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Bianca D'Arc


What is your perfect writing atmosphere? 

 Quiet house. Nobody home. An icy cold glass of water by the computer and something to snack on - preferably something healthy, but more often than not, some kind of sweet that's no good for me.


Would you call yourself a "pantser" or a "plotter"?

I'm a little of both. I plot out just enough so I know where I'm going and roughly how I'm going to get there, but I allow for surprises along the way. Some of the best characters and situations come from surprises that crop up during the writing process.


What leads you to the characters you write about and all the different sub-genres?

A short attention span. No, seriously. I love all kinds of sci fi, fantasy, military characters, and more. I like to have multiple projects going at once so I can switch off when the mood strikes. Just this past week I've been finishing up my next futuristic and took a day or two to work on my next dragon book in the middle there. It helps me keep everything fresh and clears my mind while also making the story new and exciting when I return to it.


Where were you when you got your first contract? Who did you tell first?

My first contract ever was for a very short story titled One & Only, which coincidentally has recently been expanded to a novella and will be re-releasing in early November from Samhain Publishing. The contract was from a now-defunct ebook publisher, so I got the offer by email. My family was the first to hear the news and they were as happy for me as I was. The story had been an entry in a contest and while it hadn't won the contest, it had been deemed good enough to be published on its own. I owe a lot to that little story.


What character or couple would you love to bring to life, if you could & why?

Tor, my baby Ice Dragon. Why? Well, he's sort of my imaginary friend. I like to imagine he's towering over my back while I'm hunched in front of the computer screen. He's watching everything I write and making comments like "Oh, good one!" or "Hmm, maybe not that word." LOL. He's a cutie and one of my all-time favorite characters.


What are some of your favorite things in life?

Art in all its forms. I play a few instruments and considered making a living as a professional musician for a long time. I also sculpt, draw and design jewelry. You may have seen some of my digital art creations (I'm still very much a novice at that, but enjoying the learning process) on my blog. I do a thing called "Wallpaper Wednesday" almost every week where I offer one of my digital art creations as a free desktop wallpaper. Some relate directly to my books, some are just cool knights or fairies or space dudes or whatever.


If I followed you for a day, what would I see or experience?

Not much. My life used to be much more exciting when I was a commuter who worked in Manhattan, but now I mostly putter around the house, writing and doing chores as the mood strikes me. I planned my escape from the corporate world very carefully and I relish my freedom to do what I want to do when I want to do it, but pesky housework is always there. It's a bummer. So on a typical day at home (when I'm not traveling, which I do frequently), I get up whenever (No more alarm clocks! Yay!), mosey down to the computer room and turn everything on. I check email, see if I need to blog anywhere, and generally figure out what I need to do that day. I write when it's quiet and if I'm on a creative streak, sometimes I write late into the night. I take a break at some point to watch the news or listen to talk radio, do some sculpting, or putter in the garden, then shift upstairs sometime after midnight where I have my laptop set up to capture any last minute thoughts. That's about 3-4 days out of each week. The other days I'm usually traveling to see my folks who live on a small farm in another state. We're very close, so I go to their place about half-time during the summer and a little less than that during the winter.


Does music influence your writing?  If so, do you do sound tracks for your books? 

I don't do soundtracks for my books like some writers. I was a professional musician for a lot of years and music influences my writing in unexpected ways. I also have ecclectic tastes in music. In my car I have everything from my favorite Canadian folk singer, to movie soundtracks, to classic rock bands, to the waltz king of Europe's orchestra. Sometimes a piece of music will inspire a scene. There's one scene in a WIP that's an actual ball - like the old fashioned Regency balls with ladies in long gowns waltzing with dashing rogues. I bet you can figure where that came from. I do some of my best plotting in the car while I'm driving, so various pieces of music will sometimes influence certain scenes but I don't write with music on in my office unless I'm trying to drown out family noise somewhere else in the house. ;-)


Some authors say they are open to bribes to drop hints. If you would be, what type of bribe would it be? (not saying that you are or anything) 

Chocolate. Mmmm... Lindt milk chocoloate truffles. Hell, even Hershey's Cookies n' Cream bars. I'm disgustingly easy! LOL. I shouldn't eat it, but I do love it. But you don't really have to bribe me for hints. I love to talk about my work and there's no incentive like someone who actually wants to hear about my books!


Is there anything you want to write but haven't?

I write pretty much whatever pops into my head. Finding a publisher for it, on the other hand, is the real trick. I'd love to find a home for some of my contemporary stories and some of my more ambitious WIP's. I've got a lot of military heroes both in a contemporary setting and in some "space opera" type settings that I want to finish up and send on their way one of these days, but the contracted works take precedence, of course.


What do you currently have in the wings and what is just around the corner?

I have two print releases in the next few months. My newest paranormal menage, called Sweeter Than Wine, releases at the end of October, then the second book in my futuristic Resonance Mates series, Davin's Quest, comes out in print at the end of December. As for ebooks, my next release is on November 7th. It's the greatly expanded and revamped vamp novella titled, One & Only, from Samhain Publishing. The followup tale, titled Rare Vintage, will probably be out in February. Then I have another print release - a dragon book this time, called FireDrake, at the end of March.


How can a reader contact you and/or find out what you are doing?

My website is large and ever-expanding. There's lots of information there to surf through. It's located at www.biancadarc.com. I also have a blog where I post almost daily with different tidbits. It's at: http://biancadarc.com/blog/. If you want to chat, I have a chat group on Yahoo at: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/BiancaDArc/, and if you just want the facts, delivered once a month, check out my newsletter group at: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/BiancaDArcNews/


Anything else you would like to tell the readers?

I just want to thank you for inviting me to do this! I had a ball and I hope, if you've managed to read this far, you enjoyed it too. All my best to my bunny-ear-wearing friends at Joyfully Reviewed!


Thanks so much for spending some time with us Bianca.




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