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Mandy M. Roth


I was given the opportunity to interview a wonderful and very talented author recently.  She very kindly took time out of her busy schedule to answer a few questions for us.  So, letís get right to the interview with Mandy M. Roth.


Have you always been writing and telling stories?
No. I started just about three years ago now. Growing up I was fascinated by another out of the norm. I think I creeped my parents out but they learned to deal with meóencouraging my creativity. For the majority of my life, it manifested itself in the form of art. It wasnít until later that it took on the form of writing.

Is it easier to write books that stand alone or are part of a series?
Thatís a tricky question for me because it depends on the book or series. If itís a serial, following the same heroine throughout each book, I find those to be harder to write than others. It becomes an epic. You have so many things to remember while still staying true to the character while letting her grow and learn from her mistakes along the way. Itís a hard balance to strike. Books where they either stand alone or are a new heroine/hero in each book in the series, I find move much faster for me. I view them as fresh starts within the same world.

How and where do you usually do your writing?
I write from home, though Iíve been known to hide away in a dark corner of my local library, pecking away at my laptop. For the most part, I write in a set area of my home, with my reference book within reach. They act like a security blanket for me. If Iím not near them, I suddenly canít think straight. Funny thing is I generally do the research prior to writing so itís just a Ďmindí thing for me.

I noticed that several of your books connected. Do you enjoy writing storylines that continue through several books? Why?
I do. I love to nestle bits into different series and see how many people email to tell me they found a link. For instance, THE RAVEN NIGHTCLUB began in Daughter of Darkness by has been mentioned in several of my series. So has Necro Magik World and Supernatural Theme Park from DOD. I am also in love with the struggle between good and evil, be it outright or internal. I enjoy the fated, meant to be moments. So much of life is chance, taking a break and losing myself in something that is destined but hella hard to obtain is similar to waking and finding a Ben & Jerryís truck parked out front with a ďthis pintís for you, MandyĒ sign above it.

Does all your family know that you write incredibly hot and sexy books and how do they feel about it?
Yes, theyíre all aware of what I do and how hot I write. To be honest, the sex doesnít raise the eyebrows with them. Itís the paranormalóI think I creep them out. LOL. All and all they are incredibly supportive. In fact, my mom is my biggest fan.

Do you have a favorite character? And if so, why is he or she your favorite?
I have more than one and for different reasons. Gwen from DOD sticks out because she was the first character I ever wrote so her personality is somewhat based off mine. Wilson from Immortal Ops series is another fav because I get to let my rather odd sense of humor come out through him. Karri-Lynn from Wicked Lucidity was another that I absolutely loved losing myself in while writing. I loved how beautifully twisted yet incredibly normal, considering the circumstances, she was. Iíll confess to dressing up and dancing in my front yard with my girlfriends at random points in my life. I think weíve all had moments like that.

How does the writing process work for you? Do your stories come to you all at once or slowly page by page?
I generally get a fairly good idea of what type of book I want to write and then map out character sketches. Once Iíve figured out who and what the characters are, I let the story unfold on its own. Whenever I try to force an ending or a certain thing I want to happen, I generally write myself into a corner so Iíve learned to avoid that at all costs.

Who are some of your favorite authors? What are you reading right now?
Anne Rice is my absolute favorite. Stephen King, Clive Barker, Mario Puzo and Jacqueline Carey are a few others My list is long so Iíll spare you all of it. Iím currently reading Surviving Demon Island by Jaci Burton. I lucked out and received an ARC from her and Iím loving it!

If you were able to travel to any time period, where would it be and why would you go there?
Italy, late 1700ís and early 1800ís and Scotland early 1700ís. Well, those or the Roman Empire. Okay, clearly I canít make up my mind so itís best I go to all three. LOL.

Can you tell us a little about what you have coming up? Hopefully, a follow up to your amazing story Wicked Lucidity?
Thank you. WL2 is moving along, slow but steady. The WL series is so incredibly dark that itís hard to stay in that mindset for extended periods of time. I work on it and then set it aside to do other projects, coming back to it as I can. I have to admit, its one of my favorite series.  Next out from me will be a short story in an NCP anniversary anthology, Phoenix Rising II (Mating Behavior is my story in it). Also, Demonic Desires from Elloraís Cave. That will be a full length.

Tell us a little about what makes Mandy tick? Favorite movies, music, groups, foods?
I love The Wizard of Oz, Better off Dead and Dracula. My taste in music is eclectic to say the least. I enjoy listening to Black Lab, AFI, Live, Nek, AC/DC, Madonna, The Beatles and The Go-Goís. I really do hop all over the place. I have a major weakness for brownies. Oh and coffee. Should you ever see me on the street, wave a cup of coffee in my face and Iíll agree to just about anything for a sip.

How do you celebrate after finishing a book?
I read a book Iíve been dying to read or watch a DVD or some TV. I know that sounds lame but with as much as I write, I fall way behind on whatís going on in the world of books/movies/TV and like to play catch up.

You write in several different genres, do you have a favorite?
Paranormal. The others I dip into to clear my head so I can return with a fresh mindset to my paranormals.

Any advice for aspiring writers?
Write what you love and never let anyone tell you that you canít do it. Above that, I tend to shy away from offering anything profound. Mostly because I havenít a clue what Iím doing. LMAO.

Is there anything else you would like to tell us?
Yes, thanks for having me!

~~Mandy loves to hear from readers you can contact her at, and don't forget to visit Mandy's website for links to her blogs and reader groups.


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