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Lise Fuller

Author Spotlight

Recently, I was given the opportunity to interview and learn more about a wonderfully talented author.  She took time out of her very busy schedule to do an interview with us here at Joyfully Reviewed.  Without further delay let's hear from Lise Fuller

I know that you took a big break between your first writing venture, the play at age six, and your current releases, but during that break did you always know that you would eventually get back to writing?
Never in a thousand years. It wasnít until my late 20ís that I even gave it some consideration, but as I went on with the idea, I became convinced it was what I wanted to do Ė after I raised my first three children anyway. Now that theyíve been gone, and the fact that Iím in a wonderful supporting relationship with my husband, itís been great. I love the process, the worlds you can create, and having others read your work and appreciate it as well...well, there just isnít a better feeling.

How does the writing process work for you?  Do your stories come to you all at once or page by page?
Itís very strange. I have this daydream that pesters me, then the characters come to life, then the plot thickens. I sit and stew a long time about a story before I put the first words on the page, but then once I have, I canít seem to stop until itís done.

How does your family feel about your writing?  Do they know you write hot and sexy romances?
Oh, yeah. Theyíve read them. My kids and my husband love it. My sisters, who are much more staid than I, like them as well; however, I did have one sister tell me she wanted me to write an inspirational romance. I just shook my head. I told my husband if I did that, the heroine would be an ex-prostitute and the hero a holier-than-thou preacher who needed to reform to see he wasnít reaching his constituents because he looked down on them. Of course, the prostitute would be his biggest enemy, because sheíd throw it in his face. And of course, heís secretly in love with her, and certainly very sexually attracted. But enough of that. I have too many other stories to finish before I consider that!

Your stories seem to take place in the present day. Have you ever considered writing about a different time period?
Oh, certainly. Part of the many stories I have in my head. I also have some with a hero from another planet as well as a dragon-changing hero. My brain is at no shortage of ideas at this point!

Tell us a little about yourself and what makes youÖyou.
Ooooh, tough question. Iíve seen some things from the shadier side of life, lived through a lot of tough thingsólike being a single parent to three children. I remember one time, after my separation from my first husband and while I was putting myself through college and taking care of the kids, being despondent about where I was at in my life. My father had passed away two years before, my ex-husband had destroyed my relationship with my mother and family. I was basically alone and poor. Sometimes, I didnít know where the food would come for the kids, how to feed or care for them. Anyway, I remember thinking how easy it would be to not try anymore, just take a cheap job and forget college. But I knew then, like I know now, that if I had, it would have killed who I was, who I wanted to be. Instead, I made it through, from the grace of God and miracles at times, but I made it. And when I think I canít do something, I remember those times. If I could make it through that, I could make it through anything.

Who are some of your favorite authors, music groups, movies, foods?
Letís see. Iím very eclectic so I like all music. Thereís so many authors out there I love. R.A. Salvatore, Sandra Brown, Johnanna Lindsey, Shakespeare... Yep, thereís many. As to movies, I love just about anything with a good storylineóexcept horror. I donít like blood and guts horror just for the blood and guts. I LOVE romantic comedies and can watch them over and over, but usually a drama I watch only once. I love it, but I can only deal with it the one time. Unless, I havenít seen it in a long time. Now I have to admit, some of my favorite movies are kids movies Ė like Ella Enchanted, Shrek, Mulan, even Snow White. Movies where the heroine is afraid to change, yet does so because circumstances require her to do it, to do the right thing.

I am so impressed by the strong woman that you must be, mother to four children raising three as a single mom.  Any advice or just tips on remaining sane?
Sane? I donít think any writer is sane! We all have different worlds in our heads. Maybe thatís the secret Ė knowing you can control your world, at least, how you respond to it. The only thing you can do is your best. When that doesnít work, prayer is a great last resort. I know. I been in some of the darkest bowelsóprayer has helped me every time. Perhaps not in the way I wanted, but after everything is said and done, it happened in the best way it could. I keep in mind, too, that these depths Iíve trod of often of my own making, how I responded to something in my life. If I can put myself down there, I can mentally and emotionally get myself out. I believe in putting out your wishes to the universe. It works. I donít know exactly why, but it does. See? There still are some things that are magic in this world however you want to define that.

How do you celebrate after finishing a book?
Uh, honestly, by thinking about the next one. I take a short break. I need to let the next one mushroom. Sometimes I donít even think about it and then I wake up in the middle of the night with an idea. Yeah, itís weird.

Any advice for aspiring writers?
Understand why you are doing this to yourself. This isnít an easy business. So, if youíre expecting to get rich and famous, then that isnít the right reason. You may, donít get me wrong, but the number one reason to do it is because you love it. If it makes you happy, then no matter what or who you run afoul of, it doesnít matter. You have to feel this inside, the passion for just putting the words out there. If you donít, look for something else to do. If you do, donít ever give up. It wonít matter if the literary world poo-poos you. This is for you, number one, for your personal satisfaction. Letting what everyone else thinks (even well-known professionals, affect whether you think you can write is just letting others control what you love. Why do that? You decideóinsideówhat you love. No one can tell you who or what to love. Thatís your God-given decision to make. So just do it. Like Nike. The rest, as they say, shall come. Yes, learn things along the way. Examine what others have to say, but decide for yourself what you think is right and what is just bad advise for you.

If you could travel anywhere during in time in history where would it be and why?
There are too many to name. I have so many places and times I would want to see. Even in the future. I love all historical things, I love understanding why cultures do/did the things they do/did. And the great happeningsólike why was Alexander the Great so driven to conquer the world? How were the pyramids made? Did the American Indian actually come from some early Asian people across a land bridge? The early explorersówhat made them take those steps into the unknown? God, werenít they afraid? How did they overcome their fear? Thereís so much. And I think itís all fascinating. Then the future? Where are we going? Whatís the 25th century going to be like? Itís wild.

Can you tell us a little about what you have coming up?
Intimate Deceptions, the second in my Dangerous Encounters series, was released in e-book November 30, 2006. The first book in this series was On Dangerís Edge, which received 4 Ĺ stars from Romantic Times. Iíll post the blurb for Intimate Deceptions here. Itís as fast paced as the other and in this one, the plot thickens and has several more twists.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Intimate Deceptions

Trapped in a world of suspicion and lies, love was the only way out.

Spurned by Brodie Crawford years ago, Elena Alvarez Ramirez couldnít hate the man more. Yet when the Special Forces Army Sergeant comes to her aid to help rescue her daughter, repressed desires for Brodie flare and Elena wonders if he has any idea that Janie is his child.

Brodie Crawford wanted only one woman in his life Ė Elena. But when he came home eight years ago and found her married to his best friend, her betrayal was more than he could stand. Now the bastard that took Elena from him has killed a man and fled across the border with the child. Compelled by an emotion he refuses to name, Brodie leaves to help Elena rescue her daughter and finds that they have fallen into an even bigger game of deceit, one with lethal consequences. 

Embroiled in a world of danger and intrigue, Brodie prays theyíll get out alive.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I hear you are in the process of moving. That is always quite an adventure in and of itself.  Are you changing states or just moving to a different home?
Well, hopefully weíre not moving! My husbandís in the army (my number one source of military info) and he just got back from Afghanistan. Heís hoping to get a position here at Ft. Carson, so keep your fingers crossed!

Fitness is very important to you. Any suggestions for those of us who need to get into better shape, but cannot seem to motivate ourselves?
You have to prioritize and define what you want in life. My cholesterol was through the roof. I was overweight and the doctor wanted to put me on drugs. I didnít want that. The doctor had given me an angiogram at the time to see what was going on. It came out great, but how much warning did I need? I saw issues in my family where members got sick just because they refused to take care of themselves. I didnít want that. I saw my mother have a serious stroke and become totally incapacitated because of it. She eventually died, but day after day, lived as a virtual prisoner of her body. I donít want to live as an old person with a catheter and a bedpan. I know that. I knew what I had to do--change my lifestyle. So, the first thing I did was evaluate myself. Could I stick to a routine myself? I decided not so I hired a trainer. I checked a few out and settled with this guy. He put me on a diet and I still train with him this day. Yeah, itís expensive but I donít care. Iíd rather pay him than some doctor trying to fix me, or some long-term care facility to take care of my broken body. Itís a matter of choice. And we all have that. Donít put on blinders on. See what youíre doing to yourself. If itís a choice between a Godiva chocolate and one more good year of living active Ė give me the year. My husband would howl with laughter hearing that, but itís so true. You have to think ahead. Have a rudder and steer your life. Donít make excusesóoh, I had to do whatever, didnít have time. Make time. Your time is your own. Prioritize yourself and your health. Yeah, you have the kids to shuttle, dinner to make, a husband that makes demands. Yet, how well are you going to take care of them if youíre not taking care of yourself first? If youíre down, there is no one else, so your health comes first. I look at it this way, in an airplane, if the air masks deploy, they tell you to put yours on first. Why? Because you canít help your child or the person next to you if youíre not breathing. Period. As women, we need to redefine taking care of our families. It means taking care of your health needs first. And sorry, Iím probably preaching, but itís too true. And THATís why Iím such a fitness nut. Because I love my family and the life I have with them.

Is there anything else you would like to share with us?
LOL! Thatís probably enough for now. If any of your readers would like to reach me and talk about fitness, writing or my books, they can email me at lise@lisefuller.com. Thanks for your time and I appreciate the opportunity to touch your readers. Many blessings to all.

~ Lise

~Lise Fuller, taking romance to the edge of Danger,www.lisefuller.com
~On Dangerís Edge, 12/05, Cerridwen Press, still available, will be out in print 2/07
~Cutting Loose, 02/06, Cerridwen Press, still available
~Intimate Deceptions,  11/30/06, Cerridwen Press





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