libby by Reese Gabriel

A Cowboy's Charm by Brandi Michaels

A Cupid’s Work is Never Done by Lynn LaFleur


A Devil in Winter (Winter Studs series) by Diana Hunter

A Filly for Doug by Reese Gabriel

A Fine Specimen by Lisa Marie Rice 

A Gift of Myrrh by Jodi Lynn Copeland

A Helping Hand by Shayla Kersten

A Lady in Waiting (Oh Yum! Series) by Samantha Kane

A Lick and a Promise by Ann Wesley Hardin

A Lover’s Call by Claire Thompson

A Man for Michael by Sedonia Guillone

A Naughty Noelle (Quickies) by Ann Bruce   

A Tender Rough by Fae Sutherland

A Toy Story by Hannah Murray   

A Watch of Nightingales by Sahara Kelly

A Werewolf for Christmas by Sedonia Guillone

Absolute Trust (Prime Prey, Book 2) by Kaenar Langford

Absolutely Not by Daisy Dexter Dobbs   

Absolutely Not by Daisy Dexter Dobbs - 2nd review

Adrianna’s Undies (City Heat, Book 3) by Lacey Alexander

After Hours (Torrid Tarot) by Jessica Darian   

Again by Adrienne Kama

Aiden’s Charity (Wolf Breeds, Book 3) by Lora Leigh

Aiden and Ky (Tales of the Shareem, Book 4) by Allyson James

Alcandian Soul (Alcandians Series, Book 3) by Mary Wine

Alchemist’s Potion by Bonnie Hamre

Alien Overnight by Robin L. Rotham

All Chained Up (Torrid Tarot Four of Wands) by Brynn Paulin

All In (Be-Wished series, Book 1) by Kate Willoughby

All the King’s Men (Torrid Tarot) by Lacey Savage

All Lycan’s Eve by KyAnn Waters

All the Trees in Pearl by Emily Ryan-Davis   

All Worked Up (Oh Yum!) by Eve Vaughn

Amethyst Moon (Amethyst Series) by N.J. Walters   

Amethyst Rain by Alison Paige   

Amethyst Tryst by Alexis Canto  

An Extreme Haunting (Tricks and Treats) by Cheryl Dragon   

Anastasia’s Style by N.J. Walters

Anchor and Storm by Kate Poole

Animal Attraction by Alexa & Patrick Silver

Another Chance by Shawn Lane

Antonia’s Bargain by Kate Pearce

Aphrodite’s Necklace (Torrid Tarot, Queen of Pentacles) by Anh Leod

Arctic Dragon by Delilah Devlin

As The Lady Wishes (Torrid Tarot, Nine of Cups) by Anna J. Evans and December Quinn

Ascension by Lauren Dane

Asking for Trouble (Sundown Pack, Book 3) by Kit Tuntsall

Assignment by Nina Nash

At Love’s Command (Brother’s in Arms, Book 4) by Samantha Kane   

Auctioning Charity by Reese Gabriel

Au Naturel by Mary Winter

Bad Apple (Perfectly Wicked, Book 3) by Anna J. Evans

Barbarian Mate by LA Day

Bare Devotion (Bare Love, Book 4) by Lacey Thorn   

Bare Seduction by Lacey Thorn

Beauty Sleep by Anna J. Evans

Because I Can by Amarinda Jones

Bedrooms and Broomsticks by Cynthia Rayne

Been There, Bit That by Marly Chance

Before Dawn by Ann Bruce   

Being Randy by Ashlyn Chase

Bejeweled and Bedeviled by Tiffany Bryan

Belonging (The Hunters) by Shiloh Walker

Ben’s Wildflower (Men in Love Series, Book 2) by Carol Lynne

Ben’s Wildflower (Men in Love, Book 2) by Carol Lynne (2nd review)

Best Man (Naughty Nuptials) by Shelley Munro

Between a Rock and a Hard-On by Cindy Spencer Pape

Beware of the Cowboy by Mari Freeman   

Bewitching the Faerie by Cynthia Rayne

Bijou’s Bonds (Torrid Tarot) by Anh Leod   

Binding Discoveries by Claire Thompson

Birthright by Mari Freeman

Bjorn's Mate by Mary Winter   

Black Opals by Crystal Jordan

Blaze (Knight of the Ruby Order, Book 1) by Kate Hill

Blind Faith by Claire Thompson   

Blood Will Tell by December Quinn

Blues by Ruby Duvall   

Bona Fide Liar (Torrid Tarot, Book of Wands) by Red Garnier

Bonfire Night by Isabo Kelly   

Book of Masks (Torrid Tarot, The Hermit) by Nathalie Gray

Born Again by Rena Marks

Branded (Men In Love series, Book 1) by Gold by Carol Lynne

Breaking the Silence by Katie Allen

Breathing Her Air (Island Guardian Series, Book 4) by Lacey Thorn

Bride Portal by Michele Bardsley

Bridesmaid and the Beast by Marianne LaCroix

Bridge Through the Mist by Denise A. Agnew

Broken Boundaries by Evangeline Anderson

Built to Last (Oh Yum!) by Sierra Dafoe   

Burning Hunger (Twilight’s Possession, Book 1) by Tawny Taylor

Cadari Lover( Aquamarine Series) by Cara Carne

Caleb's Woman (Torrid Tarot) by Eve Vaughn   

Call of Temptation (Call of the Lycan, Book 3) by Michelle M. Pillow   

Call of the Untamed by Michelle M. Pillow

Callie’s Sexy Surprise by Trista Ann Michaels

Candy-Coated Passion by Kat Alexis

Candy Store by Bella Andre

Carnal (Lycan Warriors, Book 3) by Nathalie Gray   

Carnal Awakening by Taige Crenshaw

Carnal Hunger (Twilight’s Possession, Book 2) by Tawny Taylor

Carter’s Cuffs (City Heat, book 2) by Lacey Alexander

Cast a Lover’s Spell by Claire Thompson

Catch a Falling Star (Torrid Tarot)by Allyson James

Catch Me If You Can by Rose Middleton   

Catherine’s Awakening by Joanna Wylde

Caught in the Devil’s Hand by Ruby Duvall   

Cauldron of Keridwen (Torrid Tarot) by K.Z. Snow   

Celebration for the Dead (Witches Knot, Book 5) by Lauren Dane   

Cemetery Dancer by K.Z. Snow

Challenge Protocol (Outside Protocol, sequel) by Dawn Ryder   

Charlie’s Bargain by Evangeline Anderson  

Charmed by Koko Brown

Charming the Masters (Aquamarine) by Katherine Kingston   

Chase ‘n’ Ana (Hot in the Saddle, book 1) by Ciana Stone

Cheer Givers and Mischief Makers by KZ Snow

Cherished Destinies (Book 4 in the Mystic Valley series) by Anny Cook   

Chocolate Destiny by Alexa & Patrick Silver

Christmas Angel by Lisa Marie Rice

Christmas Help Her by Isabo Kelly

Chrysanthemum by Anny Cook

Claimed by Darkness by Mia Watts

Claiming Hannah by Jan Springer

Claiming Kate (Naughty Nuptials) by Zannie Adams

Clandestine (Special Investigations Agency) by Denise A. Agnew

Cole’s Gamble (Crime Tells, Book 4) by Jory Strong

Commanding Kat by Reese Gabriel

Completing the Circle (Men in Love series, Book 4) by Carol Lynne   

Complicated by Zannie Adams

Conjured Bliss (Tricks and Treats) by Brigit Zahara

Consort by Kim Knox

Constantine (Relics) by Alicia Sparks   

Convince Me by Arianna Hart

Cowboy Fling by Sherry James

Cowboy Up by Mary Winter   

Coyote Rain by Sienna Black

Craving Candy (Awakening Desires, Book 4) by N. J. Walters

Crossed Swords by Marianne LaCroix

Crossing the Line (Entwined Fates) by Trista Ann Michaels

Crystal Clear Persuasion (Shrink Wrap series) by Lyn Cash   

Cupid’s Shaft by Desiree Holt

Curious Intimacies by Anne Douglas

Curse of Cupid by Christine McKay

Curse of the Black Widow by Titania Ladley   

Curse of the Gargoyle by Tara Nina   

Daffodil (Flowers of Camelot, Book 3) by Anny Cook   

DamNATION by Nathalie Gray

Dancers' Rhythm by Elyssa Lynne

Dangerous Boys and Their Toy by Shayla Black

Dare to Dominate by Claire Thompson

Darelle's Trinity (Heart of a Vampire, Book 1) by Sedonia Guillone

D’Argent Honor: Eternal Surrender by Ann Jacobs

Date with Destiny (Pleasure Cruise Series, Book 2) by Michelle M. Pillow, Mandy M. Roth

Dead Awakening (Torrid Tarot) by MacKenzie McKade

Deal of a Lifetime by Barbara Huffert

Death by Delilah by Ashlyn Chase

Decking the Hollisters by Anna J. Evans

Deep Cover by Anna J. Evans   

Demolishing Mr. Perfect by Ashlyn Chase

Demon of her Dreams by Sherrill Quinn    

Demonic Desires by Mandy M. Roth

Demonic Passions by Rena Marks

Demon’s Portal (Torrid Tarot – Ace of Wands) by Elyssa Lynne

Demon's Triad by Anna J. Evans & December Quinn    

Desperate Alliance by Robie Madison    

Desperate Seduction by Alyssa Brooks

Destiny By Design by Wylie Kinson

Destiny’s Touch by Mackenzie McKade   

Devil’s Pearl by Dawn Halliday

Diva in Denial by Lacey Savage

Devlin’s Desire by Sapphire Blue

Discovery by Cris Anson

Divine Assistant (Torrid Tarot) by Red Garnier   

Djinni and the Geek by Cindy Spencer Pape   

Double Happiness by Shayla Kersten

Double Entry by Desiree Holt   

Double Penetration by L. A. Day

Double Take (Quickie) By Tawny Taylor   

Dragon Mate (Supernatural Bonds, Book 5) by Jory Strong

Dragon’s Prey (Shadow of the Dragon series, Book 4) by Tielle St. Clare

Drastic Measures by Shiloh Walker   

Dream Traveler by Adele Dubois   

Dreamweaver by Sapphire Blue

Drui Claiming (Supernatural Bonds, Book 4) by Jory Strong   

Earth Girls Aren't Easy By Charlene Teglia

Earth Moves by Lacey Thorn

Earthly Possession by Erin Aislinn

Echoes from Heaven by Mackenzie McKade

Educating Emily by Beverly Havlir

Egyptian Voyage (Torrid Tarot) by TJ Michaels

Eight Days Ablaze by Angelia Sparrow

Elven Surrender by Jory Strong

Ellora's Cavemen:  Dreams of the Oasis l by Jory Strong, Myla Jackson, Nicole Austin,
Paige Cuccaro, Allyson James, Liddy Midnight

Ellora's Caveman: Jewels of the Nile Volume 1 by B.J. McCall, Cynthia Rayne, Katie Blu, Kate Hill, Delilah Devlin, Jenna Reynolds   

Ellora’s Cavemen: Seasons of Seduction, Volume IV by Jory Strong, Anna J. Evans, B.J. McCall, Katherine Cross, Lynn LaFleur and Natasha Moore   

Embrace The Wind by Charlotte Boyett-Compo   

Enough By Nicole Austin   

Enough Love for Two by Maggie Casper

Ensnared by Innocence by Larissa Lyons

Essence of Emerald by Ruby Storm

Eternal Brothers (Dalakis Passion Series, Book 4) by N.J. Walters   

Eternal Rapture by Kyann Waters

Eternal Victory (d’Argent Honor, Book 4) by Ann Jacobs

Everglades Wildfire by Isabelle Drake

Everything Nice by Mari Carr

Exceptions to the Rule by Marguerite Labbe and Fae Sutherland   

Exorcising Sean's Ghost by Beth Kery

Fairy Dust by Tielle St. Clare

Faith in the Flesh by Marie Isabel Pita

Fallen Angel (Sassy Devils, Book 2) by Sherrill Quinn

Fallen Idol (Sex Idol Series, Book 2) by Shelley Munro - 2nd review

Family Jewels by Rita Sable

Family Secrets by Mlyn Hurn

Fancy Free by Shelley Munro

Fanning Her Flames (Island Guardians, Book 2 ) by Lacey Thorn   

Feast of the Flesh (Tricks and Treats) by A.D. Christopher   

Feels So Right by Carol Lynne

Feral (Lycan Warriors, Book 1) by Nathalie Gray

Feral Domination by L.A. Day

Feral Intensity (Faldron Shifters, book 3) by L.A. Day

Feral Moon (Turquoise) by Regina Carlysle

Fighting Chance (Chance Encounters, Book 1) by Lacey Savage

Fighting Lady Jayne (The Divinity Warriors) by Michelle M. Pillow

Finding Cupid By Daisy Dexter Dobbs   

Finding the Light by Liddy Midnight

Finnegan's Promise by Carol Lynne

Fire and Rain by Lauren Dane

Fires of Solstice by Judy Mays   

First Sharing (Fallon Mates, Prequel) by Jory Strong

Flame Angel by Lisa Andel

Flame of Shadows by Sahara Kelly

Flames of Arousal (Xylon Warriors, Book 3) by Ruth D. Kerce

Fleet Blade by Beth Kery

Flyboy (The Hussies) by Nicole Austin

For Life (Werewolves of Malta, Book 5) by Lorie O’Clare

For Love of Etarin by Naomi Brooks & Angelia Sparrow

Forbidden Attraction (Werewolves of Malta, Book 4) by Lorie O’Clare

Forever, Blue Eyes by Daisy Dexter Dobbs

Front Page Fate (Torrid Tarot-Four of Cups) by Brigit Zahara

Fyre Brand by Lora Leigh

Full Exposure by Evangeline Anderson and Lena Matthews

Game Over by Sahara Kelly

Gaps in Your Soul (Naughty Nuptials) by Shayla Kersten

Gentle Control (Torrid Tarot, Strength Card) by Brynn Paulin

Ghost Wind by Charlotte Boyett-Compo    

Ghostly Awakening by Lacey Savage   

Gio's Dream By Carol Lynne   

Glad Hands by Angelia Sparrow and Naomi Brooks

God Style Temptation by Taige Crenshaw

Going Against Orders (Men in Love, Book 5) by Carol Lynne   

Going Down? by Tea Trelawny

Golden Man by Claire Thompson

Golden Seduction (Rarities Incorporated, Book 1) by Taige Crenshaw   

Greek Temptation by L. A. Day

Gryffin Strain: His Mistress by Madison Hayes

Groom's Gift by Beth Kery

Grounded by Rose Middleton

Guardian of the Onyx Empire by Vanessa Gilfoy   

Half Wild by Rhyannon Byrd, Madison Hayes

Hallow's Eve Hunk (Tricks and Treats) by M.A. Ellis   

Hand-Dipped Pleasure by Leannan Mac Llyr

Hanging by a Moment (Were Watching series, Book 2) by Susie Charles

Hankie Pankie (Tricks and Treats) by Liz Andrews   

Hard Case by J. Hali Steele

Hardwind by Charlotte Boyett-Compo   

Hard Ride Home by KyAnn Waters

Harvest Heat By Carol Lynne

Haunted by Ann Jacobs

Heads or Tails? by Titania Ladley

Healer’s Price by Simone Bern   

Heart of a Sorceress by Sedonia Guillone   

Heart on His Sleeve by Marissa Alwin

Hearts and Wishes by Shiloh Walker

Heavenly Hijinks (Planetary Passions) by Ashley Ladd

Her Werewolf  by Lisa Andel

Hidden Forces By Shayla Kersten

Hidden Hands By Shayla Kersten

Hidden Urges by Dawn Ryder

His for the Taking by Sierra Dafoe

His Sahvria by Reese Gabriel

His Toys by Ruby Storm

His Submissive by Reese Gabriel

His Virtual Assassin by Dee Brice

His Virtual Virgin by Dee Brice

Hitched (Heart of the West, Book 2) by Ann Jacobs

Hold by Zannie Adams

Home For the Holidays by Stephanie Vaughan   

Honey by Ari Thatcher

Honeysuckle by Anny Cook   

Hothouse Orchid by Vashti Valant

Hotter Than the Fourth of July By Liz Andrews

Howlin’ by Allyson James  

Hunger’s Harmattan (Windverse) by Charlotte Boyett-Compo

Hunting the Huntress by Ember Case   

Hyde (Sterling Files, Book 4) by Sherri L. King

I Dare You by Desiree Holt

I Do by Barbara Sheridan and Anne Cain

I, Nefertiti by Lacey Savage   

I Never (Naughty Games, Book 2) by Lena Matthews

I Put a Spell on You (Torrid Tarot, The Knight of Wands) by Bronwyn Green

I, Robot Valentine (Valentine Vixen’s series) by Alison Paige

Icefire (Pure Wildfire, Book 2) by Lynne Connolly

I’ll Be Hunting You by Shiloh Walker

Illicit Affair by Elyssa Lynne

Immortal Curse by Michele Bardsley

Immortal Lust (Dark Pantheon, Book 2) by Sierra Dafoe

Impure Longings by Larissa Lyons

In a Dark Embrace by Simone Bern

In His Mind by Cheryl Dragon

In This Life by Rachel Carrington

In The Company of Wolves by Vivi Anna

Indigo Spell (Hot Magic Series, Book 1) by Rachel Carrington

Indiscretions by Elayne S. Venton

Intergalactic Nick by Nathalie Gray

Intimate Art by Adele Dubois   

Instinct (Special Investigations Agency) by Denise A Agnew  

Into His Keeping by Gail Faulkner

Island of Temptation by Claire Thompson

Islands by Samantha Kane

Issy’s Infatuation by Shelly Munro

Jackson’s Jewel (Awakening Desires, Book 5) by N. J. Walters

Jaden’s Wicked Witch by Calista Fox

Janus’ Conquest (Hunters Series, Book 3) by Dawn Ryder

Jewels of the Nile II Caveman Anthology

Joshua's Muse by Fae Sutherland

Jude’s Choice by Kaenar Langford

Jungle Cries By Vonna Harper

Just Being Neighborly by Kaenar Langford

Kama Sutra Lovers by Anny Cook

Katie (Southern Submissives, Book 2) by Dominique Adair

Kidnapped for Christmas by Evangeline Anderson

Killer Curves by Regina Carlysle

Kinkily Ever After by Elizabeth Lapthorne

Knights & White Satin By Cash Cole

Knock Three Times by Amarinda Jones

Kristen’s Addiction by Evangeline Anderson

Laila's Bargain by Reese Gabriel

Lassoed (Heart of the West, Book 3)by Ann Jacobs

Last Wish by Shelley Munro  

Latharian Review by Amon Bieste

Law of Averages by Wylie Kinson

Logan’s Fall by Beverly Havlir

Leather and Lace by Taylor Tryst

Legend’s Passion (Devlin’s Dynasty) by Jaci Burton

Lifting the Veil by R.G Alexander

Lilith Enraptured (Divinity Warrior) by Michelle M. Pillow

Lily's War by Kristin Daniels

Line of Sight by Desiree Holt

Long, Slow Ride (Oh Yum!) by Mardi Ballou

Lord Viper (Infernal Night, Book 1) by Ruth D. Kerce

Love Bites (My Immortal Knight, Book 2) by Delilah Devlin

Love Fool (Torrid Tarot Series, The Fool) by Anna J. Evans

Love, Honor and Obey by Cynthia Rayne

Love Me Wild by Renee Field

Love Thy Neighbor by Amy Ruttan

Love's Ally (Hot Hendersons) by M.A. Ellis

Love’s Strategy (Brothers In Arms, Book 3) by Samantha Kane

Lucifer’s Angel by Kaenar Langford

Lucky Number Seven (Naughty Nuptials) by Anh Leod   

Lunewulf Law (Lunewulf Series, Book 1) by Lorie O’Clare

Mad About Mirabelle by Amarinda Jones   

Made for Me by L.A. Day

Made for Two Heroes (Made for Two, Book 3) by Madison Hayes

Made for Two Rivals (Made for Two series, Book 2) by Madison Hayes

Magic of Three by Jenna Castille

Magnolia (Flowers of Camelot, Book 4) by Anny Cook

Main Attraction (Perfectly Wicked, Book 1) by Anna J. Evans

Make Me Believe (Twelve Quickies of Christmas Series) by Shiloh Walker   

Manwich by Sedonia Guillone

Masque of Desire (Tricks and Treats) by Amy Ruttan   

Masked Submission by Claire Thompson

Master Me (Torrid Tarot) by Brynn Paulin   

Master of the Game by Emma Petersen

Mastering Marissa by Cyna Kade

Memories Revised by Cricket Starr

Menage a Tasia (Alien Affairs, Book 3) by Kate Hill

Merciful Angel by Lacey Thorn

Michelle’s Men (Coopers’ Companions, Book 2) by Lynn LaFleur

Mind Games by Ciana Stone

Mischief Night by Cris Anson

Miss January (Calendar Girls) by Madison Hayes

Miss March by Madison Hayes   

Miss May (Calendar Girls) by Madison Hayes

Miss September by Madison Hayes   

Molding clay (Hot In The Saddle, Book 2) by Ciana Stone

Moonfire (Pure Wildfire, Book 3) by Lynne Connolly

Mr. Fullservice by Ruby Storm

My Fishnet Fetish (Sexplorations, Book 3) by Sahara Kelly

My Pet (Exotika) By J.W. McKenna

Mystic Circle (Torrid Tarot) by Bronwyn Green   

Mystic’s Run by Jory Strong

Myth Of Moonlight by Liz Andrews and Lena Matthews

Name of a Wolf by Jez Morrow

Naughty & Spice by Titania Ladley

Necessary Temptation by A.D. Christopher   

Necklace of Shame by Carol Lynne

Never a Slave (Trek Mi Q'an) by Jaid Black

Never Too Old by Carol Lynne

New Year’s Kiss by Tielle St. Clare

Next Floor Naughty by Ann Cory

Nick’s Lady  by Katherine Kingston

Night Heat by Desiree Holt   

Night of Sin by Marilyn Lee

Nights of Desire By Marilyn Lee   

Night Prowler by Layla Chase

No Longer His by Carol Lynne

No One But Madison by Doreen Orsini

Nocturnal Obsession (Tricks and Treats) by Lolita Lopez   

North Pole Naughty by Nina Nash

Nothing to Fear (Trick or Treats) by Natasha Moore  

Oblivion by Ruby Duvall

Odd Man Out by Claire Thompson

On Your Knees by Brynn Paulin

One Hot Experiment by Cheryl Dragon  

One of the Guys by Shiloh Walker  

One-Two Punch by Katie Allen

Once Upon a Wedding (Naughty Nuptials) by Desiree Holt

One Good Man by Cindy Spencer Pape & Lacey Thorn

One Night With You by Shiloh Walker

One Thousand Brides by Solange Ayre

Only Human (Torrid Tarot) by Charlene Teglia

Only Love by Kit Tunstall

One Naughty Winter Night (Winter Studs Trilogy) by Ruth D. Kerce

Open to Possibilities (Men in Love series, Book 3) by Carol Lynne

Orchids and Orgasms (Naughty Nuptials) by Alyssa Brooks and Larissa Lyons   

Outside Protocol by Dawn Ryder

Outsmarting the Moon by Cheryl Dragon

Overlord’s Vessel by Bronwyn Green


Primal Elements by Christine d’Abo

Prince of Glacier Glas (Galdeshian Fantasy Cycle, Book 3) by K.Z. Snow

Package Deal by Nikki Soarde

Party Vamps by Jennifer North

Passionate Realities by Nicole Austin

Passion’s Four Towers by Dee Brice

Past Lies by Shayla Kersten

Penance by Lorie O’Clare

Perfect Cadence by Nikki Soarde

Perfect Hero by Cricket Starr

Perfect Man by Shawn Lane

Perfecting Pearl by Ruby Storm

Phantom of the Wind By Charlotte Boyett-Compo

Piercing the Veil (Book 2, Temptation Unveiled) by R.G Alexander

Plagued By K.Z. Snow

Playing for Real by Madison Blake

Pleasure Island (Pleasure Cruise, Book 3) by Mandy M. Roth and Michelle M. Pillow

Pledge Slave by Evangeline Anderson

Point of Combustion by Dawn Ryder

Positive Possibilities by Shayla Kersten

Premonition (Torrid Tarot, Seven of Cups) by Lynn LaFleur   

Primal (Lycan Warriors, Book Two) by Nathalie Gray

Primal Pursuit (Primal Quest, sequel) by Rebecca Airies

Prime Reaper by Charlotte Boyett-Compo

Prince Vampire by Amarinda Jones

Private Dicks by Katie Allen

Promise for Now by Diana Hunter   

Protect and Defend (Twilight) by Francesca Hawley

Psychic Heat by Madison Blake

Public Displays of Affection (Opal) by Leannan Mac Llyr

Punishing Tabitha by Evangeline Anderson

Pure Sin (Partners in Passion, Book Three) by S.L. Carpenter and Sahara Kelly 

Queens’ Warriors by Mari Byrne

Raina’s Fantasy by Jo Carlisle

Raising the Dead by Angelia Sparrow   

Rakahnja’s Haven by Nicole Austin

Raptvyn's Rogue, by Kate Hill   

Recipe for Love by Nina Nash

Reckless Rewards by Cindy Lee

Red Alert (Storm, Book 1) by Lynne Connolly

Red and the Wolf by Evangeline Anderson

Reilly’s Woman by Marilyn Lee

Renaissance by Zannie Adams

Rescuing Clarice by Anny Cook

Restless By Nicole Austin   

Restraint by Debra Glass

Retreat from Love (Brothers in Arms, Book 5) by Samantha Kane

Ride the Lightning (A Shikar Story) by Sherri L. King

Riding The Wolf (Tricks and Treats) by Carol Lynne    

Riding Partner by Mary Winter

Risking It All (Oh Yum!) by Anna J. Evans   

Rock Me by Melody Lane

Rogue Theta by Bernadette Gardner

Roguish Hearts by Nikki Soarde

Roll Play by Rowan West   

Ronan’s Grail (Torrid Tarot, Six of Wands) by Bronwyn Green

Roped by Ann Jacobs

Rough Canvas by Joey W. Hill

Rough Justice by Kyann Waters

Roughing It (Exotika) by Vonna Harper

Sand Angel by Mackenzie McKade   

Sandwich Play by Brigit Zahara

Satin Seduction by L.A. Day

Savage by L.A. Day

Scandalous Profession by Elaine Lowe

Scarred Hearts by Vonna Harper   

Scout ‘n’ Cole (Hot in the Saddle, Book 3) by Ciana Stone   

Screw Cupid (Valentine Vixens) by Arianna Hart

Sea Hawk's Mistress by Marianne LaCroix

Seasons of Seduction, Volume I: by Delilah Devlin, Lillian Fiesty,
Allyson James, Sherrill Quinn, Denise Rossetti and Jory Strong

Seasons of Seduction III by Lacey Alexander, Cathryn Fox, Renee Luke, Charlene Teglia, N.J. Walters, Kate Willoughby

Season’s Spankings by Evangeline Anderson

Secret Fantasies (The Montague Vampires, Book 3) by Elizabeth Lapthorne

Secured Mail by Kate Pearce

Seduced by Magic (Magical Seduction, Book 1) by Stephanie Julian

Seduced in Shadow (Magical Seduction, Book 2) by Stephanie Julian

Seducer (Sensual Captivity, Book 1) by Aubrey Ross  

Seducing a God by Taige Crenshaw

Seducing Celestine by Amarinda Jones

Seducing the Enemy by Anna J. Evans

Seducing the Saint by Melissa Schroeder

Seducing the Siren by M.A.Ellis

Seducing The Stones by Kathy Kulig

Seeing Is Believing by Kris Starr

Seniorella by Robin Rotham

Servant of Magic by Elyssa Lynne

Seven Minutes in Heaven (Naughty Games, Book 1) by Lena Matthews

Seven Sinners by Red Garnier

Sex, Lies, and Vampire Hunters by Myla Jackson

Sex, Spies and Sapphires by Shelley Munro

Sex Symphony by Madison Blake

Sex With Lex by Carol Lynne

SeXTC by Melani Blazer

Shades of Gray by Amarinda Jones

Shades of Silver (Shades, Book 1) by Nathalie Gray

Shadow of a Wolf by Jex Morrow   

Shadow Dance (Rarities Incorporated, Book 2) by Taige Crenshaw

Shadow of Moonlight by Lena Matthews and Liz Andrews

Shadows of Therese by Sahara Kelly

Shared by Wolves by Rena Marks

Shifter (Sensual Captivity, Book 2) by Aubrey Ross

Sinful by Nathalie Gray

Sinfully Sweet (Perfectly Wicked, Book 2) by Anna J. Evans

Sins of Adaven by Ruth D. Kerce

Sins of the Knight (Torrid Tarot) by Dawn Halliday    

Sir Philip Ashton’s Eyes by Sahara Kelly

Sins and Redemption by Lyn Cash

Skin by Bernadette Gardner   

Slave of the Goblin by Vashti Valant

Smoke and Mirrors by Natasha Moore

Smooth Ride by Cash Cole

Snake Charmer (Garnet) by Ann Cory    

So I Married a Vampire (Naughty Nuptials) by Elisa Adams

So I Married a Vampire (Naughty Nuptials Quickie) by Elisa Adams - 2nd review

Somber Resplendence by Mandy M. Roth

Some Like It Hot by Myra Nour

Sorcerer’s Daughter by Trinidad West

Soul Kisses by Aubrey Ross

Soul Master by Reese Gabriel    

Spark of Magic by Trista Ann Michaels

Spells at Midnight (Trick or Treat Series) by Jenna Castille   

Spies, Lies and Duct Tape by Lyn Cash   

Spin Devil (Devilish Games, Book 1) by Red Garnier   

Spin It Again (Devilish Games Book 2) by Red Garnier

Spirits Shared by Jory Strong

Stand and Deliver by Leda Swann

Stranger in My Stocking by Cheyenne McCray

Stealing Carmen by Gail Faulkner   

Stone and Earth (Garnet) by Cindy Spencer Pape    

Stone and Sea by Cindy Spencer Pape

Stone and Fire (Heroes of Stone, Book 3) by Cindy Spencer Pape

Stowaway by Talya Bosco

Strands of Sunlight by Anya Bast

Strongman (Phoenix Rising, Book 3) by Denise Rossetti    

Sub for Hire by Claire Thompson 

Submissive With Benefits by Reese Gabriel

Subtle Destiny (Subtle Lovers series, book 4) by Beth Kery

Subtle Magic (Subtle Lovers, Book 1) By Beth Kery   

Subtle Release (Subtle Lovers, Book 3) by Beth Kery   

Subtle Touch (Subtle Lovers, Book 2) by Beth Kery   

Sugar and Spice by Mari Carr

Summer’s Caress by Tielle St. Clare

Summon the Masters by Madeleine Oh, Jennifer Dunne, and Dominique Adair

Sunfire (Pure Wildfire) by Lynne Connolly   

Sunshine, Sex and Sunflowers (Harvest Heat, book 2) by Carol Lynne

Sword and Crown (Torrid Tarot – Queen of Swords) by Lauren Dane

Tactical Maneuvers (Men Of SWAT Series, Book 2) by J.C. Wilder

Tailspin (Phoenix Rising, Book Two) by Denise Rossetti

Taking Instruction (Taboo Series, Book 1) by Cheyenne McCray

Taking it Personal (Taboo, Book 4) by Cheyenne McCray   

Taking on the Law (Taboo, Book 2) by Cheyenne McCray

Taking the Job (Taboo series) by Cheyenne McCray

Taming Delaney by Reese Gabriel

Taming the Madam (Dark Pantheon, Book 3) by Anna J. Evans

Tarnished (Dark Promises, Book 5) by Elisa Adams

Teach Me (Torrid Tarot) by Cindy Spencer Pape   

Teacher's Pet by Marilyn Lee

Tears of the Reaper by Charlotte Boyett-Compo

Tease (Gentlemen Inc, Book 1) by Nathalie Gray

Temptation by J.C. Wilder

Tempting Tess (Oh Yum!) by Regina Carlysle

Tentacles of Love (Naughty Nuptials Quickies) by Margaret Carter

Tera’s Awakening (Dark Pantheon, Book 4) by Kelly Maher

The Bond That Saves Us (Eternal Bonds Series, Book 4) by Christine D’Abo

The Bond That Consumes Us (Eternal Bonds 3) by Christine d'Abo

The Bond That Ties Us by Christine D’Abo

The Cake Babe by M.A. Ellis

The Cost of Eternity by Shayla Kersten

The Lady Prince Toni L. Meilleur

The Last Pearl by Maxie Cooper

The Last Warrior by L.A. Day

The Perfect Cover by Claire Thompson    

The Rememdiu by Shayla Kersten   

The Woodsman by Belle Scarlett

They Both Belong to Me by L.A. Day

Thief of Mine by Amarinda Jones

Things That Go Bump In the Night VI by Dawn Madigan, C.S. Chatterly, Sally Painter

Threads of Destiny (Tapestries, Book 4) by N.J. Walters

Threat of Darkness by Lauren Dane

Three for All by Cindy Spencer Pape

Three Swords, One Heart (Torrid Tarot) by N.J. Walters

Three To Dance by Devyn Quinn  

Thrice United (Witches Knot series, Book 4) by Lauren Dane

Thunderfire (Pure Wildfire, Book 4) by Lynne Connolly

Tied Between Two Lovers By Larissa Lyons, Alyssa Brooks

Tied and Tempting by Maggie Casper   

‘Til Death (Werewolves of Malta, Book 6) by Lorie O’Clare

Tingle Bells by Mardi Ballou

To Cure an Obsession by Elyssa Lynne

Tortured Souls (Men In Love, Book 6) by Carol Lynne   

Touch Me (Sexplorations, Book 5) by Sahara Kelly

Tri Mates by Lauren Dane

Trip My Switch by Nicole Austin - Exotika

Triple Booked (Torrid Tarot) by Mardi Ballou   

True Lies by Jaci Burton

Trust by Shawn Lane

Tuxedo Tryst by Nikki Soarde

‘Twas the Knight Before Christmas by J.C. Wilder

Twin Temptations (Rutledge Werewolves, Book 6) by Elizabeth Lapthorne

Twisted Steel and Sex Appeal (Hot and Henderson, Book 4) by M.A. Ellis

Two If By Sea (Aquamarine) by A.D. Christopher   

Two Masters for Alex by Claire Thompson

Two Spirits By Jory Strong    

Tying Tempest by Reese Gabriel

Tyler’s Woman (Outlaw Lovers, Book 4) by Jan Springer

Unbound Commitment by Sierra Cartwright

Until Jake (Oh Yum!) by Calista Fox

Valentine Wishes by Mlyn Hurn

Valmont’s Trinity (Sequel to Darelle's Trinity) by Sedonia Guillone

Vampire Vintage by Ashlyn Chase

Vandar’s War by Reese Gabriel

Velvet Deception by Aubrey Ross   

Velvet Ties by Susie Charles   

Verdant by Jordan Castillo Price   

Victory Stallion (Horsemen, Book 5) by Kate Hill

Violet Moons by Nina Nash

Virgin Jewels (Garnet) by Karen Erickson   

Vision Controller (Leopard Visions, Book 3) by Lorie O’Clare

Vision Fulfilled (Leopard Visions, Book 2) by Lorie O’Clare

Vision Lust (Leopard Visions, Book 4) by Lorie O’Clare

Visions Captured (Leopard Visions, Book 1) by Lorie O'Clare

Vision Revealed (Leopard Visions, Book 5) by Lorie O’Clare

Wanna Play (Ghost Unit, Book 3) by Gail Faulkner

Wanton Surrender (Wanton, Book 2) by Ruth D. Kerce  

Warrior of the Light by B.J. McCall

Washed Away (Island Guardian Series, Book 3) by Lacey Thorn

Wed and Wanton (Naughty Nuptials) by Lacey Savage

Wedding Jitters (Naughty Nuptuals) by Brynn Paulin

Wedding Night Surprise (Naughty Nuptials) by Alice Gaines

Wedding Stud by Eve Vaughn

What the Cat Dragged In by Kate Steele   

When Angels Fall (Tricks and Treats) by Lena Matthews   

Where Danger Hides by Desiree Holt   

Whips and Whispers by Maria Isabel Pita

Whisper of the Blade (Torrid Tarot) by Anya Bast   

Who Needs Another Superhero? (Pearl, Book 2) by R.G Alexander

Who Wants to Date a Superhero? by R.G. Alexander

Wicked Omen by Sherrill Quinn

Wicked Witch of the West Village by Anna J. Evans

Windswept by Kate Hill

Wing and Tongue by K.Z. Snow

Willing Submission by Evangeline Anderson   

Winter Hearts by Anny Cook   

Winter Stallion (Horsemen, Book 4) by Kate Hill

Winter’s Rose by Ruby Storm

Witches Curse by Myla Jackson

Wizard of Time by Ciar Cullen

Wizard’s Thief (Amethyst) by Christine d'Abo   

Wizard’s Woman (Tricks and Treats Series) by Solange Ayre

Wonder Witch (Torrid Tarot Queen of Wands) by Ashlyn Chase   

Woven Dreams (Tapestries) by N.J. Walters   

Written in the Ruby (Vampire Sentinel, Book 2) by Ravyn Wilde

Wrong Groom by Kit Tunstall

Wrong Groom by Kit Tunstall (2nd review)

Wyatt's Chance By Ciana Stone

Young Stud (Oh Yum!) by Ruth D. Kerce

Young Vampires in France (Young Vampires, 2) by Mardi Ballou

Zarius (Alien Possession, Book 1) by L.A. Day   



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