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I recently had the chance to chat with a talented author.  So, without further delay let’s hear from the talented

Roxy Harte

Did you always know that one day you would be a writer?
Yes, I think it was inevitable that at some point I would write erotica. I was always that girl who was a little too smart. I could make straight A's, charm the teachers into believing I was perfect and then get a bunch of girls together at our lunch table for "story time". And really, the stories were fairly graphic for young girls to be sharing.

How did you get your start?
I've always written—a journal, poetry, soul searching songs—but my writing shifted into high gear in 1986 when I found myself the full-time caretaker of my invalid parents. Most nights instead of sleeping I would write, amassing several 100k novels. After their deaths, I looked at the pile and said, "Now what?" At the same time my teenage daughter was interested in what I was doing on the computer and decided to sneak one of my ms out of the house. She loved it so much that it ended up at one of those dark, smoke filled coffee/poetry cafés and was read aloud over the course of an evening. Everyone there loved it, and without my even knowing it a fan base was born. That story was Sacred Secrets. Was I mad? Of course, but I was also amazed that anyone would want to read it. After that I started investigating writers’ groups.

Tell us what makes Roxy…Roxy?
When I write, I have an intense desire to make the reader think, to push their boundaries, to challenge their beliefs about people. I write about damaged people because I believe in some way, we are all damaged. That's what makes us who we are as humans. That's what makes us interesting and it's how we cope with the event that damaged us that really intrigues me. We all have vices and escapes from the mundane—creativity outlets, religion—to the extreme—cutting, BDSM, addictions. When I write, I write to touch deep seated human emotion.

When writing do you plan the story out before you start or does it develop as your write?
That's interesting, because my writing is evolving. I never use an outline. The Chronicle of Surrender: Books I-III, Submissive, and Old Dog, New Tricks were all written as I told the story in my head, sometimes taking years to piece together.

The novels I'm currently working on seem to need telling with immediacy and so I write the rough and dirty story as soon as it comes to me on scraps of paper, napkins, whatever is handy. Though I'm now trying to carry a notebook for such emergency writing moments, and that seems to me to be as close to an outline as I will ever get.

If you could bring one of your characters, or any character to life, who would it be and why?
Jackie, Garrett's best friend and the male to female transsexual that makes an appearance in all of the Chronicles of Surrender. Why? I admire her strength and her courage, her sense of identity, and her love of life. She is a very passionate woman.

Tell us some of your favorites…foods, movies, music, authors, books, colors, and any others you want to share?
FOOD: I love food...any and all food, especially global choices...except maybe not LIVE food (grubs, worms etc)...I love to find restaurants that are off the main road, mom and pop home cooking places. I have a couple favs here Mexican, one Greek, one Chinese, and one American Vegan...and they know me...they know I want whatever they are probably having for dinner themselves tonight...the stuff that isn't necessarily on the menu...

MOVIES: You know that single copy movie that they have at the video store that no one has ever rented...except for maybe one really eccentric person? Yeah, I'm that person...

MUSIC: Folk, Blues, Indy, Celtic...I love live music by local people who will never be known...they just sound amazing.

BOOKS: Fiction and non-fiction...including but not limited to...philosophy, sociology, anthropology, economics, sci-fi, chick-lit, mysteries...the classics...

I love to favorite authors are too many to note here...

COLOR: Purple

I read you belong to a writing group. Do you find this to be helpful? Would you recommend this to writers who are just starting out?
Yes...yes...yes...a writing group provides motivation, moral support, emotional support, friendships, critiques. Where would I be without the friends I've made at the group and their encouragement? I would be a much lesser writer than I am today for certain.

What would a perfect day for you involve?
I try to make everyday a perfect day because I learned very early that there isn't always a tomorrow for a second try. The secret is learning to be passionate and involved with every moment. The good ones and the bad ones. Some of the days I remember and cherish as memories are those days that seemed so tragic but one second, one moment I embraced something good and fine and held on for dear life.

You stories deal with BDSM, what draws you to this genre?
Life experience. Finding pleasure in the pain. See the prior question because the long answer is very long and deals with abusive relationships, religious fanaticism, and surviving of emotional pain.

Do you enjoy hearing from your readers and what is the best way to contact you?
I love, love, love hearing from my readers...roxyharte at gmail dot com...

Did I read that your house is actually haunted? I am very curious to learn more about this.
Oh wow...Lucy! I do miss Lucy, our wonderful, playful child-ghost who scared us as often as she amused us. When I got married last year, my husband moved me and my daughter from our 100 yr old haunted house and into a newly built dream house. Neither my husband nor my daughter misses Lucy and, honestly, it was fairly frightening. Exploding lightbulbs, thrown objects, being shaken awake, terrorized pets but there was never a dull moment—and she was amazing at finding lost things...

What do you consider your greatest strength? Any weaknesses?
STRENGTH: My survival instinct, my intuition, my willingness to love unconditionally.

WEAKNESS: Unreasonable fears...phobias...

What does your family think of your writing? Are they your biggest fans and do they read your work?
My family is proud of me for pursuing my dreams, and yes, they've all read at least some of my works.

Are you able to write full-time of do you have one of those pesky day jobs?
I'm a real-estate agent who was so busy working 12 and 14 hour days just to keep up with demand a few years ago who suddenly has an amazing amount of free no pesky day job.

Do you have a writing schedule that you follow?
Not strictly, but most days I do try to write at least 3000 words. And days that I actually write double that are my favorite kind of days because it means there was no life drama that needed attending.

Is there anything else you would like to share with us? Any current or upcoming releases?
Old Dog, New Tricks being released in July by Loose-Id Publishers (working title, subject to change)

Unholy Promises, Book 3 of the Chronicles of Surrender also being released this summer by Liquid Silver Books.

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