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Things go bump and grind in the night?

Maybe Moira Rogers can help.


For those of you who might not know, the Moira Rogers writing team is made up of Donna and Bree. I was excited to have the opportunity to chat with this dynamic duo.

How did Moira Rogers come about?

Donna:  Bree and I have been writing separately and as a hobby for years. Last fall, we were talking about books and genres we enjoyed, and one of us (I don't even remember who) suggested writing something together.  So we came up with some concepts, toyed with process, and practiced until we felt confident about showing other people our combined efforts.  It only took about half a million words.  LOL

Bree: We've both always been great at concepts and a little lacking in the follow through. It turns out all we needed to do was combine forces and know that the other person was going to kick us in the rear if we slacked off.


What was the first story you sold?  Who did you tell first?

Bree: Moonshine was the first story we sold, and the situation surrounding it is actually rather amusing.  We'd entered Cobblestone Press's Wicked contest, and as a lark I talked my friend Andy (writing as P. Andrews) into entering a story as well.

I was in the shower when the announcement went up that Moonshine had finaled, but Andy called me at once and somehow relayed to my husband that I had to get online because there had been a "porn emergency." So I didn't even get to tell anyone first, because I was too busy leaping from my shower wondering what on earth constituted a porn emergency.

Donna:  I was away from my computer at the time, so I, too, got a phone call about a porn emergency.  Then I told my husband and gleefully showed him the email.


When Moonshine was published, what were your expectations/hopes?

Donna:  My hopes with regard to epublishing have always revolved around exploring what, to me, is an exciting new medium as well as venue.  I live out in the country, and I do everything I can on the internet, from pay bills to shop for Christmas presents.  I love the instant delivery offered by ebooks, and I love the fact that there are so many new devices being marketed now, which make ebooks as portable as paperbacks.  (Like my new iPod Touch, which I LOVE.)

Bree: I'm with Donna.  It was really exciting to not just have people interested in reading my stories, but being involved in an exciting digital adventure.  I'm a technophile with a Computer Science degree who builds websites for fun.  Epublishing and I are a good fit.


Your website is practically an all-you-can-eat buffet.  There are several series and loads of free reads to choose from. I have had the pleasure of reading the Last Call stories and a few from Mystic Valley but I am way behind.  How do you keep it all straight?

Bree: A wiki.  Literally!  Hidden on one of the fifteen or so domain names I own is a top secret wikipedia filled with nothing but facts about our projects, our characters, our plots and our universes.  It's really the only way to keep it all straight!

Donna:  We keep track of current stuff as well as vague or not-so-vague ideas for future development.  It's an invaluable resource; as long as we're diligent about recording stuff, we never have to worry about having a character's eyes change color between books.


How does your writing team work?  Is Donna the hero and Bree the heroine? What about ménages?  Who gets to be 2 people?

Bree:  No, we are flexible, like ninjas.  Sometimes we divvy up the characters based on personal experience.  Donna studied forensics and nursing.  I am a computer programmer.  The natural division of cops & doctors vs techies is self-explanatory.  However, it can be overruled by a more pressing question: is the hero a broody, alpha bastard with a tragic past?  If so, he is mine.  ;)  If you want your hero a little more well-balanced with a snarky sense of humor, Donna's the one to go to.  At the moment, I am on Tough Guy Strike and am writing a deliciously awesome Beta man to shake things up, though.

Donna:  If there are more than two main characters, sometimes it comes down to flipping a coin, or one of us just being willing to take on that extra character.


Let's talk logistics.  Do you bunker down in a cold dark room together, furiously plodding through edits or do you do it separately in luxurious writing caves?

Donna:  My "luxurious cave" is a corner of the kitchen.  But, usually, we write in our respective homes and just toss stuff back and forth.  Only one of us can work on edits at a time, to avoid confusion, so we usually do those at home, too.  We try to brainstorm and plot when we're in the same room, because those things are easier that way.  But we try to at least keep Bree's office warm and well-lit while we do so.  ;)

Bree: And it is well stocked with chocolate, delivered by our adoring husbands whenever they do something they'd like us to forgive them for.


Can you tell me a bit about your upcoming releases?

Bree: We've got a busy schedule for 2009 already!  Our first full length urban fantasy novel is coming out from Samhain in March, and we're both super excited about it.  Crux is the book that we started first, the one we spent months plotting and planning back when this whole writing adventure was still purely hypothetical.

Donna:  It's maybe still my favorite universe, too, because those months of plotting weren't just spent on the first book.  There are character arcs and major events and all those other things they warn you not to get too invested in, just in case that first book doesn't sell.  So Crux being published is a huge thing.


Do you get nervous about new releases?

Donna:  Each one is nerve-wracking in its own way, but I'm slowly getting used to them.  We've got a system, one that mostly involves Bree dealing with the practical stuff and me gnawing off my fingernails.

Bree: Being the webmonkey has its advantages.  I don't have time to be nervous most of the time!  My nerves come later on, when I wonder what I’ve forgotten to do.


Do you have a favorite character or title from the books you have published so far or your WIPs?

Bree: I love Connor and Zoe from Last Call: Kamikaze, but I think my favorite character of all is Dylan from the Red Rock Pass series.  We don't get to tell his story until the third book, but we're working on it now and I'm remembering why sometimes the man you want isn't necessarily the alpha man--it's the beta man who doesn't care who's stronger than him when it comes time to do what needs doing.

Donna:  Oh dear.  Dylan might be my favorite, too.  He's so cute!


Do you have a favorite author?

Donna:  Stephen King, I think.  He's a great storyteller, and I cut my teeth on his peculiar ability to find the horrific in the everyday.  As you can imagine, Bree has to rein that in.  A lot.

Bree: I have a handful of favorites, but the ones who grace my shelves the most are Anne Bishop, Melanie Rawn and Kelley Armstrong.  I love fantastical worlds and anyone who can bring them to life for me has a devoted fan.


Name one thing readers would be surprised to know about you.

Bree: I lived in Austria for a year and sometimes still dream in German.

Donna:  I've blown up a cinder block with an Uzi.


Where can readers find you?

We're all over the place!  A few of the places we keep an online presence include...

Website: http://www.moirarogers.com

Blog: http://www.moirarogers.com/blog/

Announcement Only List: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/moirarogers/

Chatty List: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/mahalias/

MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/moirarogers

Livejournal: http://moirarogers.livejournal.com

Twitter (Bree): http://twitter.com/moirarogersbree

Twitter (Donna): http://twitter.com/donnajherren


Is there anything else you would like to share with us?

Donna:  Writing is so much fun, and so is the chance to explain a little of the method behind the madness.  Thanks for having us!

Bree: Yep, Donna pretty much wrapped it up.  Now it's time to sneak back to our writing caves and work some magic.



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