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Recently, I was given the opportunity to chat with a talented author who took time out of her busy schedule to chat with us.   Without any more delay…let’s hear from

Marie Nicole Ryan

It sounds as if you have always loved books and always wanted to be a writer, why do you think you waited until later to start really pursuing writing as a career?
I actually started my first book in my early thirties when I was at home with a broken wrist and bored to death. I wrote I don’t know how many pages of a legal pad I filled with my first story. I ended up typing about a hundred pages on an old Smith-Corona portable typewriter. I think I stopped writing later that summer when I realized revisions were a pain—on a typewriter anyway—and maybe I didn’t have enough life experience to share. My son was still pretty young and I had a fulltime job, and my social life was hectic, too. But the desire to write never went away, and along came the PC and I jumped back into writing. I’m so glad I did.

How did it feel when you got your first book published?  What did you do to celebrate?
I was thrilled beyond words and holding that book in my hand was simply amazing. I flipped the pages. My words—yes, mine—filled those pages and it was a real book. As for the celebration, I gave myself a trip to upstate New York to visit friends and go to Quebec for a La Femme Nikita fan convention.

Your career before writing was as a RN, do you miss nursing?
No. I miss the steady paycheck, but I don’t miss rush hour traffic or my department director.

I read you also have a degree in interior design. What sparked your interest in this area and have you ever used your skills professionally?
I’ve always had this artistic, creative side, and it was expressed in many different ways through the years. One day I said aloud—can’t remember who was listening—If I had it to do over again, I’d be an interior designer. I decided I’d go to school at night and get my degree—associate’s degree was all that was offered by the school at that time. I spent five years going to school year round taking a three year program. It was a lot of work, kept me incredibly busy, and I have to say I loved every minute of it. No, I’ve never put my skills to professional use. I realized doing the presentations that I hate public speaking and my personality is suited to more solitary pursuits like writing.

You are a member of several writing groups. Do you find this helpful to your writing career?  Do you see benefits for aspiring writers to join organizations like the ones you are a part of?
Yes, Music City Romance Writers was so helpful. I learned the craft details, how to prepare and submit a manuscript, where to submit. MCRW is also a very supportive chapter of all its members. Yes, I absolutely encourage aspiring writers to find the right group for them. I realize RWA® isn’t for everyone, but it has made a tremendous difference in my life and work.

Tell us about Marie-Nicole and what makes her tick.
I have no idea whatsoever what makes me tick—an unhealthy dose of insecurity?  Someone wound me up too tightly and that’s why I’m ticking?

I can tell your family is very important to you. What do they think of your writing career? 
My mother, my son, and sister, niece, brother—all of them are very supportive. Of course, they think I’m wonderful, but then they’re my relatives and they’re supposed to think that way. They are my first fans.

How do you promote your work?
I do all the usual things. I maintain and update frequently my website. I have a blog and share blogging duties with five other romantic suspense writers on another blog. I do interviews like this one—thank you very much! I’ve created book videos for my books and have them on YouTube, MySpace, and Bebo. I have a membership at The Romance Studio and Coffee Time Romance. I try to attend all free-for-all online chats for my publisher’s authors. I try to post excerpts on the different chat loops, and worry that since I only have one book available right now I’ll bore everyone to death with them. I’ve just done my first press release with no foreseeable results yet, and I’ve developed a marketing plan for my upcoming print release, Too Good to be True, and my November re-release, Love on the Run.

Tell us some of your favorites…foods, movies, authors, books, season, or anything else.
Foods: French Fries, Pizza, Roast beef and mashed potatoes with gravy.

Television: Midsomer Murders, CSI, Bones, The Closer just to name a few, but you can see where my mind goes—to the dark side of crime.

Books: Almost any murder mystery series, Forever Amber, Gone With The Wind.

Son of the Morning, Green Darkness.

Authors: Linda Howard, Anne Perry, Elizabeth George, Elizabeth Peters, Anya Seton.

Season: Spring and Fall, not like this Summer at all with the 100+ degree temps here in Tennessee.

If you could bring one of your characters to life, who would it be and why?
Hmm. Honestly I feel like they are already alive. But since you really want an answer, I’d say, Mike Carlton, the PI from The Man for the Job, because he’s so sexy and has the best sense of humor.

Do you enjoy hearing from your readers and what is the best way to contact you?
Of course I enjoy hearing from my readers. I can be reached at

You write romantic suspense, is there another genre out there that you really want to give a try?
I’d love to write a murder mystery series. Actually I have the mystery suspense sequel to Love on the Run, called One Too Many, which debuts at Samhain Publishing in late spring 2008.

What would the perfect day for you involve?
Good friends, good food and beautiful scenery. Absolute Heaven.

Any advice for aspiring writers?
Learn all you can about the market of genre writing. Learn everything about writing in general. Write. Write. Write. And learn to live with rejection and once you're published, occasional bad reviews.

Is there anything else you would like to share with us?
Other than I am addicted ABC soap fan, how about a zillion links?

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