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Rosa recently had the chance to visit with a very talented author.  So, without further delay letís hear from

M.A. Ellis

I see that in June you have Book Four in the ďHot and HendersonĒ series Twisted Steel and Sex Appeal coming out. Was it hard going further into the series or easier? 
I find it quite easy writing the books in this series because the characters are waiting in lineósometimes patiently and other times, not so muchófor their stories to be told. When I wrote the first book, The Cake Babe, I didnít even have a series in mind. But the heroís brothers sort of made their presence known, one after another, and there was no turning back.

Are you nervous about the book's release?
I try to remind myself that it isnít very productive to stress about how a book is going to do. Twisted Steel and Sex Appeal has an older woman/younger man dynamic and Iím feeling pretty good about it. But I did obsess about my March release, Seducing The Siren, because it was my first diveópun totally intended since itís a mermaid storyóinto  Ďfantasyí. Honestly, I try to write the best book I can and put it out there and hope for the best. And Iíd like to go on record right now and say part of that process ending in success is having an awesome editor and Iím blessed to have one of the finest.

I love the title it is very catchy and the cover is hot, how did you come up with it?
I have to credit my secret obsession with watching re-runs of American Chopper. There was an episode on last year where Mikey, my all-time favorite Teutul, uttered that phrase and I had one of those moments where all sound seemed to dissipate and that title reverberated through my head. Ten seconds later I knew it was perfect for one of the Henderson stories. All the brothers are involved in construction or renovation in some manner and Lukeís chosen profession hadnít come to me at that point. A hot, heavily-muscled wrought iron craftsman with a great sense of humor was born that Thursday evening!  As for the coveróthe artist did an unbelievable job. The necklace he wove into the image is an exact replica of one that was described in the book. Itís my favorite cover to date!

In your spare time, do you have a favorite hobby? And living in Pennsylvania, are you a big sports fan?
I am a HUGE sports fan! I love football and hockey, and living on the western side of the state, Iím fortunate to have two great teams to cheer for. Although, as I answer this question, I hope I havenít single-handedly jinxed my Penguins.  I imagine at some point Iíll work a sports theme into a bookóIíd love to give it a try, because nine months out of the year Iím paying pretty close attention to aggressive men in uniform! When I do get some free time I like to read, of course. But I have a real passion for all things culinary. Spending time in the kitchen is a true joy. I head there when Iím happy and I definitely head there when Iím stressed. I find cooking very therapeutic. To me, itís another form of creativity, especially baking. The people who know me can attest to the fact that Iíve never met a cheesecake, cannoli or chocolate truffle I didnít like!

When you start writing do you already have a idea in mind, and does it change as you start writing? 
I always have a rough idea of where I want the story to go. I donít do a detailed outline, but I certainly know what motivates my hero and heroine. Sometimes the story takes me down the path I intended and other timesówhich happens a lot with these Henderson menómy characters throw my plans into a tailspin. Iíve learned to just roll with it. Those sexy brothers havenít steered me wrong yet.

Is there going to be a Book 5 in your "Hot and Henderson" series?
Iíve got the twins, Sam and Matt, waiting in the wings. I definitely plan on doing their individual stories at some point, so there will be a Book 5 and a Book 6. Toward the end of Twisted Steel and Sex Appeal we get a brief introduction of a possible love interest for Sam when she rolls back into town. But who knows, she may end up making a play for Matt. Or be the luckiest woman on the planet and end up with them both! (But probably notóthose guys tend to not like to share a good thing when itís thrown into their laps.)

Is there one place in the world you want to visit but haven't?
Iíd love to take an extended tour of Italy. I was there years ago, but for a whopping three days. The cultural aspect of the country is obvious but Iíd be lying if I didnít admit that part of visiting would definitely be a food thing! I had the best meal ever at a tiny, off-the-beaten-path restaurant in Florence. I can only dream about how wonderful exploring the small towns and villages would be. So, any sexy Italian male tour guidesÖemail me.

Out all your books which is your favorite? 
I should say The Cake Babe since it was not only my first published book but also my first attempt at erotic romance, but in all honesty I have to go with Loveís Choice. I lived in Mississippi at one time and I will tell you with great conviction that there is nothing sexier than a southern man who has that heart-stopping blend of good looks, manners, charm and respect for the woman he adores.

What is the best way for your readers to contact you?
I love to hear from readers so please email at your leisure. You can contact me at My website,  is going in for a complete overhaul soon and Iíll be doing a newsletter and blog sometime in the near future.

Do you have any favorite authors?
Stephanie Laurens for historical romance. I go for Sherrilyn Kenyon if Iím looking for a great paranormal, because who doesnít love those Dark Hunters? Iím a long-time Sherlock Holmes fan, so Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. If I need something contemporary and totally off the wall itís Carl Hiaasen. If youíre talking literary icons, then itís Oscar Wilde and Byron.

What are you currently reading and what is your favorite genre?
My favorite genre is historical romance. I love losing myself in another era, I have since I can remember. With that said, Iím currently lost in a world where The Gingerbreadmanóa sadistic psychopath, but still a cookieóhas escaped from St. Cerebellumís asylum. Iím reading Jasper Ffordeís The Fourth Bear. Heís a brilliant writer and masterfully blends satire, mystery and well-known literary and nursery rhyme characters. Itís just sad that this book has been out so long and Iím just now getting to read it!

Is there anything else you would like to add---any new releases or news?
Readers seem to have a real interest in a few of the secondary characters from Loveís Choice, especially Tawny, so I think I can safely say Iíll start working on that sequel sometime over the summer.  I am very proud to announce that I will have a release in December as part of the Elloraís Cave ďJewels of the Nile IVĒ anthology. And readers may be surprised to find the story isnít my usual contemporary but an historical entitled Enlightening Lucinda. I canít wait to see what readers think.

I do want to thank Joyfully Reviewed for inviting me to share a little bit about myself with the readers. Itís been great fun!

Thanks for taking a few minutes to enlighten our readers.



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