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A short while ago, I was given the chance to chat with a true home grown TexanÖwho is, also, a wonderful.  Without further delayÖletís hear from this interesting lady!

Mary Eason

It seems you have always had story telling as a part of your life. When did you decide to pursue writing as a career?
I didnít pursue writing seriously as a career until a few years back, but it has always been there like that little annoying voice of your conscience screaming at me to, ďDo something with me, do something with me.Ē Finally, about four years ago, I decided to listen to that voice. I havenít looked back since and havenít regretted a moment of this up and down roller coaster ride called writing.

How long did it take you to get published and how did you celebrate when your first book was published?
I think it was about a year after I got serious about writing that I sold my first paranormal romance entitled Everlasting Love. As far as celebrating, well, Iím a very quiet celebrator. I donít usually make a big deal out of my writing successes. Iím sure I probably ate a few Reeceís Peanut Butter Cups, squealed with delight at seeing my name on the cover of a book, then moved on to the next book.

I read that you are a Texas girl. Have you ever lived anywhere else and can you ever see yourself changing states? What is it that you love about Texas?
Iíve lived all 47 of my years here in Texas. No matter where I roam, Texas will always be home. I love the wide-open spaces we have here. Texas is like a small country. We have all the things you find in other states such as deserts, mountains, coastlines and woods, all rolled up into one big state.

However, I can now claim to be an honorary citizen of the great state of Colorado. Last year, my husband and I fell in love with a little place near Pagosa Springs, Co and bought it.

You write in several different genres, do you have a favorite? And if so, why is it your favorite?
Iíd say my favorite genre is romantic suspense. When I was just a little girl, I discovered Victoria Holt and Phyllis Whitney and was hooked. From that moment on, I read every romantic suspense novel of theirs that I could get my hands on.

Tell us a bit about what makes Mary tick?
You know, itís amazing how much your thinking about life changes as you get older. As much as I love writing, my family is the most important thing in my life. I have a one-year-old granddaughter that has become the apple of my eye. She helps to keep me focused and makes me laugh.

What is the perfect writing environment for you? Do you prefer a quiet office like setting or can you write anywhere?
I can write just about anywhere. For the most part, Iím sitting on my couch with my laptop, and the TV going for noise. Although I have an office set up that is quiet, I find I donít like the isolation. So, I use the office for returning emails and updating my website and the couch for writingÖgo figure.

Tell us some of our favoritesÖfoods, movies, music, books, authors, colors, and any other favorites you would like to share.
My favorite food is Italian. Thereís an Italian restaurant that weíve been going to for years now. The waiter knows us by name and has the table ready and waiting for us when we walk in.

My favorite movie would have to be a tie between Funny Farm and Baby Boom. Favorite books -- anything written by Brenda Novak. Iíve recently discovered Lisa Gardner. I loved Hide. And Lolly Winstonís Good Grief is wonderful.

My favorite colors are warm fall colors. The changing season is my favorite. I love those mornings when thereís just a hint of winter in the air.

Being the youngest of four children and the only girl, I bet you have some very interesting stories. Does your family still live near to you and do you have any children of your own?
Iím sure as the youngest, I got away with tons more stuff than my brothers. I know I was spoiled rotten. For the most part, I lived inside my head. I started inventing stories at a very young age.

Today, my family still lives in Texas as well. My husband and I have two boys, both grown and married. Last year, our granddaughter Ava came into our world and changed our lives forever.

Speaking of familyÖwhat does your family think of your writing? Are they your biggest fans and do they read your work?
My family is supportive. In fact, I couldnít do what I do without them. My husband is my biggest fan and never lets me give up on myself. The boys donít read my work Ė theyíre such boys. They wouldnít be caught dead reading romance. But my husband is brave. Bless his heart.

Do you have any advice for aspiring writers?
I wish that I had some great words of wisdom. Some surefire method to becoming a published author, but in reality, writing is hard work. It doesnít stop when you finish the book. Thatís just where the real work begins. You have to be strong to survive in this business. Chances are you wonít sell to the first publisher you pursue, and probably not even the second. Rejection is as much a part of the publishing world as the bestseller. My advice to aspiring writers would be take the good things you find in a rejection letter and let go of the bad.

Do you enjoy hearing from your readers and how is the best way to contact you?
Absolutely. I love getting emails from readers. You can contact me by email at:

How do you spend your free time? I ask this question knowing that you are probably too busy for free time, but if you have the time, what do you enjoy doing?
I love reading anything and everything I can get my hands on. Iím usually reading several books at once.

Do you have someone who you consider a mentor in your writing? And if so, what was the most important thing they told you?
Iíve honestly had so many wonderful writers willing to help me along the way that itís hard to name just one single person.

Someone once said if you can give up then you probably should. Thatís so true.

What would a perfect day be like for you?
Iíd say each day that I wake up and take another breath and I'm able to do what I love to do the most is a perfect day.

Is there anything else you would like to share with us?
Iíd like to invite readers to stop by my website and check out my monthly contests. Each month I will be giving away something new.

All the bestÖ





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