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Amethyst Moon by Fiona Jayde

Arctic Heat 1: Ice Black by Kris Eton

Arctic Heat 2: Ice Red by Kris Eton

Bitten in the Bayou (Stormy Weather, book 2) by Selena Blake

Brittís Protector by Shara Azod

Cheyenne Moon by Diana Bold

Claiming Ciaran (Outcasts, Book 2) by Cassandra Gold

Dark Embrace by Mina Carter

Educating Rose by Lissa Matthews

Familiar Strangers by Keziah Hill

Fireman for Christmas (12 Days of Christmas) by Pipe Denna

Four Percent by Morgan Sierra

Hellbaby by Minx Malone

Hot and Bothered by Cassandra Gold

In Training (Wicked) by India Masters

Love Defined by Celia Kyle

Lovely Deception by Lillith Payne

Melodyís Men by Sapphire Blue

Mia's Discovery (Narian Rebirth, Book 2) by Tianna Xander & Bonne Rose Leigh

Once in a Blue Moon by Kimberly Hunter

One Good Man by Shara Azod

Pay Per View by Thom Jaymes

Public Exposure by EM Lynley

Ravenís Keeper (Blood Bonded: Earth) by Cyan Bell

Roped and Tied (Ride a Cowboy, Book 4) by Pam LaBud

Saving Ciaran (Outcasts series) by Cassandra Gold

Sealed with a Demonís Kiss by Yolanda Sfetsos

Sorenís Surrender (Incognito, Book 10) by Anna Leigh Keaton

Taming Tara (Incognito, Book 11) by Madison Layle and Anna Leigh Keaton

Tempting Darkness (The Other, Book 1) by Jamieson Wolf

The Pixie Prince by Lex Valentine

The Portal (Valkyan Rebellion, Book 1) by Tess Harrison

The Secret Santa Project (12 Days of Christmas series) by Lyric James

Upon A Falling Star by Dee Carney

Valentineís Beast (The Valentine Monologues) by Yolanda Sfetsos

Windhandler by Georgia Tribell


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