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What is your most current work out?


My most recent work is Nemesis from Whiskey Creek Torrid.  It's a vampire/fantasy/historical about a young queen whose husband dies in war.  She ends up being taken prisoner by the victorious vampire general, Nemesis. 



Tell us a little about Nemesis, what inspired you to write Nemesis?


I've been writing erotic romance for a little over three years now and I like experimenting with different story lines.  I'm especially inspired by tough alpha heroes and try to put them in interesting situations that show their unique character. 


Nemesis came from my desire to write a different kind of vampire story.  He is a seven foot tall black vampire general working for a vampire king.  The whole story centers around a fantasy world where vampires have their own kings and queens.  As most vampire fans know, writing a new twist on the vampire love story is a tall order because there are tons of great paranormal stories out there.  But I do my best.



When you start writing, do you already have the story plotted out or do you let the characters dictate what will happen?


I have to plot my stories.  I pick up those essay books from the office supply store and write each scene until the tale is done.  I started getting away from it for a while but the stories are longer when I plot so I'm back to it.



Do you have a favorite character you have written?


My all time favorite is General Gavin Theron from the Siren Warrior series.  He's a really complicated hero with a lot of emotional baggage.  But his obsessive love for his wife is sooo sexy.



Do you have a character that you look back on now and don't like?


I'm not too crazy about Doctor Jason Masters.  He's kind of creepy.



Do you draw inspiration for your characters from real life? Any fun stories you could share?


I draw all my characters from real life.  Gypsy Theron is very much like some of the friends I had when I was a teenager.  Her father Gavin is an interesting mix of a few really cool adults I knew growing up including some sprinkling of my own father thrown in.


I dated a lot of supper sexy men when I served in the Navy.  Lindsey and I have a book coming out in June from Carina Press called “Hunters” and the hero's loosely based on a smoking hot boyfriend I had once. 


Probably one of my best stories comes from my first visit to a male strip club in San Diego.  “Incubus Nights” (Whiskey Creek Torrid) is based on that night with some sexy fantasy thrown in LOL.



Name one thing that your readers would be surprised to know about you.


I love to sew but I'm terrible at it.  In fact, I'm lousy at most crafts.



Do you have a guilty pleasure?


ICE CREAM (note she yelled that one in all capital letters J)



What do you need before you start writing?  Any thing that is just a must have or the creative juice don't flow?


A quiet corner and some hot tea J



Does music influence your writing?  If so, does any of your stories have a theme song?


Tons of my stories have theme songs.  Off the top of my head, Machine Lust: Black Copper-Korn's Twisted Transister, Siren Warrior BK 3-Awake's Monster, Siren Warrior Bk 8-Maniac Lulliby (coming soon) Lady GaGa's Teeth



If your story was optioned for a movie, who would play your characters?


Sandra Bullock would be Gypsy Theron, Gerald Butler General Kharon, Laurence Fishburne would be great as Nemesis



Where were you when you got your first contract?  Who did you tell first?


My first contract was from Double Dragon ebooks for Naked Venom.  I told my best friend first LOL.



What are you currently working on?


I'm working on a shifter story called “No Laughing Matter”.  I'm also working on book 8 of the Siren Warrior Chronicles.  We have a bunch of those planned.



Where can readers find you?

Everything's on my website



And for the silly side - What is your favorite type of chocolate? 


Hershey's with Almonds! 



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