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A Matter of Trust by Becky Barker

After Sundown: Salvation by Eden Robins

All Creatures Great and Dead by Mary Ann Chulick

All The Way Home by Jenyfer Matthews

Angels Among Us by Jeanette Ward

Apache Flame by Madeline Baker

At Her Command by Marcia James

Beneath a Christmas Moon by Karen McCullough , Ariana Dupre , Eden Robins

Best Laid Plans by Bronwyn Green

Black Smoke by Robin Leigh Miller

Black Widow by Laurie Breton

Blood Bytes by Susan Phelan

Boomer's Fall by Robin Leigh Miller

Can’t Hide Love by Alice Gaines

Cards Never Lie by Heather Hiestand

Compromising Situations by Carolynn Carey

Digging Up the Past by Sandi Brackeen

Dragon in the System (Southern Michigan University Series, Book 1) by Cindy Spencer Pape

Druid's Daughter (Garland of Druids, Book 1) by Jean Hart Stewart

Duke Pretender (Sequel to Duke’s Project) by Sharon Lanergan

Duke's Project by Sharon Lanergan

Dying For Siena by Elizabeth Jennings

Finding Sarah by Terry Odell

Game of Love by Jennie James

Gone To the Dogs by Marianne Stephens

Gryphon’s Quest (Tales of The Order) by Candace Sams

Hawk’s Woman by Madeline Baker

In Flames by Michelle Perry

Intimate Deceptions by Lise Fuller

Isabelle’s Story by  Anita Birt   

Keeping Faith (Mystic Riders, Book 1) by R.E. Matheson

Lady’s Wager by Georgie Lee

Last Man Standing (Sequel to Swift of Heart) By Janet Davies

Magical Man List by Christie Walker Bos

My Shadow, My Love by Sharon Horton

Nettleflower by Terri Beckett & Chris Power

No Accounting for Chase by Sara Dennis

One Juror Down by Heather Hiestand

One Touch Beyond by Kim Cox, Elizabeth Delisi, Chris Grover, Maureen McMahon, and Sheryl Hames Torres

Only You by Laura Glenn

Pirate King by K.Z. Snow

Rapture by Renee Field

Rediscovering Thor by Kate Hill

Return To Me by Catherine Berlin

Ricochet’s Rogue (Agents of Mercy, Book 3) by Robin Leigh Miller

Running Blind by Robin Leigh Miller

Swift of Heart by Janet Davies

The Abduction of Miss Jenny Chandler by Teri Thackston

The Crystal by Sandra Cox

The Last Queen by Christine McKay

The Persistent Suitor by Phylis Warady

The Write Man for Her by Christie Walker Bos

To the Rescue by Terri Thackston

To Tempt an Angel by Marie Bellevaux

Too Young to Die By Anita Birt

Two Out of Three Ain't Bad by K.Z. Snow

Unspoken Promises by Bonnie Hamre

Witch Island by Stephanie Bedwell-Grime



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