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I was given a change to chat with a relatively new and wonderful author.  Without waiting another moment, letís get to know...

Stevie Woods

Have you always wanted to be a writer? When did you begin pursuing your writing as a career?
I have always dabbled with writing for my own pleasure.  I only actually shared my writing when I got involved with fan fiction about 5 years ago and my work was received very positively.  I decided to give original fiction a go about 2 years ago.  CANE was my first submission, though Torquere Press later accepted a couple of novelettes that were in fact published first.

You write romances that feature gay characters, how did you get interested in the genre? Do you see yourself writing in other genres?
Again this was through fan fiction.  I saw a pairing that jumped off the screen and I began reading slash fiction and before long I was writing it.  I love M/M and at the moment I have no yen to write any other genre.

I read that you work full time on top of your writing career. What is your ďday job?Ē Do you have hopes of one day just being able to only have to write?
Iím a Medical Secretary and yes, Iíd love to be able to write full time! 

Tell us a little bit about what makes StevieÖStevie.
Hmmm, thatís a hard one.  Stevie is a little outside what I used to think of myself as.  She is stronger I think and more self-aware about what she wants, what is important to her.  Writing used to be a hobby, something I dipped into from time to time, but now she wants more, she wants the satisfaction of writing what others want to read, knowing that as she becomes better known readers will look out for her books.  I sound like a split personality donít I?  Yes, Stevie is a pseudonym that allows me a freedom to explore.

How do you find a balance between family, working full time, and writing?
I donít!  I guess I timed it right in that my family is grown up and left the nest.  My husband has learned to put up with a lot, though he tends to yell from time to time, ďWhereís the ironing!Ē.

If you could bring one of your characters to life, who would it be, and why?
Hmm another difficult one.  I think perhaps Joss, if only to show him that though things are far from perfect, there are opportunities now that he couldnít even have dreamt of.

I read that you enjoy writing in the historical genre. What appeals to you about this time period? Do you have another genre that you would really like to try?
With historical itís not one specific time period, itís the fact that I can pick any place and time in history, the options are limitless.  I think itís that very scope that appeals, an almost bottomless well of potential.  One of my recent novelettes was actually a Sci-fi story (A Million Pinpricks).  Iím a long time fan of Sci-fi and also very much enjoy Fantasy.  I have in fact recently submitted a short fantasy story and am presently working on what I hope will be a novel.  Iím basically willing to try most things, if the muse strikes.

If you could travel to any place or time in history, where would it be and why?
Hmm you do ask the difficult ones.  After much thought, I decided it would be back to around 1440-1445 to when Gutenberg invented his printing press, to watch as the first page came off the press.  I think the printed word has to be about the most important and encompassing invention in history.  So much could be accomplished with the dissemination of knowledge that would never have been possible without books.

Do you have any advice for aspiring writers?
Only the obvious I guess.  Keep writing, reading and writing again.  Write what you enjoy, what you would like to read.  Your pleasure in the words shines through in your writing I think.  When it comes to publication, keep plugging away.  Perseverance is the key.

Tell us some of your favoritesÖfoods, authors, movies, books, music, colors, or any other of your favorites.
Foods: Iím a pretty conservative Brit who enjoys my roast dinner! 

Authors: Hmm, I found a lot of excellent gay romance/erotica writers at Torquere.  Classic romance I think it would be Georgette Heyer.  Iím a fan of the Sharpe books by Bernard Cornwell and I also like fantasy by writers like Terry Goodkind and Robin Hobb. 

Movies: I have a wide taste from adventure, to sci-fi and fantasy and epics. 

Music:  Again just about anything, I like classics, blues, jazz and pop from the 60s onward! (Perhaps giving my age away there LOL)

What is your perfect writing environment? Do you need quiet or can you write anywhere?
I tend not to like it too quiet, I need something in the background whether it be music or I have the TV on.  I sit with my laptop at what is supposed to be the dining room table, but doubles as my Ďofficeí.

Do you enjoy hearing from your readers and what is the best way to contact you?
Oh yes, there is nothing better than to know that you have affected someone enough to want to get in touch.  The easiest way is my email:

How would the people who are closest to you describe you?
Heck, do I have to answer that LOL!  Probably single-minded to the point of ignoring everything else going on around me.  I think you have to be sometimes though to slip into the other world about which you are writing.

What does a ďnormalĒ day in the life of Stevie look like?
Hmm, not sure normal is the word but during the working week Iím up and out early preferring to start early so I can get home at a reasonable time after working a full day.  I check my emails as soon as I get home then with one eye on the screen I dash around trying to tidy up and get tea on.  Afterwards I settle down and ignore my poor husband who luckily loves to read and watch movies, which I usually settle to watch a little of with him to unwind before bed.  I have a little more free time at weekend but most of that is spend writing or editing.  I only manage to read as much as I do because I download stories on my Ipaq which I take to work with me to read on the commute and in my lunch-break.  You can see why my husband calls me single-minded (thatís when he is being polite!).

Is there anything else you would like to share with us?
Just that I expected my life to be winding down about now, instead of which it has never been more exciting!

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