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I had the opportunity to chat with a very funny and interesting author who took time out of her schedule to answer a few questions for us, s without further delay let’s hear from...

Ann Wesley Hardin

Tell us a little about what makes Ann…Ann.
I’m hoping some of these interviews will help me figure that out! Seriously. I need help here, people.

What are some of your favorites…foods, authors, books, movies, music, and anything else that you want to share?
Beer, pizza, ice cream, romcoms and rock-and-roll.  And actually, most of the time in that order.

Umm…it sounds like you had a very interesting childhood…talking walls, coffins, and jet fuel. 
You don’t know the half of it.

Any other interesting childhood stories?
You mean like the time I was chased through the streets of Jerusalem by a pack of lovelorn Palestinians? Or when my sister and I stayed in a brothel in Bangkok? Then there was the vampire under the bed…

All true, by the way.

 I had to ask as this actually made me laugh out loud when I was reading it. 
That comment made my day!

Humor seems to be very important to you. Do you find that laughter is the best medicine?
Not only is it medicine, to me laughter is sexy. Almost better than sex, in fact, or at least right up there. Is that kinda weird – to think I’m turned on not by love scenes, but by the humorous ones? Not sure I want the answer to that.

Traveling has played a part in your life since childhood. Do you have a favorite place to travel?
I’m a junkie for just about anywhere in Europe, but particularly England and Switzerland. The years have taught me that the reason is basically because of the light there. Every city I love is at the same latitude. I seem to be biologically programmed for northern light. My sister, however, loves southern light. I think everyone needs to find out what they’re programmed to be happy with and go for it!

Any place that you would really like to visit that you have not gotten a chance to see?
I’d like to go to Prague and Brussels. Prague because it emerged relatively unscathed from the WWII bombings, and Brussels because my father loved it.

You write in several different genres. Do you find that you enjoy one more than the other and if so why?
I’ve loved the paranormals because of the creative freedom and the power – you can twist anything to suit you! But I think my heart is still in the contemporary because of the hope they bring, the fairy-tales-can-come-true aspect.

Are you a romantic at heart and have you found that one special person just for you?
Definitely. I romanticize everything and have to constantly remind myself to live in reality – not that I want to all the time. Hey, denial has a place!

I’m still looking for that person!

Do you have any advice for aspiring writers?
Don’t rush the story. Surround yourself with other writers. Persevere. Believe.

What is the perfect writing environment for you? Do you need quiet or can you write just about anywhere?
I prefer complete silence. The inside of my head is loud enough! But I’m certainly able to tune out and get engrossed in the story when forced.

If you could bring one of your characters to life, who would it be and why?
Well, it used to be Arnie Simpson. I’d hate to think he’s not alive and freaking out somewhere on this earth. But now I’m fascinated with Anthros in A Lick and A Promise. What could be better than a sexy, alpha alien? He has a hard time understanding humans, but he’s open to learning. Also, he screws up. A lot. He’s an endearing guy!

How do your stories come to you, slowly, page by page or do you know the whole story before you begin?
Most of my stories go page by page.  My mind speaks in symbols and I have to wait for them to link up and form what I call my “illuminated path”. It can be frustratingly slow, but I’ve learned to deal with it and trust it.

Do you enjoy hearing from your readers and what is the best way to contact you?
I live for it! You can email me at

What would a perfect day for Ann involve?
A salmon colored sunrise over the rain-slick cobblestone streets of a medieval village, lunch in a cozy pub, and a lakeside beer in the evening. With lots of good conversation in between!

Is your family supportive of your writing and do they read your work?
Yes, they do! So do my friends and co-workers. I’m fortunate to have many people in my life who are extremely supportive, and who get a huge kick out of what I do. Although when my daughter’s teenaged friends chase her around the bookstore while reading my books out loud, I do worry about her future mental health.

Is there anything else that you would to share with us?
I have some Dove dark chocolate sitting on my desk right now…

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