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Getting Addicted to ...

Cassie Stevens


Tell us a bit about your recent release, Addicted, from Amber Quill Press.  How did you come up with the characters?

Addicted was written in response to a call for submissions by my publisher, Amber Quill Press/Amber Allure Imprint. The parameters were that the story had to be BDSM related, slave/master, Dom/sub, m/m. I wanted to go beyond what I perceived to be the norm for this type of story. I decided on a slight twist where the submissive personality is the superior officer during the day. It seemed only logical for me at that point to make the sub/slave the Marine Corps captain and his Dom/master his subordinate during working hours. Of course, then it became the issue of how to make this work logically for me. Not only are Vic and Damien gay, they are also fraternizing, which is against military regulations. This is where their years-long separation comes into play, their reunion, dealing with those issues that split them after, the hurt each has suffered because they lost the other, and now coming to realize they are still addicted to one another.


Many of the characters in your stories have a military background.  What draws you to write about military characters?

I know the Marine Corps life very well due to my long association within that community as a military dependent, an employee, and a supervisor of Marines. My experience within the military legal community hasnt hurt either. I often go to that well of knowledge when Im writing because I do know it so well. And if Im rusty on a few regulation changes, I still have dozens of friends to help keep me current.


One of my favorites of your stories is Secret Lovers.  Can you tell us a bit more about this story and its origins?

This is one of those stories I wish Id had more time to write. Again, the call for submissions was plain and the timeline very short. The parameters for this story were that the men had to be best friends. So I went with firefighter and Marine. Theyd met three months before, hit it off as friends, started playing in the Over 30 Basketball League and became even closer. Finally, during the last game each decides to let the other know how he feels. In other words, they are at the point where they trust each other to dare to share their secret, hoping the others feels the same way, knowing if theyve made a mistake the word will never go any farther. They are safe. There are still fears, but they are both determined to be with each other.


Legacy deals with a very special suit that accidentally gets delivered to David instead of Max.  Do you have any plans for another story about David and Max?

Actually, I do and Ive received several questions about this lately. Weekend Warriors picks up about where Legacy left off. David and Max are beginning their training together. Davids learning all he can about the powers in which hell be invested and they are learning to work together as a team. They also have to continue to juggle their day jobs and juggle their relationship as they learn how to save the world.


Model Behavior is a fun story about a photographer and a model.  How did this story come about?

Model Behavior was the first m/m story I wrote. It was a challenge to my muse to create emotionally engaging characters who were physically attracted to each other. In Model Behavior we have a man with definite preconceived notions about the model hes to photograph. Derek has no use for models, having been burned before. But our model hero has no problem being patient and proving hes more than worthy. When they first meet, our jaded photographer tells Brad in no uncertain terms that he doesnt do models. Brad promises to be on his best behavior. No matter how hard it might be. By being himself, he shows Derek hes more than just a great bod and a pretty face.


When you start writing, do you already have the story plotted out or do you let the characters dictate what will happen?

I have a basic idea for the story. Once I start writing I let the characters tell me their story. I also let them direct me.


Do you draw inspiration for your characters from real life?

Im always watching people and listening to things going on around me when Im out in the world. I catch the body language, the tone, the fun and sadness, the drama and the laughter. Its life. Thats what people want to read about real people, someone they can relate to. Watching and listening is a wonderful tool to help authors create realistic characters. 


What is your favorite Kelly Clarkson song?

LOL! I dont know whats more funny: that you asked this question, or that I have an answer. My favorite is: Addicted. And, yes, the lyrics constantly ran through my head while I was working on Addicted. The song will again be at the forefront of my mind when I write the sequel to this story.


Name one thing that your readers would be surprised to know about you.

Although it might not seem like it, Im really very shy and very, very uncomfortable in new situations. It takes me six months to warm up to someone I see frequently. You can imagine how long it takes me to slip into my comfort zone for those people I only see once a year.


Do you have a guilty pleasure?

Television. What do I watch? Dancing With The Stars, CSI, NCIS, The Mentalist, Without A Trace, Greys Anatomy, Eureka, Sanctuary, Numbers, Ghost Whisperer, Criminal Minds. And somehow this year I got sidetracked with Ice Road Truckers and Verminators. Very sadI know.


What are you currently working on?

Im presenting deadlined from several projects writing as Caitlyn Willows. Once those deadlines are complete, my Cassie Stevens persona will take over and get to work on those deadlined projects. Weekend Warriors (sequel to Legacy) is slated for February 2009 release. Committed (sequel to Addicted) is slated for March 2009, with the third of that series (Betrayed) coming out in early summer. Also on board for Cassie are two others stories for April and May 2009 (titles yet to be determined). At that point my Caitlyn self will take over once more. 


Where can readers find Cassie Stevens?

My website is: www.cassiestevens.com.



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