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What is your perfect writing atmosphere?

This varies day-to-day, and scene-to-scene, really, and of course, on my mood. I'm at home during the day, so I'm lucky enough to have 'me' time for writing (you'd think I'd be more prolific, right? But alas, no). Me time can involve blaring music (think eclectic, very eclectic -- from Feist to George Michael to Clannad to Katy Perry and back, and of course the non censored versions with sweary words, please!), but then sometimes it's just me, and the bubbles from my coke. I'm a atmospheric flip flopper, I'll admit it.

My 'other' job was as a seamstress, but I decided that I was having no fun with that any longer, so I took my sewing room and turned it into my writing room (it's still a work in progress at the moment, this only happened two weeks ago). So, for the moment, writing has its own clean little space in my world. We'll see how long that lasts as I have some ideas for a new venture or two (hand designed day planners with fabric covers, and fabric covers for Sony eReaders and Kindles) that will no doubt clutter all my nice clean room (in other words the mess migrated from here…to the garage and yes, my husband is an unhappy man).


Would you call yourself a panster or a plotter?

In the most part a panster, but I am starting to see that plotting can be useful. Especially when you write yourself into a corner you can seem to write yourself out of. I swear ballroom dancing logistics is easy compared to the 'panster plot hole'. I was reduced to this: http://bp0.blogger.com/_qz0GseuwLsg/SHdh8W9-TNI/AAAAAAAAAVg/DR91dq3VZX4/s1600-h/IMG_3757.JPG not all that long ago!

Yes, that's my dining room window…


What leads you to the characters you write about?

All sorts really. I won't say my characters 'speak to me' so much as I see them as this interesting (hopefully) person. I'm sure some of my friends could probably say they can see some of themselves in different characters, they'd be right. Characters need the little things to make them come alive, and now and then I swipe a few of the little things J.


Where were you when you got your first contract? Who did you tell first?

At that point hubby and I were having a bad breakup with our other love, Dark Age of Camelot (DAOC for short) so both of our computers were in the same room. I'd made the hard break and gone cold turkey, but hubster had decided to cheat on our beloved and try out City of Heroes. So while he cursed and swore at his screen as he tried to make his superhero fly, I had my nose pressed to mine as I wrote Persuading Jo, having been egged on to do so by my girlfriends.

Needless to say, when I got the email from Loose Id asking for a full ms I was cool and collected, although surprised by how fast the request had come through (Yes, my head got big -- I was thinking NY timelines at that point, and had no clue about ePublishers and Romancelandia, or blogs and websites of authors at that point… boy that changed fast!). I kept it low key until two weeks or so later when I got the 'we'd like to offer you a contract' email.

I yelled and screamed and jumped around the room and made a general wally of myself; scared the crap out of the hubster so much that he lost control of his superhero and died, and did the patented to all authors 'Hooolleee shit, I really wrote a book' ass wiggle (complete with moving arms and facial animation for $19.95, batteries not included).

Of course once hubster got over his superhero dying (I mean, it shouldn't have been that hard, he tended to die with great regularity), the first question he asked was "So when do you get paid?"



What characters would you like to bring to life?

Possibly Craig, Jack and Wren from Tea for Three, mainly because I set that book in my home area and I think I'd really like those three as friends. But it would be a toss up with the guys from Rockville -- Pearl, Rex, Shaun, Rob and Jak. They are such a hard case bunch you couldn't help but to like them, warts, cranky tempers, fangs, claws and all.


Romance leads people to expect a happily ever after. Have you had to fight a character to achieve his/hers?

Oh yes. Jay, Ian and Sam from Red Skirt, Cool Fountain. Oh, my, yes. This is the one story, of all I've written so far, that people either love or hate. I think the reason is that it's very real. No paranormal, no scifi, just a contemporary setting with three people who have a lot to learn about themselves and each other. My editor made the comment that it felt the most plausible of any of my ménage storylines, very true to life. I think that's what made it so hard to bring to a satisfying conclusion -- real life is neither easy, nor neat. It really has more of a HFN ending to it, and it was a fight to get that.


What are some of your favorite things in life?

Oh, where to start…

I am a dichotomy. I am both a tech whore and a stationery addict… old school versus new. I'd be the first person to sign up to have tech brain implants. I'm never with out my 'baby' on my hip. Baby being short for laptop J. But I drool over crisp white sheets of paper. I love laser printers as the paper comes out hot and crisp -- much like heavy cotton sheets out of the drier. I just want to sniff that smell all up! (It could be worse, instead of toner it could be cocaine or something, right? No? Bugger!)

Other than that it's the usual -- handbags, red shoes (seriously I have this thing for red shoes and handbags, but red is so not a good colour for me), cola, candy… all the things that are either bad for you or your pocket book.


If I followed you for a day, what would I see or experience?

Seriously, you'd be bored out of your tree. Well, except for when I get off my arse and dance around doing the housework, you'd get a great laugh then… oh, and Thursday coffee with the girls, there's nothing like a good gossip session!


Some authors say they are open to bribes to drop hints -- if you would be, what type of bribe would it be? (not saying that you are or anything)

Shiny things. I'm all over shiny things. Oh and gadgets, and paper -- I've searched so long for the perfect day planner I'm now designing my own!


What books are in the wings, and what is just around the corner?

Witch Vamp Were? has released at Loose Id. WVW? follows on from Accidentally Were? that released last November. If you've read AW? you've met Shaun who is the female protag of this story, Rob, the Huntingdawn Alpha is here, too; and a new player on the scene Jakov Pieter (yeah, you sounded that out right hehe), a vampire. These stories are the total opposite to my other WIP. They are lighthearted and fun, and my little poke in the side at the paranormal genre. I love writing them as I get to let my inner ironic, snarky and funny side out to play. I've got a couple of other stories planned for some of the other members of the Huntingdawn Pack, but they are still a little vague at the moment.

I'm working on story that will be the follow up to my first erotica story, Curious Intimacies, which was released with EC. It's a toughy, as the storyline is essential Female dom/ male sub. When you have the word from publishers about this sub genre to 'be as good as Joey Hill' it takes a lot of considering getting the plot and story just right. This one's a real work in progress at the moment, there's some rewriting to be done to make the story the best it can be. I very much want to write this story as it's one I can't find anywhere to read. (shhhh, don't tell hubby I have secret fantasies of tying him up and suspending him from the ceiling while performing wicked, wicked deeds to his body!)


How can a reader contact you?

Via my website, of course, and the nifty contact page: http://annedouglas.com/blog/?page_id=139

You can join my mailing list (new releases and contests only): http://www.honeybkids.com/mailinglist/?p=subscribe&id=3

Email me: anne@annedouglas.com

Thank you so much for allowing me to interview you!




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