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An All Hallow’s Eve Gift by Sabrina Luna

Darke (Accidental Mates, Book 5) by Brenda Steele

Diamond by Tressie Lockwood

Fur and Feathers (Raven Saga, Book 2) by Crymsyn Hart

Melting a Frozen Heart by Dahlia Rose

My Werewolf Lover by Brenda Steele

Santa’s Undercover Sex Kitty by Tigra-Luna LeMar

Stefan’s Mark, Claiming Skylar & Dedrick’s Taming (Shifter Series Books 1, 2 & 3) by Jaden Sinclair

The Darkest Joy by Dahlia Rose

The Diabolical Doctor Masters by Michelle Marquis

The High Priest of Amber Dawn by Michelle Marquis

The Noonday Demon by Anastasia Rabiyah

The Prowling (Shifter Book 4) by Jaden Sinclair 

To Love a Knight by E. Jamie

Touch of Black Velvet by Brieanna Robertson

Youthful Temptations by Tina Gayle




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