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Hi, Vivian. Thank you so much for inviting me over to Joyfully Reviewed. I’m THRILLED to be here!


How long have you been writing?

I began writing seriously when I arrived in Australia six years ago. That’s when I started Photo Opportunity. I’d been desperate to give romance writing an honest shot for years before then. I even completed one book in my early twenties—which really stank. Arriving in a new country, with new horizons and new opportunities, was a perfect time to start a new career.


Where were you when you got your first contract? 

In my office, at home. I had my baby on my hip, and had breezed in to check my emails - in the hope that the elusive response to my submission to an editor would have arrived. And there is was. Sitting innocently in my inbox, as though it had no plans whatsoever to rock my world.


What was the first thing you did? Scream? Cry? Sit in stunned silence?

Boy was I excited. I danced around the house, singing and screaming. I must have yelled, “Oh, my God” about a million times or so. My baby thought I was nuts, but he smiled the entire time. J


Who did you tell first?

No one, for a good few hours. I was too busy digesting the news. I could not believe it was really happening. My book was going to be published. Then I phoned my hubby at work and told him. He was so proud. He even came home with flowers to celebrate. (Yep, he’s romantic that way.)


Does music influence your writing?  If so, do you have a playlist that goes with each book?

Not really. With Photo Opportunity, I obsessively listened to Robbie Williams and Brian Adams while I wrote. But since then, I’ve found music kind of distracts me. I can’t remember playing any songs at all while writing the Circle of Friends Series (Only Tyler and Steve’s Story).  I do, however, find myself inspired by songs that are hits at the moment. For example, Won’t go home without you, by Maroon 5, was definitely playing in my mind when I wrote A Question of Trust. And Jason Mraz’s I’m yours, is the inspiration for the latest manuscript I’m toying with. (Damn, I love that song.)


If your books were optioned for a movie, who would play your characters?

Well, I’m not sure about all my characters…but Adam Riley, from Ask Adam would have to be Colin Firth (the dashing Mr. Darcy,) and hunky Jason Lewis (Smith, from Sex in the City) (Yummmmmm) would fit Connor Regan, from A Question of Trust  beautifully. ;)


Do you like a neat workspace?  Or are you comfortably disorganized?

Um, well my office is a complete mess. Papers all over the place. Scraps of notes everywhere. Tea mugs and chocolate wrappers scattered around my computer. And dog toys all over the room. (Yep, I write best when Luigi, our pug x beagle, keeps me company.)


Tell me a little about A Question Of Trust. How long did it take you to write it? What are your favorite things about these characters?

A Question of Trust was a complete surprise for me. I never had any intentions of writing a ménage story. And then one day, while browsing through the Samhain blog, I read the call for submissions for the Ménage and More Anthology. That was all it took. The story exploded out of me. One month later, it was written. (I usually spend about a year working on a book.) I completed it the day the submissions closed, and was blown away when it was accepted.


I think my favorite thing about these characters was their ability to stay true to themselves. When I began the story, I had the ending mapped out very differently. Maddie, Gabe and Connor fought me all the way. The ending was the only one that could have been possible for them, given their circumstances.


Tell us something about you that nobody knows…

This is gonna sound ridiculous, you know because I’m an erotic romance writer and all, but the truth is, I cannot talk about sex without blushing. (I told you it was ridiculous.) And you know those words I sometimes use to describe various parts of the anatomy? I can’t say them out loud. Not without turning scarlet anyway. (Oh, okay. Laugh if you must.)


Thanx again, Vivian, for having me over at Joyfully Reviewed.

Also, thank you for your wonderful review of A Question of Trust.




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