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A Second Chance by L. Shannon

Another Chance (Gingersnaps) by L Shannon

Apple Crisp (Yummy Love, Book 3) by Kate Hill

At Droganís Command by Selena Illyria

Bear Hug (Snowbound) by Tuesday Morrigan

Bearís Den (The Agency, Book 4) by Michelle Hasker

Black Leather Night and Other Tales by Willa Okati

Black Planet: Little Dragon (Black Planet Book 1) by Belinda McBride

Black Star United (Black Star, Book 4) by Marteeka Karland

Blood and Fire by Mychael Black

Blueberry Muffins (Yummy Love, Book 2) by Kate Hill

Brazen (Sweet Oblivion, Books 1) by Jordan Castillo Price

Breathe 1: Sanguine Shadows by Willa Okati

Cabin Fever (Hot Flashes) by Alecia Monaco

Christmas Cookies: Christmas, Werewolf Style (Christmas Cookies Series) by Kyla Logan

Christmas Cookies: Fire and Ice (Christmas Cookies Series) by Lacey Savage

Christmas Knight (Ginger Snaps Series) by Alecia Monaco

City of the Damned by Marie Treanor

Coyote Non Grata by Lena Austin

Crimson Star (Solar Flare, Book 1) by Elizabeth Jewell

Dana's Release (Leandros, Book 3) by Michelle Hasker

Discovering Passion (Book 2, Vampiropolis ) by Selena Illyria

Dragonís Devotion (Dragons, Book 4) by Willa Okati

Driven to the Limit by Alice Gaines

Escaping Darkside by Amanda Steiger

Falling (Bad Angles) by Belinda McBride

Flight of the Heron (Shunga Chronicles Series, Book 3) by Lizzie Lynn Lee

Fluid (Sweet Oblivion, Books 3) by Jordan Castillo Price

Fox Hounds (Ruff & Tumble, Book 1) by Lia Connor

Her Winged Mates (Snowfire, Multi Author series) by Ruth D. Kerce

Heat Stroke: Night Heat (Heat Stroke Series) by Kassie Burns

Hoosier Werewolf: Howl & Prowl by Kate Steele

Imperative: Always You (Imperative Series, Book 2) by Belinda McBride

Imperative: Missing You (Imperative Series) by Belinda McBride

I Was a Vampire Wedding Planner by Alecia Monaco

Khalid's Challenge (The Pridelands, Book 5 )by Jade Buchanan

Lady of the Snow (Shunga Chronicles Book One) by Lizzie Lynn Lee

Late Shift (Shift Work, Book 1) by Hannah Beckham

Making Mischief (Super Sex) by Leila Brown

Mastering Mirage (SuperSex) by Leila Brown

Mating Call (Shifiting Priorities, Book 3) by Anne Kane

Mating Dance (Shifting Priorities, Book 2) by Anne Kane

Mating Ritual (Shifting Priorities, Book 1) by Anne Kane

Matthew's Redemption (Leandros, Book 2) by Michelle Hasker

Mission: Carnal (Live Action Hero, Book 1) by Mary Winter

Mission: Possession (Live Action Hero, Book 3) by Mary Winter

Mission: Raw (Live Action Hero, Book 2) by Mary Winter

Mission: Touchdown (Live Action Hero, Book 4) by Mary Winter

Moonlight and Magic by Mina Carter

Must Love Dogs (Series: Night Critters) by Lena Austin and Tuesday Morrigan

Nights in Pink Satin by Sharon Maria Bidwell

Once Bitten, Twice Shy (Shifter Sisters) by Sierra Dafoe

Payback; Vertigo; Manikin; Tainted; Rebirth (Channeling Morpheus, Books 1 Ė 5) by Jordan Castillo Price

Political Expediency (Lupus Populus Series, Books 1-3) by Mikala Ash

Prince and the Assassin (Shunga Chronicles, Book 2) by Lizzie Lynn Lee

Red Cloud Wolves Collection by Kate Steele

Renatoís Dragon (Book 3, Vampiropolis) by Selena Illyria

Research Only (Executive Decisions, Book 4) by Marteeka Karland

Runaway by Amanda Steiger

Sairahís Salvation (Leandros, Book 1) by Michelle Hasker

Sexation by Alice Gaines

Sex in the Sand (Escapes Series) by BJ McCall

Sheís the One (By the Numbers, Book 3) by Riley Ashford

Smolder (Screen Shots, Book 2) by Willa Okati

Snare (Sweet Oblivion, Book 2) by Jordan Castillo Price

So Many Wolves by Leona Grey

Spaceport: Sugar and Spice (Spaceport Series) by Tuesday Morrigan

Steamy Nights by Marie Treanor

Tagged (Snowfire, Multi Author series, 13 tales) by Kira Stone

Tartan Mind (Tartan Werewolves Series, Book 4) by Selena Illyria

Tartan Twins (Tartan Werewolves Series, Book 3) by Selena Illyria

The Boundaries by Lexxie Couper

The Wolf Queen (Call of the Wild, Book 2) by Sierra Dafoe

Thirst (Mate Marks, Book 2) by Kate Hill

Three (By the Numbers, Book 2) by Riley Ashford

Trapped! (Snowfire) by Michelle Hasker

Tygerís Lilly by Marteeka Karland

Virtual Attraction by Kira Stone




4Saken (Agency Of Extraordinary Mates) by Eve Vaughn

A Fling in Vampiropolis by Selena Illyria

A Marked Man (Vampire Magic, Book 3) by Kira Stone

A Snowballís Chance (Snowbound) by L. Shannon

A Spriteís Tale (Christmas Cookies) by Lexxie Couper

A Taste of Dawn (Club Carousel, Book 4) by Aubrey Ross

A Warrior's Blade by Kira Stone

A Were-Cat Christmas by Dakota Cassidy

Absolute Power by Sierra Dafoe

Alchemist (Leopard Tails) by Isabella Jordan

Alexander (The Horsemen) by Markeeta Karland

And Then... by Brenda Bryce

Any Witch Way Cafť (The Sleeper, Book 1) by Nia K. Foxx

Arctic Heat by Alecia Monaco

Ardeth & Amenhotep (Egyptian Lover, Book 3) by Isabella Jordan

Asad's Mate (The Felidae, Book 2) by Jade Buchanan

Awakening (The Boundaries) by Lexxie Couper

Back in Action by Elayne S. Venton

Big Bad Wolf (Pack Mentality Series, Book 3) by Julia Talbot

Bite (Spaceport, Multi-Authors, Book 5) by Marteeka Karland

Black Diamonds (Spaceport Series) by Melinda Barron

Black Pearl (Lone Star Vampires, Book 3) by Alecia Monaco

Black Star Diamond (Black Star, Book 3) by Marteeka Karland

Blood Oath (Vampire Magic, Book 4) by Kira Stone

BloodWolf by Sierra Dafoe

Bloody English by Renee George

Boolicious by K.Z. Snow

Birthday Surprise (Men of the Void Series) by Nia K Foxx

Black Star Stowaway (Black Star Series, Book 2) by Markeeta Karland

Bonds of the Maleri (Books 1-5) by Kate Steele

Bottomís Tale by Elizabeth Jewell

Bound Eternally (Bound, Book 3) by Dawn Montgomery

Bound in Fury (Bound, Book 2) by Dawn Montgomery

Bound in Lust (Bound, Book 1) by Dawn Montgomery

Bounty (Spaceport) by Dawn Montgomery

Breathing by Laura Baumbach

Broken Ties by Amelia Elias

By The Numbers by Marteeka Karland

Candy For Valentine by Michele Bardsley

Captive Heat (Snowbound) by Lexxie Couper

Carnal Inheritance by Kate Hill

Carnal Interlude (Carnal 2, Book 3) by Kate Hill

Carnal Obedience Carnal Series by Kate Hill

Carnal Obsession (Carnal 2) by Kate Hill

Carpe Nocturne (Carpe Nocturne, Book 1) by Tawny Taylor

Cat Got Your Tongue? by Melinda Barron

Catnip Crazy (The Cat House, Book 2) by Julia Talbot

Catnipped by Dakota Cassidy

Cats and Dogs (The Cat House, Book 1) by Julia Talbot

Caught (All Wrapped Up Vol. 3) by Marteeka Karland

Chain of Three (All Wrapped Up Volume 2) by Willa Okati

Charmer (The Firm, Book 4) by Tuesday Morrigan

Chase (Bayou Shifters series, Book 1) by Kira Stone

Chased By You by Michele Bardsley

Christmas for Eve by Michele Bardsley

Cold Fire (Snowbound) by Emma Ray Garrett

Command Me (Adventures in Space, Book 2) by L.A. Day

Compromising Situations by Emma Wildes

Control (Wolf Caller 1) by Silvia Violet

Daria's Dilemma (Big, Blooming & Wild!) by Eve Vaughn

Dark Lotus (Magik Ink Series) by Fiona Jayde

Darkness Becomes Her by Lacey Savage

Darrenís Surprise (The Prideland Series: Book 1) by Jade Buchanan

Demonís Bargain by Amanda Steiger

Demons R Us by Alice Gaines

Devarian Pleasure Slave (Devarian Series) by Sierra Dafoe

DisArmed (GrimJustin series, book 2) by Fiona Jayde

Double Down (Viva Los Regalos Series, Book 1) by Reneť George  

Double Dragon (Dragonís Heir, Book 6) by Sierra Dafoe

Double Dragon (Dragonís Heir, Book 6) by Sierra Dafoe - 2nd review

Doubly Dying (Diary of a Demon Hunter, Book 4) by Michele Bardsley

Dr. Jacobs and Mr. Hyde by Vashti Valant

Dragul Dawn (Dragul Rising, Book 1) by Marie Treanor

Dragon Prince (Dragonís Heir, Book 5) by Sierra Dafoe

Dragonís Dare by Willa Okati

Dragon's Deal (Dragons) by Willa Okati

Dragon's Delight (Dragons) by Willa Okati

Dragonís Desire (Dragonís Heir, Book 3) by Sierra Dafoe

Dragonís Heir (Dragonís Heir, Book 2) by Sierra Dafoe

Dragonís Quest (Dragonís Egg) by Lena Austin

Dravidian (Dragonís Heir, Book 4) by Sierra Dafoe

Dressed to Kill (Carpe Nocturne, Book 1) by Tawny Taylor

Drive Me Daisy (Sundown Investigations, Book 2) by Cat Marsters

Dropzone (Spaceport Series) by Fiona Jayde

Duty and the Beast (Sundown International, Book 2) by Cat Marsters

East Side Story (Sundown Investigations, Book 1) by Cat Marsters

Elven Encounter (Elven Series, Book 2) by Willa Okati

Elven Enticement (Elven, Book 5) by Willa Okati

Elven Escapades (Elven, Book 3) by Willa Okati

Elven Exhilaration (Elven, Book 4) by Willa Okati

Elves Gone Wild by Lacey Savage

Eria's Mťnage by Alice Gaines

Escape: Pool Boys by Sierra Dafoe

Ex-Files 4: Vicky the Vixen by Dakota Cassidy

Eye of the Tiger (Cat Tales Series, Book 2) by Stormy Sommers

Eyes of the Cowan by Lena Austin

Fairy Tails (The Battles of the Sidhe, Book 1) by Beth Kery

Fallon's Men (Portals, Book 1) by Kyla Logan

Faun of a Time (Rookery Cove) by Jade Buchanan

Feral Magnetism (Feral Heat, Book 1) by Lacey Savage

Feral Voyeurism (Feral Heat) by Lacey Savage

Finale in Blood (Adventures in Blood, Book 5) by Madeleine Oh

Fire and Isis (Heat Stroke) by Leila Brown

Firesnake by Cassandra Kane

Flesh to Flesh (Savage Garden) by Tawny Taylor

Forgotten Hope (Invasion Earth, Book 1) by Aubrey Ross

Fountains of Pleasure (The Battles of the Sidhe, Book 2) by Beth Kery

Four of Hearts by Elizabeth Jewell

Freedomís Fire by Willa Okati

Full Moon City (The Pack series, book 4) by Lia Connor

Garden of Stone by Melinda Barron

Gargoyleís Challenge by Nia K. Foxx

Gargoyleís Wrath (Gargoyleís, Book 4) by Nia K. Foxx

Give and Take by Kira Stone

Goddess of Air (The Elementals, Book) 4 by Marteeka Karland

Goddess’ Revenge by Isabelle Spurrier

Greenhouse Effect (Big, Blooming & Wild) by Nia K. Foxx

Gremlins (Escape) by Isabelle Spurrier

Griffin's Joy (The Pridelands, Book 4) by Jade Buchanan

Happy Howlidays by Isabella Jordan

Headless Horseman (Jack-O-Lanterns) by Marteeka Karland

Here Kitty Kitty (Sundown, Inc.) by Cat Marsters

Highest Bidder (Spaceport, Book 6) by Lexxie Couper

Horse Play (Elemental Elves, Book One) by Mary Winter

Hot and Bothered (Python Place, Book 2) by Kate Hill

Howl for Me by Kell Casey

Hurricane (Last Call, Book 2) by Moira Rogers

I Was a Vampire Wedding Planner by Alecia Monaco

Ice Maiden by Alecia Monaco

Incognito (Spaceport Series) by Cat Marsters

Investigation In Blood (Adventures in Blood 2, Book 3) by Madeleine Oh

Isle of Dreams (Escape) by Alexis Fleming

Jordan's Quest (Ainen Chronicles) by Kyla Logan

Jungle Fever (Cat Tales Series, Book 1) by Stormy Sommers

Kamikaze (Last Call, Book 1) by Moira Rogers

Kidnapping Karisma (Rookery Cove Aphrodisiacs Series) by Tuesday Morrigan

Laitheís Pride (The Felidae, Book 1) by Jade Buchanan

Levís Discovery (The Felidae, Book 4) by Jade Buchanan

Liberated (Vampire Union, Book 2) by Kit Tunstall

Lionsmate (Frozen Earth, Book 1) by Marteeka Karland

Lucky Dog (Soul Familiar, Book 1) by Kate Steele

Lunar Lovers (Escape) by Kira Stone

Lunar Seduction by Kira Stone

Lupercalian Feast by Silvia Violet

Lycaon Moon by B.J. McCall

Make it Real (Living Doll) by Carlanime Bligh

Make Mine a Double (Rookery Cove Series) by Michele Bardsley

Maneater (Sundown International ) by Cat Marsters

Marked (Spaceport Adana, multi author series) by Jade Buchanan

Marda's Hunt (Ainen Chronicles) by Kyla Logan

Master Game by Cassandra Kane

Mate Night by Kate Hill

Melanie Unmasked by Michele Bardsley

Midnight Howl (Hoosier Werewolf, Book 1) by Kate Steele

Midsummerís Night (Bardís Tales) by Lia Connor

Monkeying Around (The Agency, Book 3) by Michelle Hasker

Monster Mash (Rookery Cove Series) by Kira Stone

Mortal Retribution (Mythos, Book 2) by Isabelle Spurrier

Naked Eyes by Cat Marsters

Natural Selection (Pack Mentality Series, Book 4) by Julia Talbot

Navinís Master (The Felidae 5) by Jade Buchanan

New Tricks by Joanne Smyth

Night Owl by Willa Okati

Nioral's Quest (Dragon's Song 2) by Cameo Brown

Nipped (Rookery Cove) by Celia Kyle

No Commitment Required (Naughty Girls, Inc., 1) by Marilyn Lee

No Monkeyís Business (The Agency, Book 1) by Michelle Hasker

No Way Around It by Elayne S. Venton

No Way Back (No Way Out) by Elayne S. Venton

Nutcracker (The Firm) by Tuesday Morrigan

Obsessed by KZ Snow

Obsidian Mirror by Tawny Taylor

Oceanís Call (Rookery Cove) by Dawn Montgomery

One Night Only (Executive Decisions ) by Marteeka Karland

One Owner, Lady Driven by Alice Gaines

Outlook Orgasmic (Madam Periwinkleís Erotic Delights) by Hannah Beckham

Owned (Adventures in Space, Book 1) by L.A. Day

Packing Heat (Send 'em Packing series, book 1) by Hannah Beckham

Packing Up (Send Ďem Packing, Book 3) by Hannah Beckham

Paralyzer (Spaceport Series) by Marteeka Karland

Paranormal Mates Society Volume 1 (Paranormal Mates Society ) by Willa Okati, Lacey Savage, Rachel Bo, and Dakota Cassidy

Paranormal Mates Society Volume 3 (Paranormal Mates Society ) by Kira Stone, Ann Jacobs, Amelia Elias, Cat Marsters, and Isabella Jordan

Passing Memories (Memories, Book 4) by Elizabeth Jewell

Paws to Heal (Heat Stroke, Book 15) by Lena Austin

Peck of Pickles by Lena Austin

Persistent Memory (Weary Memory Series, Book 2) by Elizabeth Jewell

Pixieís Prisoner (Rookery Cove, Book 10) by Lacey Savage

Price of Passion (Price of Pleasure, Book 3) by Aubrey Ross - 2nd review

Price of Passion (Price of Pleasure, Book 3) by Aubrey Ross

Price of Pleasure by Aubrey Ross

Raw (Heartís Blood: Book 2) by Kate Hill

Rebel (Rogue Warriors, Book 1) by Marie Treanor

Reckoning (Reckoning by Aubrey Ross) by Aubrey Ross

Reflections by Camille Anthony

Restrictions Applied (Rookery Cove) by Fiona Jayde

Rogue (The Firm, Book 1) by Tuesday Morrigan

Rogue Warriors 2: Soldier by Marie Treanor

Room Service (Escape) by Cat Marsters

Room to Move (Room to Play, Book 2) by Lena Austin

Ropacabana (Viva Los Regalos) by Isabella Jordan

Runaway Home by Camille Anthony

Rx for Submission (Members Only, Book 3) by Ann Jacobs

Sanctuary by Fire (Heat Stroke: Multi Author Series) by Hunter Raines

Santaís Bag by Alexis Fleming

Sealed Vows (Hands of Fate series, book 4) by Lia Connor

Seducing Serena (Rookery Cove) by Eve Vaughn

Serpentís Kiss (The Agency, Book 2) by Michelle Hasker

Serve Me (Office of Kink and Karma) by Celia Kyle

Serving the Sword (Doms of the Round Table, Book 1) by Melinda Barron

Seven Year Witch by Elisa Adams

Sex on the Beach? (Escape) by Willa Okati

Sex and the Single Werewolf (Shifter Sisters, Book 1) by Sierra Dafoe 

Sexsomniac (TechnoMagick) by Fiona Jayde

Sheerís Choice (The Pridelands, Book 3) by Jade Buchanan

Sidetracked by Willa Okati

Sideways Glance (Christmas Cookies) by Camille Anthony

Silent Siren (Pact of Prince, Book 1) by Alexa Aames

Silver Dreams (Red Cloud Wolves 1) by Kate Steele

Sleepless by Elisa Adams

Sloth (Deadly Sins) by Eve Vaughn

Space Opera by Stephanie Burke

Sopdet (Egyptian Lover, Book 2) by Isabella Jordan

Soul Mates (Soul Mates Series) by Marilyn Lee

Soundwaveís Surrender (Super Sex, Book 1) by Leila Brown

Sleepless by Elisa Adams

Spaceport: Security by Shelby Morgen

Station Leave by Silvia Violet

Subjugated (Vampire Union, Book 1) by Kit Tunstall

Submissive (Leopard Tails, Book 2) by Isabella Jordan

Suffering Sassafras (Big, Blooming & Wild!) by Michelle Hasker

Tail of Two Brothers (Horsfall) by Jade Buchanan

Tartan Interlude (Tartan Werewolves Series) by Selena Illyria

Tartan Surprise by Selena Illyria  

Tempted (Scarlet Ties series, book 2) by Anisa Damien

Temptress (The Firm) by Tuesday Morrigan 

Tequila Sunrise (Last Call, Book 3) by Moira Rogers

Texan Bound (Big, Blooming & Wild!, Multi Author Series, Book 7) by Dawn Montgomery

The Adventures of Wonderslut by Alice Gaines

The Christmas Bunny by Camille Anthony

The Dark Room (Heartís Blood, Book 1) by Kate Hill

The Dragon Prince (Dragonís Heir, Book 5) by Sierra Dafoe

The Dragonís Daughter (Dragonís Heir, Book 1) by Sierra Dafoe

The Frog in the Room by Jade Buchanan

The Naked Butler by Tuesday Morrigan

The Pleasure Dome of Titan by Mikala Ash

The Second Movement (Space Opera, Book 2) by Stephanie Burke

The Sincubus (The 13th Floor, Book 2) by Stephanie Burke

The Way of the Wolf (The Northlanders 1) by Shelby Morgen

Things That Go Grr (Hoosier Werewolf, Book 3) by Kate Steele

Tokyo Ink by Ann Vremont

Touch Me (Office of Kink and Karma) by Celia Kyle

Tri Me (Office of Kink and Karma series, Book 2) by Celia Kyle

Troika (Snowbound)by Fiona Jayde

Unholy Trinity (Sundown International Collection) by Cat Marsters

Unified (Vampire Union, Book 3) by Kit Tunstall

Unpredictable (Soul Familiar, book 2) by Kate Steele

Urban Myth by Fiona Jayde

Usamaís Journey (The Felidae, Book 3) by Jade Buchanan

Valentineís Ghost (Candy Kisses) by Alice Gaines

Violet Storm (Confessions of an Otherkin) by Tuesday Morrigan

War Wolf (Pret Ops Series, Book 2) by Emma Ray Garrett

Welcome to the Fetish Club (C.H.A.S.E. Series, Book 3) by Shelby Morgan

Werewolf Christmas by Kyla Logan

Werewolf Cove by Marteeka Karland

Werewolf Lovers by Kyla Logan

What It Takes (Graffiti Series, Book 2) by Willa Okati

Wicked Nights (Passion Unbound) by Tawny Taylor

Wild Nights (Passion Unbound, Book 1) by Tawny Taylor

Wild Ones by Kira Stone

Wild Ride by Willa Okati

Who Let the Wolf Out (Hoosier Werewolf, Book 2) by Kate Steele

Wolf Bound by Sierra Dafoe

Yeti! Again? (Yeti) by Celia Kyle

Yeti! Were? by Celia Kyle

Yule Wolf (Christmas Cookie) by Kate Hill

Yule Tied by Marteeka Karland

Zulaís Stand (The Pridelands, Book 2) by Jade Buchanan




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