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I was given the chance to chat with a very talented author this month, who took time out of her busy schedule to spend some time with us here at Joyfully Reviewed.  So, without further delayÖletís hear from

Yvette Hines

Did you know you would be a writer one day?
Hi, Gracie, itís good to be here. Nope. I didnít have a clue I was going to be a writer. I wish I could say I lived and breathed writing, but I didnít. I lived and breathed reading romance books. The closest I came to penning a love story was writing in my diary about a guy I had a crush on. 

Tell us about what makes YvetteÖYvette.
Iím a wife, mother and writer. I love romance and writing it is one of my greatest pleasures in life, outside of my family. Iím a romantic at heart, so writing romance and erotica with happily ever after endings just gets me excited. As an erotic romance author, I try to show that every woman no matter color, age, shape or size deserves a high level of passion in her life. Last Christmas, I published my first short story Santaís Helper, reviewers and readers loved it and I was happy to move into another level of writing.

You belong to a writing group, what do you feel the benefits are and would you recommend it to aspiring writers?
Everything about being a part of a writing organization is a benefit. First off, you get live touchable people in the writing industry to give you sound advice. You learn through their experiences what may or may not work. Workshops are a plus and help hone the craft as well as a critique group of active writers. Can I say active writers again? Because many people dream of being a writer and think up stories, however they never get them fully or completed on paper. An aspiring writer needs to write and keep writing.

How do you promote your work?
I promote my work by word of mouth first and foremost. When I initially became a romance writer, as well as an erotica writer I wouldnít say anything to anyone outside of my writing group. I brushed it off. When I started to take it seriously and have confidence in myself, my writing became a part of who I am, it spread like wild fire. Now, I do online chats at several groups, I send out flyers and postcards to local bookstores and adult toy stores. I offer contests to at least get people to stop and take a look at my work. When I go to restaurants and other places, I leave my card.

Tell us some of your favoritesÖhobbies, foods, movies, authors, books, music, color, seasons, and any others.
Oh, goodness where would I start? I love music and currently I am addicted to anything by Robin Thicke. But, for the most part my music is like my writing, eclectic, one day Iím listening to Chris Daughtery or Duran Duran and the next Iím being soothed by Kenny G, then dancing to Will Smith, Latin or Country in my house. I love to sing, dance and enjoy good food. When I have time, Iím usually watching the Food Network. My favorite authors are widely spread now that my paperback and eBook collection are competing against each other. I just finished Fascination Street by Bridget Midway but before that I read Treasured Vows by Cathy Maxwell, I love romance across the board. Easier answers, electric blue, spring and fall, and ice cream is a major food group to me.

Do you have a favorite genre and what is it?  Is there a genre you would like to try?
Yes, Gracie, my favorite genre is erotic historical or sensual historical books. BDSM novels are also starting to rise in my collection, since I wrote Speed Dating. Maybe for the same reason as historical, you know that hero being a strong man and taking charge.  I would love to try my hand at a historical some day. I have two stories outlined and as soon as I have time to sit and do the researchÖIím there.

Do you enjoy hearing from your readers and what is the best way to contact you?
I love hearing from readers both good and bad. Why, because it helps me in my writing. Readers can see and feel things from your story you didnít know you were giving off. My favorite thing to do is to have a book talk party with readers who have read my book. I play games, give out prizes and just give them a chance to ask questions and express themselves. or

How does the writing process work for you? Do you plan your stories out or let them develop as you write?
When it comes to story writing I generally jot down a short blurb of my story idea, give it a title, then I make a sentence of each point or scene I want to happen. Then I just sit and writeÖ I let the characters take over the book. Itís their story and usually Iíll end up with another layer to the book I wasnít expecting. I believe you have to allow the characters to have a voice or there is no life to the story.

What is your greatest strength and what would you consider your weakness to be?
My greatest strengths are my dedication to something and my passion toward those things I get involved in. On the flipside of that, sometimes I donít know when I have too much on my plate. Like now with being a wife, mother having a full time morning job and then come home and get up early to write and promote myselfÖoh, did I say Iím also working on my masters degree full time. See what I mean?

Do you have advice for aspiring writers?
Yes, I do. Write, write and write. Donít just stop after youíve completed your first manuscript and sit waiting to hear from an editor or agent, keep writing. Aspiring writers should attend many conferences to get their work in front of agents and editor. Also, attend online chats to find out what readers like and promote themselves.

Is your family supportive of your writing and do they need your work?
My family, especially my husband and children are supportive. Since they get a first hand dose of me sitting at the computer for hours. However, all of my family reads my work and are usually the first or last ones in line at my book signings to buy my book.

If you could travel to any place or time, where would it be and why?
Did you guess before I said it, 1800 England? I just want to be a fly on the wall and see the people dancing at balls and the sensual clandestine meetings. But, Iíd want to return because there are certain amenities of this era Iím very fond ofÖ 

Do you find it difficult to leave your characters behind when their stories are finished?
Gracie, I find it extremely difficult to let the characters go. Only because I fall in love with them as I write and they become real to me. When my books are released, Iím the first to buy a copy. Then when I get my book, whether downloaded or print, I curl up on the couch and read it, like a reader. Since the publishing process takes sometime for a release itís a fresh story to me. There are things I forgot were in it.

With the holidays coming, do you and your family have traditions that you are looking forward to?
Yes, serving in the lines at homeless shelters and giving gifts to children on Angel trees.

Is there anything else you would like to share with us?
Nothing except that my book The Marriage Clause, my first full length, just released and Iíd love to hear the feedback from readers about it. Also, to tell readers to keep checking my blog site and chats that Iím on, I love to offer contests and give away prizes.

Thank you very much for having me, Gracie, I always enjoy my time at Joyfully Reviewed.



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